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In Other Shoes - Moroccan Barbouches

What to wear when going to the mosque?

“Moroccan slippers. Given to me December 20th 1975 by Erik Grønborg Mortensen, who got them from his uncle Børge Lundberg, circa 1954, who had bought them in Morocco (Casablanca).

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Shoe Collection

In Other Shoes - Icelandic Skin Socks

Confused by the title?

According to S.L. Tuxen, these are supposedly a form of socks – however, we’ve had trouble understanding exactly how that would work. 134 more words

Shoe Collection

In Other Shoes - Siamese Slippers

“Siamese slippers. Bought on December 18th 1957 from antiques salesman Suude (ethnographica) in Copenhagen. They originate from engineer Carl Idor Andreas Zieler (1898-1951), who was born in Siam and have been there from 1898-1903 and from 1923-1951 he lived in Siam and travelled a lot in China.

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In Other Shoes - Icelandic Sheepskin Shoes

The very first pair of shoes to spur Tuxen’s fascination with footwear was Icelandic, and thus Iceland is represented very preciously in his collection. Here is yet another example of the island’s comfy slippers – this time in a different colour combination, made especially to fit Tuxen himself! 125 more words

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Favorite Shoes: Fall Edition

I wanted to try something different and film my favorite shoes that I am wearing this season. Filming content for Youtube is completely new to me. 88 more words


In Other Shoes - Japanese Tabis

For me, socks in sandals have always been equivalent with either geeky science teachers or dorky dads (or actually just my own dorky dad, who is in fact a science teacher). 95 more words

Shoe Collection

AuCaDo Rescue Launches Shoe Collection Drive to Raise Money for Surgery of Deaf Dog

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is conducting a shoe collection drive now through November 10th, 2015 to raise funds for AuCaDo Rescue named Mya. The funds will be used for the last of three surgeries to fix Mya’s leg from a past injury.” 272 more words