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RunDisney New Balance Shoes

New Balance partnered with Run Disney in 2013 to begin offering Disney-branded running shoes to be sold exclusively at the expos. At the 2014 Tinker Bell, I was lucky enough to buy a pair of New Balance’s Cinderella 890 v4. 600 more words



Over the past year or so, after watching shoe collection growing and growing, I realised that I am without doubt addicted to shoes. While my love revolves around sneakers, it extends to all varieties of shoes – loafers, Chelsea boots, brogues, whatever I personally think is sick! 224 more words


Craving Converse Star Player Mid

Are these sexy shoes my next coup? I can never get enough of Converse All Star. Must have!


Maai at Whore Couture

The Whore Couture starts March 1 and runs until April 1.  Maai has two items, the Follow dress in three patterns and Helena heels (for Maitreya or Slink feet) in black or white. 28 more words


Designer to watch: MASION des TALONS

如果你開始有的看膩了那天天都能在身邊看到的國際大品牌, 也看膩了那雙好搭又好穿的 GO TO PUMPs, 想來點特別的, 那麼你也可以開始注意一下像 MASION des TALONS這種有點偏鋒的品牌. 它為你提供了大品牌一樣手工製造的高品質, 同時還多了點稀有, 敢於創新的氛圍~

一個由 Les Sonnies 和 Les Merettes 兩位女生創立的瑞士女鞋品牌, 一位專業的設計硬底子, 搭上 Merettes的商業營銷專才, 似乎是不敗的夢幻組合!

強烈的建築缐條和普普藝術風的大膽用色成就了一雙雙如雕塑般的藝術品, 方頂細跟的鞋跟是它們的 Signiture design, 強烈的記憶點和 talking point 也是成功吸晴的關鍵哦!

與 Swarovski合作的高級訂造鞋子, 讓你有印象嗎?