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Behind the Curtain

Witness as history repeats itself. This is exactly what happened in Poland in 1990. As Parliament holds emotional debates whether or not to keep a crucifix in the Chambers, there was a fire sale going on outside. 98 more words

No is not enough, defeating the new 'shock politics'. Part 1: Trump Shock Therapy  - Naomi Klein. 

Shock Doctrine

The term “shock doctrine” describes the quite brutal tactic of systematically using the public’s disorientation following a collective shock: wars, coups, terrorist attacks, market crashes, or natural disasters, to push through radical pro-corporate measures, often called “shock therapy.” 1,308 more words

US Politics

Watch: 'How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine'

A major crisis could redraw the political map overnight,” warns Naomi Klein, “giving Trump and his crew free rein to ram through their most extreme ideas.” (Image: The Intercept) 220 more words

Naomi Klein | How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine (Video)

Klein: “For your convenience, I’ve tried to boil it down to a 5-step plan.”

Naomi Klein  The Intercept  June 13, 2017

Shock. It’s a word that has come up a lot since November— for obvious reasons. 355 more words


Naomi Klein | The worst of Donald Trump's toxic agenda is lying in wait. A major U.S. crisis will unleash it.

 Just as Trump’s national security and economic policies are sure to generate and deepen crises, the administration’s moves to ramp up fossil fuel production, dismantle large parts of the country’s environmental laws, and trash the Paris climate accord all pave the way for more large-scale industrial accidents — not to mention future climate disasters. 4,935 more words


Selling Back to the Public What It Already Owned: "Public-Private Partnership" Shark Bait

I find myself increasingly encountering the term, “public-private partnership.”

Today, I read two articles centered on this idea, both of which concerned Vice President Mike Pence– and one that concerned Pence’s role in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 1,419 more words


Rob Webster, West Yorkshire & Harrogate STP leader, is a World Economic Forum global corporate stooge

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Plan leader Rob Webster was among the World Economic Forum workshop participants who supported the 2012 World Economic Forum project to produce reports, co-scripted with privateering global management consultancy company McKinsey & Co, on “sustainable health systems”.  419 more words

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