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In Other Shoes - Faroese Skoleistar

Once again, Tuxen’s shoe collection takes us to the Faroe Islands – this time, however, not for a full pair of shoes. These are a pair of insoles, meant to be worn… 128 more words

Shoe Collection

In Other Shoes - Greek Gowrounotsaronchas

GOWROUNOTSARONCHA! How cool is the name of these shoes?

“Greek shepherds shoes. Given to me in January 24th 1958 by professor H. Hadjissarantos, Athens. In Greek they are called Gowrounotsaronchas (in Greek letters).

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Shoe Collection

Is It Okay to Throw Away These Old Soles?

I need everyone’s input on this one: I’m in my twenties, and have traveled across the world many times; this means that I’ve done my fair share of walking. 178 more words


In Other Shoes - Faroese Rotiskogvar

Bearing quite a resemblance to these cow skin shoes, this pair of Faroese footwear is a much brighter and colourful version! Wonder if the braided red thread has any special meaning? 128 more words

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In Other Shoes - Mexican Sandals

“Mexican sandals. Given to me on February 22nd 1958 by professor F. Bonet, Mexico D.F. The Spanish-Mexican name for sandals is “huaranches”. The soles are made of leather and the rest are straps, braided in a particular way.

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Shoe Collection

In Other Shoes - Japanese Getas

To follow up on last week’s post on wooden Japanese clogs, we here bring you a slightly lighter model – also for men! Or, at least Tuxen seemed to think so: 190 more words

Shoe Collection

In Other Shoes - Japanese Wooden Clogs

Maybe they don’t look like much, but these shoes are actually only to be worn on special occasions.

“Japanese Ki-gûtsû, wooden clogs. Given to me February 24th 1958 by Dr.

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