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The Myth of the Off Leash Dog

One of the first things students ask trainers to help them with is training their dog to reliably come when called. They dream of hikes, walks on beaches, treks across meadows, trail rides on horseback, all in the company of an adoring dog that wants to walk with them anywhere they want to go, and is guaranteed to never stray.  651 more words

A Paycheck Not a Bribe

It’s hard to understand the almost pathological reluctance some people have to using food in dog training, when we have decades of research telling us that it is incredibly effective when done correctly. 519 more words

Clicker Training

Personal Story about Classical Conditioning

In this post I’m just going to tell you a personal story about classical conditioning, it’s a sad story. Draw your own conclusion.

“There was a dog, a very good dog, that jumped up visitors because he gets excited a lot. 241 more words


Trope-a-Day: Shock Collar

Shock Collar: Unsurprisingly used (because in a universe with extensive automation possibilities and, moreover, the ability to use perverted sophotechnology to edit people into compliance, the only reason to go for conventional slavery is sadism… 57 more words


E-Collar Technologies ET-400 Educator NEW 2015 Version

E-Collar Technologies ET-400 Educator NEW 2015 Version released in August 2015.

See Video below

The best 3/4 mile remote dog training collar on the market just got better!!!!   160 more words

Electronic Dog Training

Electronic Training Devices

“Remote collar,” “electronic collar,” and “shock collar” are terms used to describe electronic training devices. Common variables of all of these devices include the level of shock or stimulation, the quality of the equipment, and the person with the control device. 146 more words

Health And Safety

Pet Product Review--Dog Training Collar by Cujo Control

I have the sweetest dog in the world, but she is incredibly excitable, and a bit too friendly! She has a bad habit of running up to people when we’re playing in the front yard, or running into the neighbor’s house whenever she notices the door open! 317 more words

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