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Retro Otaku Rejoice! Anime High School Kimengumi's Music to be Re-released on CD!

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Pony Canyon has announced they will be releasing a CD of previously published songs from the animated series… 165 more words


Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 57

The kibasen or cavalry battle featured in these chapters is an actual game played often during school sports events in Japan. The rules are pretty much the same as in the comic, although it’s played with teams of 4 instead of 5.



Psyren Review

It’s time for a pretty fun manga that went under the radar and had to hurry to a rushed conclusion. It’s a shame, but I can see how people never gave it a chance. 2,720 more words


Sannen Kimengumi: Chapters 55-56

Seems like the stage play was well received by fans. Here’s hoping there’ll be a DVD release eventually.



Random Impulses: Hunter x Hunter (The Newer One)

Yup, I recognize this is an old show that kinda wrapped up almost 3 years ago but bear with me a bit. So my old coworker recommended this to me a few years ago right when it wrapped up back in September of 2014, and I started it to give it a shot then stopped even though he kept telling me it only got better after the first arc. 867 more words

Anime Review

The Promised Neverland - mastering the art of a ‘crafted’ Shonen series

I want to talk today about The Promised Neverland – a series currently running in weekly Shonen Jump, and to be completely honest, what I most look forward to in the magazine every week at the moment. 1,121 more words


CONFIRMED: Hunter x Hunter is Coming Back To Shonen Jump!

If you’ve been keeping your eye on the interwebs, you may have heard whisperings of a possible return  of Hunter x Hunter! Ladies and gentlemen, is official! 121 more words

Hunter X Hunter