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Welcome Hawkers House to Veras Blog

I love get new IM say “Hi Vera We wish you consider blog for us!”  Some time I have say no but this time was friend.  145 more words

Antagonistic Shoe

Shoe, why dost thou hate

me so? Untied hither! I

bend down and tie thee.


The Boredom Solution

I’m sure most of you will know by now, that we are currently saddle-less. So Scottie is in very little (meaning no) work. Because of this, he has been getting quite bored, especially as Millie doesn’t really play with him and he doesn’t understand what a jolly ball is. 212 more words


Clarks® Plug-in Fabric Brand Banner Repeats

If the logo-emblazoned fabric banner is inexpensive, why not scatter around the merchandising display? See that there was even space for the tag line “For All The Places You’ll Go,” CLICK the thumbnail for closeup and see that the entire plug-in display times two is branded and supplied by Clarks®. 154 more words

Store Fixtures