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Orisa and Lucio 2.0

Overwatch just had it’s latest update and we have a new character, a tank named Orisa. Lucio has also gotten a major work over. With that, there’s a fair bit for players to sink their teeth into, so I felt like chiming in with some thoughts after fiddling around with the two as well as playing against them. 1,040 more words

Temp video (WIP) solving math in Asteroid Arena

This is a working video that shows how to solve math problems in the Asteroid Arena. More info coming soon.

Math Combat Challenge

That Time An Island In GoldenEye Disappointed A Generation

(Source: kotaku.com)

Far off in the distance, beyond the murky arctic waters, the vague silhouette of a tower can be seen through the mist. You raise your sniper rifle for a closer look. 338 more words


State Limits Giving Police Shooters "Advantage"

It’s no longer automatic for Wisconsin police officers to review video or audio of their shooting incidents before the State Justice Department questions them about it. 105 more words

State News

Fallout 4 - 2015

Price – €59.99

I finished fallout 4 only a little while before writing this and I was dumbfounded that Bethesda made a game that wasn’t ridiculously long (looking at you skyrim) if you wanted it to be. 174 more words


spiked brown butter rice krispie treat shake shooters.

spiked brown butter rice krispie treat shake shooters.