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Old Photos + Test

Here are a few photos from my past travels to Iran, and a tester for some tags!

Waiting for color: natural dye shop in Qum’s Old Bazaar… 29 more words


grilled trout of shomal • g h e z e l a l a

as part of my travels with family to iran last summer, we spent a good portion of our time in the northern, mountainous region of the country, situated by the… 427 more words


The Bazaar of Nowshahr in northern Iran

Nowshahr bazaar on Iran’s Caspian coast: fish, fruit, and every kind of pickled food you can imagine!



Iran's Magical Qaleh Rudkhan

Hiking the magically green forests of Gilan on Iran’s Caspian coast en route to Rudkhan Castle, a mountain fortress built by Ismaili outlaws around 1,000 years ago. 234 more words


Masouleh, the terraced village of Iran's Caspian forests

The village of Masouleh in the mountains of Gilan, famed for its unique style of terraced architecture in which the roof of each home is the yard of the home on top of it. 20 more words


The Wildly Beautiful Emerald Green of the Tehran-Caspian Sea Road

The first hour or two driving north from Tehran toward the Caspian Coast are wildly beautiful, following mountain roads and the small path cut out of the rocky mountains during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi in pursuit of the green of the north that teases but remains aloof, hiding itself for the second half of the journey. 353 more words