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Shoujo Step-By-Step: Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 27

Plot: After saving the city from Kisshu’s latest plot, Ichigo rushes to the bus station, desperate to see if Aoyama is still there. After searching for him in the rain, Ichigo collapses and cries believing that Aoyama left and hates her now since she blew off their date and never even returned his calls. 1,528 more words


Manga Read Along: Red River Vol. 10 - Objection!

It’s been about a year and half since Yuri arrived in Hattusa and met Prince Kail. They’ve been through kidnappings, assassination attempts, wars and peasant revolts, but all it took was one of Kail’s old girl friends to make Yuri question his love and his character. 1,647 more words


Manga Read Along: Red River Vol. 9 - She's Just a Girl Who Said I am the One

Just joining in? No problem. You can catch up on this deep dive of all the Red River volumes by visiting the archive.

With Yuri’s face mashed against the floor by the fake Ishtar’s guardsmen, she threatens to punish Yuri again if she doesn’t give in and apologize. 1,680 more words


Dragon Ball Super Scandalous scan-lations and being super ballsy at LAGC

Our thoughts of the manga and My thoughts from the day 

Manga Read Along: Red River Vol. 8 - Walking Across Egypt

Catch up on the previous installments of the in-depth Red River read along you might have missed by clicking here to go to the archive. I’ve collected all the links in one convenient place for anyone just joining the party. 2,373 more words


Fairy Tail Blue Mistral

It’s always funny when a series is consistently defeated by its spinoffs, but this happens to Fairy Tail once again. Blue Mistral is actually pretty decent and I can already tell that it’s going to leave the main title behind. 44 more words


From Me to You: Shoujo Anime Recommendations

Hello everyone!

A friend of mine actually inspired me to write this post. A couple of months back, I introduced my friend to the beauty that is Kamisama Hajimemashita, better known as Kamisama Kiss. 3,101 more words