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An Indie Shooter Where One Team’s Invincible, The Other’s Invisible

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Competitive first-person shooters operate on all sorts of sets of unspoken rules. Teams should be, more or less, evenly powered. Opponents should die occasionally. 322 more words


Singapore shooters can achieve Olympic success

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India’s Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal in the men’s 10m air rifle event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

With top-class training facilities and promising talent, there is no reason why Singapore cannot produce an Olympic champion in shooting. 495 more words

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‘Quake’ Will Always Have A Place

First-person shooters are a dime a dozen now. Most gamers know what they are and everyone developer and publisher wants to create that one franchise or series to capture a fan base like Activision’s Call of Duty or Valve’s Half-Life. 730 more words


Dishonoured - 2012

Price – €9.99

Gameplay – Great. If not for the fact that sometimes it promotes killing even though the best ending involves getting 0 kills. 221 more words


Poll: Japan's Favorite First Person Shooters (And Third Person Shooters)

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Wonder which shooters folks in Japan like best? Here’s a poll that might shed light onto that question.

As with the previous polls ( 340 more words


Famitsu Readers Vote Overwatch Over Splatoon As Best First And Third Person Shooter

Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu has asked its readers to vote for their favourite first and third person shooters of all-time, which isn’t an easy task. The results are now in and it is Overwatch which has come out top beating the likes of Splatoon and GoldenEye 007 as the best shooter. 172 more words


Bioshock Infinite - 2013

Price – €29.99

Bioshock Infinite is amazing. No! Don’t Go! That’s not the full re-. Ok then, at least someones still reading, that wasn’t the full review by the way, I just wanted to get that out of the way so I didn’t have to keep saying it. 325 more words