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Rage Was Actually Pretty Damn Good

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Rage lately. Last week, I dove back in. Minutes became hours, and I soon realized I was having a blast. 1,920 more words


Yes! The Toyota Supra is spied

Spy shooters have captured the much-anticipated Toyota Supra during testing. We expect it to arrive for 2019. It’s being co-developed by Toyota and BMW.

One of the best shooters ever is back for its 20th anniversary

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It’s 1996. You’re probably doing the Macarena while making jokes about how Bob Dole refers to himself in the third person. You saw “Independence Day” multiple times in theaters. 296 more words


The Ultimate guide to being a Master Gamer

This guide will help you understand how to become better at gaming, and how to master gaming as a hobby and as a way to earn money. 614 more words

Five Great Local Multiplayer Games On Xbox One To Destroy Your Friends At - Milo

Milo here, breaking controllers like my name was Electric Boogaloo.

Co-op, or local multiplayer, was once a beautiful thing in video games. You could saddle up with a couple of buddies, laughing n’ joking. 752 more words