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Margaret Issue 15 & 16 (2016)

This week we said good bye to summer, to which I am all for. I am a creature that loves sweater weather and pumpkins so I for one am ready to welcome the spice of fall :D On that note, I’m almost done with my August mags ~ I’ve got one more Margaret combo to finish off and an Aria post waiting to follow this one ~ 292 more words


Mars Manga Review

After a chance meeting at a park, the reckless motorcycle racer Rei becomes drawn to the closed-off artist Kira. He finds out the next day that they’re actually in the same class in high school and makes it a point to get close to her no matter how much she tries to push everyone else away. 1,051 more words


Sylph 02.2016

Yesh my friend, be amazed. A Sylph post! Even though we’re 9 months into the new year (where did the time go???), I’m still holding on to my resolution – to write a post about each of the Sylphs released in 2016. 701 more words


Bokura no Himitsu Chapter 2 (Sylph 02.2016)

Bokura no Himitsu Chapter 2

“Even Players Have Worries, too.”

The protagonist of this new chapter is Asaka Reo. Now that dude from the last chapter has come out as a man who gets hard for shapely thighs, Reo is the new most popular man in town. 1,981 more words


dyr #14 : The Little Mermaid

This movie has been with me for a long, long time. In a previous posting I mentioned that this was one of my foundation anime that began everything that has led me to this point.  646 more words


Shiro Ari Chapter 59 (Sylph 02.2016)

Shiro Ari Chapter 59

(haven’t been paying close attention to this series so forgiveness in advance if I miss things ;P)

We continue from the last chapter, with Alice in his new duds and look, posing dramatically for the crowd and readers. 960 more words


Mahou Shoujo wa Mou Inai (There Aren’t Any Magical Girls Here Anymore) Chapter 2 (Sylph 02.2016)

Chapter 2 starts with Miya staring out the window in his class.

During recess, he walks with his friend, shooting the breeze. While they talk about butts or whatever, we’ve given a few pages to go over what the plot of this manga is, in case we weren’t paying attention to chapter 1 *shrugs. 1,282 more words