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Makeup Monday: L.A. Girl SHOCKWAVE

I’m fairly certain I’ve lived under a rock for the last decade when it’s come to makeup. I’m only now getting back out there and trying to have fun with it instead of sticking with my boring neutrals (I’m looking at you Naked Palette). 500 more words


Apocalyptic Scenario 5.a

I needed a break from my WIP: Red Into The Sea…

[To view the story as a full page, you can right click the IFrame contents and launch the story in a new window. 33 more words


Command Performances

Omega Supreme bests Megatron and seven other Decepticons on his debut, as Optimus Prime takes the fight to the enemy by leading a full-scale assault on the Decepticon base. 1,760 more words


The Bridge to Nowhere!

Lord Straxus activates his Space Bridge, linking Cybertron to Earth. Unless the Autobots stop them, the Decepticons could send unlimited reinforcements to plunder our world. The stakes are high in the Marvel TF classic by Budiansky and artist Don Perlin. 1,604 more words


Devastation Derby!

Soundwave can barely believe his audio receptors when crack combiner team, the Constructicons, are dispatched to capture a lowly human! However, their target, Buster Witwicky, turns out to be more valuable than expected, in this two-part Marvel UK story from May 1986. 1,321 more words


Robot Buster!

Buster Witwicky sets out to prove to Optimus Prime that he has what it takes to be honorary Autobot, courtesy of the robotic suit designed especially for him – but he ends up taking on more trouble than he can handle. 1,323 more words


Plight of the Bumblebee

Feeling unwanted, Bumblebee decides to go it alone, only to become a target for human car thieves and the Decepticons, in this two-part story from April 1986 by stand-in US writer Len Kaminski and art by Graham Nolan. 1,437 more words