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The Three Things That Shaped Me [Part 1]: Naruto

In America, pop culture is the stable of our society. Movies, television, books, music etcetera, form friendships, they build traditions, they unite families, and they, often, define who we are. 649 more words


Anime Series Review: 'My Hero Academia', Season 1

Dragon Ball and Naruto are among my favorite anime franchises of all time. Both of these shows are tried and true Shonen anime, with Dragon Ball… 922 more words


Report: Deal made to produce live-action One Piece TV show

One Piece, a popular Japanese manga, has been around as an anime show for quite some time, but it’ll be getting a live-action adaptation.

According to Variety… 249 more words


Dragon Ball Fighterz Reveal Piccolo and Krillin as New Characters

S/O to V-Jump. New Scans from their magazine in Japan clearly confirms that both Piccolo & Krillin will be playable characters for the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighterz. 11 more words

Episode 1: Entering a new fandom, or...why doesn't anyone like me?!

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Welcome to the first episode, in which we find Kelly and Angela arguing about how gosh darn hard it is to get into comics and/or manga. 53 more words

Bleach Review

It’s time to take a look at Bleach. “Y You don’t just mention one of the greats like that.” That’s true. This is one of the greatest titles of all time. 9,385 more words