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Is LI-ESWT an effective treatment for ED subsequent to prostate cancer therapy

On our social network yesterday, a new member asked about a form of treatment called “GAINSWave” for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) after treatment for localized prostate cancer. 918 more words

Living With Prostate Cancer

SHOCKWAVE PROFILE -Resistance is Futile

NAME: Shockwave

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “Logic dictates that I Shockwave… am Superior to all forms of life”

Cold, calculating, ruthless, logical.

More concerned with conquering the galaxy than any single planet, Shockwave plays the long game, his machinations taking a millenia to reach fruition, while comrades are none the wiser to his duplicitous nature. 224 more words


Armada vs Gita

I enjoyed reading Ready Player One and it reminded me that despite all the technology I use, I still enjoy a good old fashioned book, thumbing through its pages with no LCD screens or batteries in sight. 112 more words


Geologists warn us about dangerous volcanoes. Will we spend pennies for warnings?

Summary: While we obsess about climate change and debate if we live in the Anthropocene, we prepare poorly or not at all for natural forces like volcanoes that can level cities. 949 more words

36,000hp Semi Truck

By: Mr. Slide

Exotic vehicles can be broken down into three categories; ones that you have to drive to appreciate, ones that you have to ride passenger in to appreciate, and ones that you just have to watch to appreciate. 373 more words

"Yesterday's" Comic> Transformers Spotlight #1: Shockwave

Transformers Spotlight #1: Shockwave

IDW Publishing (September, 2006)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: Nick Roche


COLORIST: Josh Burcham

LETTERING: Sulaco Studios… 317 more words

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