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Sunny and I were walking with friends in the park one day. A member of the group had just bought a new shock collar to train her dog when off leash. 1,034 more words

Dog Humor

Thursday Madness

Thursday are beginning to become the most crazy day of my week. And it’s not like my average awesome crazy. It is just random slightly creepy crazy that keeps happening on Thursdays. 544 more words


Some Outside Sessions Vlog #4

As promised, I recorded some training with Belle in the backyard. She decided to show me up while the camera was running and actually listened. I feel like the cable lead had something to do with it.  222 more words

Woofing It

Electric shock collar cures my FIFA rage

Electric shock collars are used to teach dogs not to bark. Would they be able to prevent me from raging in FIFA? In theory, every time I get upset and scream or shout I should get an electric shock. Let’s see what happens.

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I need a collar

I need a collar…though not for what you might think, this isn’t that kind of post. I’d never wear a collar, but I am looking to add a little spark to my life. 161 more words


Training Your Spouse With Electric Shock Therapy

As Bob’s wife prattled on about the neighbor’s dog barking incessantly, he couldn’t help imagining that his wife was also like a yappy dog, barking relentlessly in his ear, annoying him so much that he’s forced to buy one of those electric shock collars that shoots eleven thousand volts into her neck every time she opens her yapper. 661 more words

Family Life

Threats ;)

So I played with someone new on Tuesday, that I will call TB, for a full 7 hours! Only leaving his lovely sex dungeon to go to the toilet a few times as the rest of the time I was restrained or caged! 213 more words