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One Piece: Brook's Improvement During the Whole Cake Island Arc

Brook may not be the strongest of the Straw Hat crew, but throughout the latest arc of the manga, he has proved that he’s at least one of the most reliable members when he can be. 864 more words

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Shaman King mangaka turned down new anime

There were twitterings about a new Shaman King anime, and it seemed like it would go ahead, but now it appears it was not to be. 207 more words


New Manga Review Roundup

There have been a lot of new manga to enter the scene this year; Shonen Jump recently announced six new series to debut within the next month or so. 1,059 more words


Sannen Kimengumi: Chapters 48-49

Here’s a neat little scifi mech parody storyline.


Also yes the Ideon batch is still coming, I’m sorry it’s taking forever again but please don’t panic just yet, okay?


2D Champions Episode 72: Assassination Classroom

Finally! A teacher who can not only give you a bad grade but also destroy all of humanity! The Champions join a class of fellow delinquents in their mission to kill the most dangerous life-form on Earth while also trying to maintain a good GPA. 93 more words


Assassination Classroom Review

So, I started this manga around April back in 2013. It lasted for a decent amount of time I suppose and the concept was certainly original. 2,765 more words


RADWIMPS release music video for their song 'Weekly Shonen Jump' featuring Jump Heroes

Fans of Japanese rock band RADWIMPS would likely be familiar with their ode to Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, aptly titled ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ which featured on their critically acclaimed 2016 album Human Bloom. 161 more words