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Dereliction of Duty

I bet there are a lot of homes where a big framed picture or an ornamental rug covers up a hole punched in the wall by a teenage boy. 938 more words

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Solutions to School Shootings *

Upgrade security and access at schools to the level of government buildings and police stations

Monitor the social media of all students

Arm teachers and/or surround schools with retired soldiers with guns (or even just random “good guys with guns”) 66 more words

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Glock 19 Gen 4 Review: One Of The Best Compact Pistols In The World

Red Dot Shooters
A PRACTICAL Guide To The World’s Best Red Dot Sights!

Looking for a great pistol that won’t break the bank? Check out this review of the gen 4 Glock 19 and find out why its one of the best compact pistols in the world. 72 more words

Jessie Robertson's Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Ok, so I’ve been slowly revealing my list but before I get to my #1 game choice of all time, let’s quickly recap what I have so far! 527 more words

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James Powers' Top 10 Video Games of All Time

I call James the “Young Gun of Gaming” but do not let his age fool you: this guy is deeply steeped in old school gaming and has a respect for Mario, Sonic and the like more so than gamers twice his age.    1,858 more words

Video Games

Island Battle



WASD or arrows to move (i forget which one)

click to shoot the zombies

move mouse to aim

some instructions are in the game

(sorry for no thumbnail)


Jacob Robertson's Top 10 Video Games of All Time

My little brother has been raised on the CORRECT way to game since he was a child; he’s my best student.  It should come as no surprise he has several of my picks on his list.  470 more words

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