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Book review: La stratégie du Choc de Naomi Klein

Tous les livres racontent une histoire. Parfois, il arrive que certains racontent notre propre histoire. Leur lecture devient une délivrance parce qu’elle nous permet enfin de comprendre le pourquoi de notre souffrance … 753 more words


Neoliberalism and Climate Change: The Next Shock Doctrine?

The capitalist class is responding to climate change in a number of ways. There are of course those who deny climate change is happening or that it is caused by human activity, and who spend huge amounts of money in propaganda campaigns to sway public opinion, with much success.   484 more words

What should you do in a potential terror attack?

The “Israelisation”of Western Europe as it is discussed now in France. This is not a reinforcement of security but a reinforcement of fear psychosis or “schock doctrine” that will be even more accentuated by an other attack. 29 more words

It’s Not Just Republican Propaganda Nonsense

An open letter to my moderate liberal challengers

To conflate progressive criticism with right wing attacks is divisive at best, and disables critical dialogue at its worse. 1,188 more words

Disaster capitalism? An eye opener after Brexit?

Disaster capitalism: the shocking doctrine Tories can’t wait to unleash

Howard Hotson. July 4, 2016

One of the most startling aspects of the Brexit debate… 1,199 more words


The Anti-Shock Doctrine: The Zombie War and the End of Capitalism

Max Brooks’ 2006 novel World War Z, consists of a series of fictional interviews from a United Nations post-war commission conducted in the aftermath of the global Zombie War—a geopolitical crisis that resulted from the widespread zombie outbreak of the fictional Solanum virus. 942 more words