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'Utena' Manga Complete Box Set Available Now!

This year Revolutionary Girl Utena, otherwise known simply as Utena, celebrated its 20th anniversary! This was one of the first anime I ever watched on VHS tape (borrowed from a fellow student in high school). 403 more words


The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 4

(Originally posted on 04/25/2015)


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Show Notes:

  • Forgot to mention the survey on my website
  • Went to the dentist and eye doctor
  • Forgot how annoying dilating drops can be…
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First Look: CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura Sequel Anime

One of CLAMP’s most beloved series Cardcaptor Sakura finished its manga and anime run in the year 2000. Seventeen years later, the entire gang is back along with a brand new story. 413 more words


Manga Review: Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 1

I picked up the first volume after I saw it at the manga stand of Whoops during the comic convention called FACTS. Reading the story, and assuming it’s as otome as can be (and those who read my anime reviews know that me and otome have a thing) I accepted the challenge and bought the first volume to let you know how it was. 656 more words


Combined Manga Haul! 30+ Volumes!

Hey. I’m back finally with my manga haul.

So sorry for the wait.

I haven’t been feeling well. I had two teeth extracted and that was a lot of drama all on its own. 1,277 more words


Orange, Friendships and feelings

Our thoughts from the monthly Mangaforum 

Orange, Friendships and feelings. 1,137 more words


Uta no Prince-sama maji Love 1000%

If you enjoy a huge harem of boys singing their hearts out to you, then this is anime for you. This idol and romance anime is perfect to watch if you enjoy men practically serenading you. 620 more words