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The countdown's begun -- something exciting is brewing for Naruto fans!

A mystery Naruto countdown page has recently appeared on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s website, but scant details are leaving fans guessing as to what exactly it means! 329 more words


Shokugeki no Souma Chapter 145 Review

These judges are so biased it hurts, I can’t wait for Souma to do something crazy to shock them.  Having his business partners be the judges was an ultimate low move.   383 more words

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Naruto: Breaking News

Naruto’s story finished this summer with the start of his son’s story in Boruto: Naruto the movie this summer.  Though it seems as though this may not be the last we see of Masashi Kishimoto’s ninja world. 87 more words

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Food Wars! (Shokugeki No Soma) Volume Eight - Review

The final pages of Food Wars! Volume seven left readers in a state of anticipation thanks to the cliffhanger ending that saw protagonist Soma finally about to go head-to-head with his Fall Classic arc nemesis Akira Hayama; the self-proclaimed master of curry. 891 more words


Twin Star Exorcists Volume Two - Review

Like it or not; we all have things from our past that we simply cannot escape. Bad memories, bad experiences, things that tested us both physically and mentally; often we wish that they could simply be erased, so we run from them. 727 more words


Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle forged from pure solid gold to go on display

At this year’s Jump Festa, which celebrates all things under the Shonen Jump manga umbrella, a truly remarkable piece will be exhibited: a Millennium Puzzle worth its weight in gold… 357 more words


Kuroko No Basket - Extra Game Chapter 6

This chapter was a great way for team Vorpal Swords to make their comeback.  I loved the use of Akashi and Midorima’s partnership.  In the original manga it always seemed that back in their days on the same team at Teiko, these two were the closest to each other, so it was nice to see them work well together as a team.   423 more words

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