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Jesse Chain's Top 10 Video Games of All Time

The Wizard of Gaming is here!  Jesse is a master of all types of games from classic hard as hell beat NES classics like Ghosts n’ Goblins & TMNT, to being a Legend of Zelda encyclopedia while also being a sniper extraordinaire in newer fare like Destiny and Fortnite.  122 more words

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It's not guns, it's people.

This is an easy topic, don’t you think? Yes, sarcasm is a major part of my life. Seriously, this is a topic that divides our country like none other. 2,606 more words

Brandon Adams' Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Sorry ladies; this hunk is married and is one hell of a Mario Kart player!  True Story: we actually go the police called on us at his house for playing Mario Kart: Double Dash.  65 more words

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spiked brown butter rice krispie treat shake shooters.

spiked brown butter rice krispie treat shake shooters.

SEGA Dreamcast: Cannon Spike

Oh, how I love Capcom. Not only are they churning out games for the Dreamcast left and right, but they also seem to be one of the few publishers left out there who still believes there’s a market for the genuine old-school arcade experience. 712 more words

SEGA Dreamcast: Armada

Developer Metro3D’s stab at an online space shooter hit one minor snag along the road to release: SEGA didn’t quite have their online network ready in time. 865 more words

The Struggle to Predict—and Prevent—Toxic Masculinity

(Source: www.wired.com)

So if you could identify those kids then, maybe you could make things better later? Of course, things are way more complicated than that. 1,568 more words