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I'm No Imelda Marcos

Women and shoes have long been staple fare in the joke world, and there was never any bigger joke than Imelda Marcos. Not to make light of the horrors the Filipinos experienced during her husband’s reign, but Imelda and her overflowing closet of shoes simultaneously awed, amused, and angered the rest of the world. 766 more words


Mara, Ruby Red [Lulu Hun]

Here’s the thing about London Edge: there’s so many pretty things everywhere that the volume of them is almost numbing and you begin to act a bit like a greedy toddler hopped up on sugar in a vast toy store, leafing through the racks and mumbling ‘want, want, want’ about practically… 588 more words

Vintage Inspired

Shop Pleaser Shoes from Upscaleshoes

A few years ago thinking about shopping a pair of shoes was quite boring because you had to go to outside to your home to the market and in the market you had to search a perfect corner to find shoes of your style. 435 more words

Pleaser Shoes

FENDI Sneakers in Navy Biscuit

Article 3763844
True to Size (TTS)
Material :  Calfskin
Retail Price IDR 12.500.000
Our Price IDR 9.500.000
Available in Size | 35,5 | 36 | 36,5 | 37 | 37,5 | 38 | 39 |


GUCCI Ace Glitter Sneakers in Silver

Article 3777074
True to Size (TTS)
Material : Glitter
Retail Price IDR 9.500.000
Our Price IDR 9.300.000 
Available in Size | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38 | 39 |


FENDI Slip on Sneakers in Black

Article 3765360
True to Size (TTS)
Material : Calfskin
Retail Price IDR 10.454.000
Our Price IDR 7.900.000
Available in Size | 35,5 | 36 | 36,5 | 37 | 37,5 | 38 | 38,5 | 39 |