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Apple formally asked to release Texas shooter’s iCloud data

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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FBI can’t break the encryption on Texas shooter’s smartphoneTexas authorities have recently gotten formal permission from a state judge to search the deceased Sutherland Springs shooter’s seized… 429 more words


Apple served with warrant to unlock the Texas shooter’s iPhone SE

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Apple has officially been served with a search warrant for access to the iPhone SE used by the man responsible for the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting. 314 more words


Recently, over the past four to six months, a number of individuals have contacted me in regard to joining the club. Whilst it is always gratifying to receive a request for a potential new member to the shooting sports. 185 more words

Fittleworth Rifle Club

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is all about one thing -- killing Nazis

The newest entry in the anti-fascist franchise brings the fight to America

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is about one thing — killing every lowdown, dirty Nazi you see. 839 more words

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Report: The FBI may have made a crucial mistake in its efforts to unlock the Texas shooter’s iPhone

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

A new report from Reuters says the FBI may have made a crucial mistake in attempting to unlock the iPhone used by the gunman responsible for Sunday’s shooting at a Texas church. 437 more words


2017/11/7 - Mental Health Of Mass Shooters

Its not a matter of gun control – a lot of this can be helped upping the quality and alertness with better trained mental health professionals and teaching people who work in the public to identify people with problems and then getting them help with a mental health care system that is available to low and no income to get them counseling, psychiatrist appointments and medications – it has been tried with a lot of success to have a sort of medication stand within homeless shelters and facilities that help the community – where at least some medication is available and someone who can oversee these people getting their meds and pass out little rewards like a coupon for a free cheeseburger or something to the like that gets donated from big corporation – it always pisses me off when specialists say one of these mass shooters had no history of mental problems and exhibited no mental condition signs and that they have none that can be diagnosed after the ‘incident’ – ‘hello?’ they killed people – isn’t the state of ones mind who kills not even one but many in a severe state of mental jeopardy – just putting my thoughts out there.

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