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Snow White Shoes


When I designed the Snow White Tutu Sets, I had to decide between bright yellow and gold yarn to make the shoes. At the end, I chose gold yarn since I felt the color fits for this pretty princess :) Snow White has a great singing voice that attracted The Prince in the movie. 88 more words


Let there be bras...more shoes and lesser morons...

While living in the tropics has many advantages such as great weather (cyclones, monsoonal rain, relentless heat, egalitarian mold everywhere) and fabulous neighbors (crocodiles, sharks, rather big insects happy to spread horror whenever they can assist and that not-s0-refined Australian Male with Enormous Beard But Questionable Charm) finding suitable supportive underwear clearly does not happen regularly. 999 more words

Celebrate Dance With #NDWF - Contest

It’s time to get movin’ with the National Dance Week Foundation. NDWF wants you to spread dance awareness in your community by participating in the Dance Mob challenge! 132 more words


VIPme boots x 5% OFF with code Mutzii440

“Above everything else, genuinely love yourself first. Self-love is powerful and it’s the best love that you will ever have. When you love who YOU are, your relationships will be healthier and your life will be happier.

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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter can be a cold and cruel season. Pretty summer hues are slowly eaten away by autumn and though the first snowfall may be beautiful, it melts away to a brown, gloopy mess. 250 more words

What's New At Chicastic

Duck Boots Made in USA - LL Bean

via Made in the USA | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and wetter. So, if you want to keep your valuable feet and toes warm and dry, then it is time to put on your boots. 314 more words


Summer Footwear and the Feet

Summer Footwear and the Feet

Nothing beats waking up in the early hours of Spring and Summer to find the windows and grass frosted over as the sun beams down, reflecting through the crystalized water and creating a breath taking glare which screams that today is going to be a pearler. 886 more words