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The relationship - Part 1

The relationship started off well, as most relationships do.

I teased him a lot since he was so quiet and shy at first and his reactions were great. 1,240 more words


Tid-Bits: Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon chapter 1

My first attempt at a Tid-Bits in like…years? Omg was I rusty. So many bottles of WD40 went into oiling these fingers and cogs in my head haha. 4,135 more words


Chapter 4 - The Status

Truthfully, I don’t know the exact moment where my feelings for him had developed. But they did. We eventually would text a lot over kik, we would be in private chats together and spend a lot of our time speaking to one another. 1,950 more words


Chapter 3 - We meet again...

By this point, IMVU was not the first option I had when it came to occupying my free time. My laptop however, was still the place I found comfort in and I continued watching movies, animes and reading manga whilst also applying for more jobs since the one I had was becoming out-dated. 2,167 more words


Not an Angel! 天使 じゃ ない!

I’ve held off on doing any throw back thursday reviews or reviewing manga, not because I didn’t want too but because I put them aside for a while to work through my entire bookshelf I have of To Be Read (it’s not one shelf, it’s the whole thing). 320 more words


Chapter 2 - The Pre-encounter

I was on the hunt for a girlfriend. And my gosh I made a whole bunch of new girl friends but none had the personality or avatar look that I sought. 642 more words


Phantom Thief Jeanne Review

Phantom Thief Jeanne was a fairly intriguing manga title. The plot is nothing spectacular on the surface as it’s fairly generic and there isn’t anything really notable about the manga aside from the final arc. 1,404 more words