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In Other Shoes - Icelandic "Rodskor"

Resembling the very first pair of shoes Tuxen collected, Icelandic shoes took up a spacial place in his final collection:

Icelandic “rodskor”. Given to me on October 10th, 1957, by Mrs.

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Shoe Collection

#SHOE-COLLECTION • Part one - boots

Heya guys!

This week they’re won’t be a new ‘outfit of the day‘ as I’m busy and don’t have time to shoot. ( 276 more words


In Other Shoes - Chinese foot binding shoes

Did you know that the Chinese tradition of foot binding dates all the way back to the late 13th century? Did you then also know that the last factory producing the so-called lotus shoes to fit the tiny feet didn’t close down until 1999? 271 more words

Shoe Collection

In Other Shoes - Mandingo Leather Sandals

Nigerian handcraft here offers an example of an African pair of slippers – here are Tuxen’s sparse notes on this pair:

“Mandingo sandals from Nigeria, bought for the price of 20 Danish Crowns from antiquity trader Suude in Copenhagen, on September 12th 1957.

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Fashion Forward Friday [V.26]: Sandal Collection

Welcome to another edition of Fashion Forward Friday and we’re nearing the end of my shoe collection posts. Check out previous installments below:


In Other Shoes - Romanian shoes

Do you love the feeling of new shoes? We do! But Tuxen was actually more into old worn ones. In his notes he always seems slightly disappointed, if the shoes are new, or if he hasn’t been able to spot them worn around the country himself. 117 more words

Shoe Collection

Summer Footwear 2015

Hey lovelies! This week I thought I’d do a quick blitz of my current summer shoe collection! I’ve had a rummage through my wardrobe to find out whats on trend season without having to go out and buy anything new, Hope this gives you some inspiration!