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Elektra-UK Shock Collar

I bought this from http://www.elektra-uk.net/ for £25 after seeing their demonstration at SWAMP in December.

When it arrived, the batteries in the controller were dead, but luckily I’d already bought spare batteries from Amazon, so it wasn’t an issue (they also sell them on their website, but they were sold out). 479 more words


Sharing: how to use an electric collar

A blog I recently began following posted this (click the red text to read):

How to Properly Use an Electric Collar* on your Dog

It is such an incredible post I would like to share it. 219 more words

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Pet's Mum Dog Training Collar

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I just received my very first product to review in the mail! The Pet’s Mum dog training collar. 398 more words

Product Review

Alduin: A Look at E Collar Training With LGD Pups

Alduin is a lovely Maremma/Sarplaninac pup that I am raising to be a helpmate for Ivy, my main LGD.  We don’t have a lot of luck up here finding trained adult dogs without significant issues, and through the course of my recent experience with Ivy’s pregnancy and litter, it became clear that we require more full time guardians.   2,085 more words

New Product: Pro Circuit Shock Collar Upgrade for Select 2016 KTM and Husqvarna Models

CORONA, CA – December 12, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – At Pro Circuit, we never stop looking for new ways to improve dirt bike performance and handling. 495 more words


The Myth of the Off Leash Dog

One of the first things students ask trainers to help them with is training their dog to reliably come when called. They dream of hikes, walks on beaches, treks across meadows, trail rides on horseback, all in the company of an adoring dog that wants to walk with them anywhere they want to go, and is guaranteed to never stray.  651 more words

A Paycheck Not a Bribe

It’s hard to understand the almost pathological reluctance some people have to using food in dog training, when we have decades of research telling us that it is incredibly effective when done correctly. 519 more words

Clicker Training