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Blastaoke 2014 Final

Sorry I’m so late in posting this, things have just been so busy lately. Friday 13th is unlucky for some but Friday 13 June was to be a lucky night for those competing to crowned winner of Blast 106’s Blastaoke 2014 and an opportunity to sing at the Union Street Party during Belfast Pride festival on 2nd August. 215 more words


Sticky Fingers

Why did 150 girls working in a shoe factory in Richmond, Victoria call on a strike?

Well, one of their grievances was that their new forewoman objected to them chewing gum during working hours. 30 more words


Belfast's Gay Club Kremlin Goes on Market for £3Million

The Kremlin, Belfast’s main gay venue, has gone on the property market for three million pounds.

The site in question contains three self-contained units, which make up a large portion of Belfast’s gay nightlife; Union Street, the Shoe Factory (which hosts many of Union Street’s club nights) and Kremlin. 248 more words


What the US Corporate Propaganda Media Doesn't Want You to Know About What's Happening in China

Happening Yesterday and NOW: 30,000 Chinese workers strike at the world’s largest producer of athletic shoes such as Nike and Adidas over pay, benefits, and the right to choose a union. 29 more words