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You're a Shoe In

Forgive me if whatever I’m about to write seems a bit chaotic, but I’m in a chaotic environment right now. My husband and I are getting our kitchen cabinets repainted & distressed, which means all of our kitchen cabinets are off right now and our kitchen looks like a war zone…not to mention the fact that with all of the cabinets off, Charles and I {along with anyone who comes over..yikes} can see how completely unorganized all of our kitchen items are.  515 more words

Inspiration: Red & Black

Wearing Wittner shoes

I love matching my shoes colour to something that I’m wearing so that it picks it up.

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10 Bizarre Facts about Shoes That Will Blow Your Mind

As an enthusiast of funky shoes, have you ever wondered about the story behind each style? We have gathered together ten shoe facts that will surely blow your mind… they might even make you want to go shopping for more! 393 more words

Cool Shoes

Shoe of the week

Well those very clever people at Irregular choice have done it again, releasing a range of fabulous shoes with flamingo heels. That’s right the heel is a flamingo and it is swoon worthy!  104 more words

Custom dyeing faux suede shoes

For the passed few weeks I’d been on the hunt for the perfect pair of vintage inspired heels, the pairs that I have liked have either been out of my budget or discontinued. 797 more words

DIY Pinup