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Supergirl Boots


Every superhero outfit wouldn’t look complete without a good pair of footwear. I crocheted these bright red boots for the Supergirl Set to keep those little feet warm – and maybe they can run faster… *uuoohh mommy, be ready to keep up with your lil’ superhero hahaha…* Sometimes, I wonder why there are lots of superhero with bright red colour on their costume while they are masking their face. 89 more words


Orthotics for Flat Feet

If you have been told by your GP or podiatrist that you need a pair of orthotic insoles because you have flat feet, we are the people to come to. 341 more words


Big 2-3!

Let’s be honest, 23 isn’t a very exciting year… But I will say it’s better than 17 or 19 😉

This year, is the first birthday I spent at work- a “real paying job.” Not an internship, not a part-time, retail gig, but a job that I truly enjoy. 123 more words


#OOTD conference day 2

a full day of presenting in a venue that is mostly glass so it is like a green house!

I needed to be smart yet cool so here is what I chose: 54 more words


Shoes in July

I love a good sale but I adore a mid-year clearance sale! It means that you don’t have to sneak new purchases into the house but show off your purchases with pride and say things like “I saved a hundred dollars” …“it was 75% off and I couldn’t just leave them behind”. 208 more words


Monday Must-Have

HAPPY MONDAY, bloggers! Today was beautiful, despite it being Monday, but the weather in Columbus was phenomenal- toasty, bits of clouds here and there and sparacticly beautiful rays of sun. 111 more words