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July 29th - International News Round-Up (Part I)

United States

The Washington Post

Republicans need tax reform to go through. Apparently, the country hasn’t had major tax reform in 31 years. Losing that would be too many losses for the first year of the Trump administration. 475 more words

International News Round-Up

Video: How to Resist Trump’s Shock Doctrine -- The Intercept

Boy howdy! That thar Naomi Klein sure do lay it out klean and klar, don’t she? She’s got herself five, count ’em! Five steps!

Numero troi is to know all y’all’s history, like how we got into the Second Iraq War. 256 more words


Naomi Klein on How to Deal with the Trump Shock


If you have not yet read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, do so immediately. 82 more words


Public Intellectuals and the Shock Doctrine

In the last year, I’ve been preoccupied by the relationship between periods of political flux and public intellectualism. These aren’t longer term processes, in which the… 619 more words


Behind the Curtain

Witness as history repeats itself. This is exactly what happened in Poland in 1990. As Parliament holds emotional debates whether or not to keep a crucifix in the Chambers, there was a fire sale going on outside. 98 more words

No is not enough, defeating the new 'shock politics'. Part 1: Trump Shock Therapy  - Naomi Klein. 

Shock Doctrine

The term “shock doctrine” describes the quite brutal tactic of systematically using the public’s disorientation following a collective shock: wars, coups, terrorist attacks, market crashes, or natural disasters, to push through radical pro-corporate measures, often called “shock therapy.” 1,308 more words

US Politics

Watch: 'How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine'

A major crisis could redraw the political map overnight,” warns Naomi Klein, “giving Trump and his crew free rein to ram through their most extreme ideas.” (Image: The Intercept) 220 more words