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Interviewing Poland's Future: Marcelina Zawisza, Maciej Konieczny, and Michał Pytlik / Razem

“We are not only a political party, but we are a group of people who strongly believe that we can create a tolerant, fascist-free Poland, without racism, homophobia, etc. 2,733 more words

Whitefish Puerto Rico Contract Cancelled, Now How About Letting Renewable Industry Leaders Step in?

At this blog I often cover how climate change is worsening the global weather situation. How fossil fuel burning is the primary cause of climate change. 1,147 more words

Climate Change

Unnaturally Catastrophic

From from Amy Goodman’s interview with Naomi Klein on DemocracyNow (Sept 18, 2017).  This is Klein’s response to Goodman’s question:  When a disaster strikes, how is it dealt with, and what is it used as an opportunity for? 439 more words

Subverting Empire

Klein: In a world of crisis, morality can still win

28 September 2017 | Naomi Klein | The Guardian

“We live in frightening times. From heads of state tweeting threats of nuclear annihilation, to whole regions rocked by climate chaos, to  591 more words


Spotting the (terrible) denominator

I recently finished reading The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. It’s one of the grimmest books I’ve ever read, but I persevered. 611 more words


No Is Not Enough

As a rule, I avoid books written by pundits and politicians, and eschew books that seem rushed out to address the latest trending issue, be it ISIS, Trump or why the mainstream media lies. 480 more words

July 29th - International News Round-Up (Part I)

United States

The Washington Post

Republicans need tax reform to go through. Apparently, the country hasn’t had major tax reform in 31 years. Losing that would be too many losses for the first year of the Trump administration. 475 more words

International News Round-Up