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How amazing are these Brian Atwood heels??! 😱


#Shoespo of the day! 👌


Monday Monday

So..Mondays do not bother me…I mean somewhere in the world it is a different day anyway so why be bummed out over a day…if it makes us feel better than perhaps we can give it a new name or a nickname or a name in another language that really means Monday but sounds waaay better simply because it is not in english.  193 more words


Sneak Up

Alright I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the footwear I’ve received for my birthday except these Jordan’s! So if you ever read my previous posts, I was never really into sneakers just because 1. 174 more words


Heel Your Sole.

RULE 250: Always pretend your feet do not hurt.

Beauty is truly pain when it comes to looking your best. But trust & believe the Feet Gawds will let you know REAL quick that beauty has a price. 326 more words

Rewind 《《《

I am having quite a giggle with my selection of todays #throwbackthursday – PLATFORM SKECHERS!

An American brand who once was very popular, whom today a distant 90s childhood memory for many, including me.   173 more words


Dinner Drinks Dancing

Well turning 25 has come & passed; I have to say it was one of the best birthdays I have had in a very long time. 174 more words


Fashion Friday.

Nothing like some fabulous floral pumps to brighten a gloomy winter day!