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Review: Yona of the Dawn Part 1

As a tale of fate and faith – in love, in gods and spirits, and seeking truth – Yona of the Dawn takes a while to establish itself, but then again, so does Princess Yona herself after her father’s murder. 531 more words


Manga Review: Vampire Knight, by Matsuri Hino

Genres: Shojo, Paranormal, Drama

Volumes: 19

Status: Finished

Favorite Characters: Zero Kiryu, Rima Toya, Senri Shiki

Rating: ✮

By the time you open your eyes, the world might have already changed. 520 more words

2 Stars


Ohno Fumi – học sinh năm thứ 2 cao trung (tương đương lớp 11 của VN), nhà nghèo, bố mắc nợ, nhà bị xiết, phải đi làm người giúp việc cho nam chính là nhà văn trẻ, giỏi nhưng bí ẩn Kibikino Akatsuki. 855 more words

Chuyện Trà Chiều

Manga Action Scene Pacing in Cardcaptor Sakura

As a kid, I always loved Cardcaptors. It may have been the first anime I ever watched, and I loved it. But, it played just before I got home from school, or just after I left for school, or some time like that that made it just not fit a kid’s school schedule. 550 more words


Review - Kare First Love

Name of Manga: Kare First Love (彼 First Love)

Mangaka/ Author: Miyasaka Kaho

Genre: Shoujo / Drama / Romance

Status: Completed

Rating: 3/5

Karin is a high school student who’s basically average in most aspects of her life. 365 more words


Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 2

I went into volume two right after we see Yukako basically breaking off their friendship after she sees Kousuke in Hotaru’s room. I was honestly hoping this manga would get better as we moved away from the starting relationship troubles and basic background explanation, but unfortunately I’m not that lucky. 383 more words