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D.C. Police Chief, be prepared for terrorists.

As you will find out in the article (watch the video), authorities are changing tone. You, as a citizen need to be prepared for active shooters and terrorists.


A New Console and a Rant

Today marks one week since I received my beloved PlayStation 4. It is my third Sony and my fourth video game console in 21 years of life. 635 more words

My Two Cents

Episode 66: First Person Shooters

The triple THREAT has returned! Nick, Brad, and Kyle are back talking about all things FPS! With a retro return to Memory Card Lane baked right in, you’ll get some history on FPS, our fav picks, and the state of the genre! 7 more words


Chicago: drinks, drones and diners.

When touching down in the Windy City last week, I was hit by a draft of drinks, a downstream of drones, and drizzle of diners. I was not sure if I was a Chicago Bull or a Chicago Bear at that point in time, but it only took me 3 days to find out. 691 more words


Destiny is the Best It's Been, and Why That's Not Enough

Considering how much of the damn game I’ve played in the last year, it’s probably fitting that my first real post be about Destiny. I’m hoping this will be cathartic. 871 more words


Mental Health as a Scapegoat

By Marcelle Meyer

We hear it from both sides of the aisle every time there is a mass shooting at a university or public place: we need to pay more attention to mental health in this country. 416 more words


(Vocal Reprise) You are an obsession; you're my obsession.

It only made sense that Mass Effect would be among the first games I would blog about. In late 2011, the only game I wanted…nay, … 218 more words

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