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Anticipated Albums- Liam Gallagher- Why Me? Why Not

Ever since Liam Gallagher of Oasis released his solo album As You Were in 2017, it’s been in constant rotation. It’s a great album and debut and one that proves he can make it on his own without his brother Noel. 121 more words

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Sun explosion: Terrifying moment Sun shockwave sends particles flying into space - Video

NASA has released its first footage of an interplanetary shockwave on the Sun. The NASA video shows particles flying away from the Sun, likely created by a fast stream of solar wind overtaking a slower stream. 23 more words

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Weekend Casual: Alpha Trion

Due to Brighton Pride this weekend, I stayed home this weekend rather than make the trek into Brighton (train travel on Pride weekends is kind of crazy). 142 more words


Twittering Tales # 147 – 30 July 2019

This is my entry for Kat Myman’s Twittering Tales .

All of a sudden the beach went quiet, no one could believe their eyes. The tide had just turned, no the sea had disappeared. 34 more words


New Release: Liam Gallagher- Shockwave

Liam Gallagher is back again with a new single “Shockwave” from his upcoming second solo album, Why Me? Why Not. Liam’s first solo album, As You Were, was a tremendous record full of great rock songs and cemented his place as being able to carry on without his brother Noel. 29 more words

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Digsy Reviews: As It Was

There we were now here we are.

Following a comeback not many could pull off, Liam Gallagher takes a moment to reflect upon his fall from grace, mourning the end of an era-defining band, the past two years, and how much Debbie saved him from himself and the tabloids. 699 more words