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Bleach - Who Should God Be Praying To?

There was once a period where the world believed Sosuke Aizen represented the worst that Bleach has to offer. In spite of all his cockiness, brokenness, and Kubo’s love for him, he was still just one character out of hundreds. 736 more words


Live! In the Link Age 09.01.15

My Hero Academia ( Vol. 1 / By Kohei Horikoshi / First Printing: August 2015 / ISBN: 9781421582696) takes place in a world where 80 percent of the world’s population consisted of superhumans. 716 more words

Live! In The Link Age

Simmer Down! Episode 2 - Cooking Alice Nakiri's Milkshake from Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma

On episode one of Simmer Down!, good chef and bad chef Frank Inglese and Luke Halliday did something many people thought impossible; they made a dish from the hugely popular… 166 more words


Naruto Review

Naruto is one of the first manga titles that I ever read. Not quite the first as I started Dragon Drive, Legendz, Zodiac PI, and others first, but this was still an early read for me. 9,471 more words


Food Wars! (Shokugeki No Soma) Volume Five and Six - Review

Madman Entertainment continue to roll out fantastic releases each and every month, but none more exciting than that of Food Wars! (Shokugeki No Soma). Why though? 991 more words


Rurouni Kenshin Review

It’s time to review a manga title that I consider to easily be one of the best titles of all time. This was a series that I started all the way back in 2011 and finally finished a few months ago. 3,003 more words