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Catching up on the news

Too early for customers. Let us catch up on the news.

A shoe repairer in Egmore on a Sunday morning. Tamil Nadu is also catching up on newspaper reading like Kerala. 28 more words


Boot Repair Shop: Picturing Canterbury

Boot repair shop. Location unknown, but could be near the railway as there is a tank in the background. Somewhere around Waltham / Opawa, 1920s. 65 more words


Endangered Skill #1: Shoe Repair

We need shoes. Many of us don’t want shoes, but we have resigned ourselves to the necessity. We don’t want to be barefoot outside when it’s 10 degrees and snowing. 772 more words


Boots Stretch

The world class boots stretch service done by our professional cobblers will loosen the material and stretch out the shoes the correct amount and at the correct place without affecting the fitting of rest of the shoe.

Shoe Repair

Leather Shoe Repair

We offer leather shoe repair service and are glad to say that no customer leaves unhappy as we make your shoes last longer with our repair service and make the look brand new again.

Shoe Repair

High End Shoe Repair

With reputation as enduring as old shoes, we offer high end shoe repair invaluable service to the people and they return constantly to get high quality repairs for all kinds of shoes and handbags.

Shoe Repair