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Study Shows Which Video Game Genres Women Play Most

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I’ve often told people that about half of gamers are women, citing an Entertainment Software Association report that puts the number… 431 more words


Trump Inauguration is Surprise Launch of Far Cry 5

Washington, D.C. – In a move that stunned the world, developer Crytek revealed the Donald Trump election was a viral marketing campaign for their new, real-world game, Far Cry 5. 102 more words


The Future of First Person Shooters are Located in the Past

With the new year here and all 2016 games having been released, like most years the multiplayer FPS genre dominated this holiday period. With Titanfall 2… 615 more words

Battlefield One

Brief Game History - The Club

What do you get when you combine competitive racing with fast paced third-person shooting? Most of you are probably imagining some kind of “Need for Speed” game that throws in the use of guns, but that’s not what this article is about. 533 more words

Video Games

 Experience: I came to the original Titanfall late because I didn’t own an Xbox One when it came out. However, once I did play it I really enjoyed it and probably put a good 15 hours into the multiplayer before dropping it for newer games. 1,858 more words