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[Anime] Hakkenden Touhou ibun "Em là lí do để tôi tồn tại"

Cái tittle do mình chém đấy, đừng bận tâm tới nó =))

Okay đang lúc đang ngáp chó ngáp mèo vì…thất nghiệp, tui bèn cong mông ngồi xem phim, hết phim hường tới phim mẽo, phim tung của tới phim thái lan, cả cartoon network và disney junior cùng mấy đứa cháu :v  Cuối cùng lại mò mẫm tới đống link anime lưu trên twitter từ đời tám hoảnh nào, nói là lưu để nhớ mà xem chứ tui chưa có đụng vô bộ nào hết. 1,229 more words


Stones of Power

I found another manga gem from GEN Manga: Stones of Power by Azumi Isora.   This manga won’t be for everyone; as if this was the past it would be either probably shojo or possibly josei; however, it’s not romantic so has nowhere to go today in mainstream Japanese manga publishing as it’s not true battle manga either, and don’t think would get published as seinen either.  268 more words

Seattle Kifujin

Chapter 1 - The online Platform

Step 1 – In order to have an online romance, you need an online platform.

I became acquainted with the virtual world called IMVU in 2010. 1,106 more words


Recommendation: Orange Junk

Orange Junk by Heldrad is a truly fantastic work which belongs alongside any of the shojo manga stalwarts. The story follows Louise Barton, a high school student used to living a well to do lifestyle, but her family loses everything due to apparent chicanery.   270 more words


Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun Thoughts

I was trying to figure out what number this series would fall into for my ‘2015 Finished Series’ and found I couldn’t remember how many I’ve watched this year. 934 more words


The Demon Prince of Momochi House [Thoughts v.1]

Today I’ve come to share my thoughts on a purchase I made at AX (that I’m kind of regretting), haha.

Our title is The Demon Prince of Momochi House… 1,124 more words


June 20, 2015

One problem that I’ve known that I’ve had for a long time is being inspired to write books or manga or even movies and TV scripts after reading or watching something I like. 286 more words