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The name “Sharpshooter” is usually tagged for someone who is an excellent marksman.  But how did that title come about so many years ago?  Thanks to Christian Sharps who patented his iconic rifle in the late 1840’s.  486 more words

German bunker in Reštanj, Slovenia

In 2014, I visited the location of Gradec in municipality Krško, Slovenia, where once stood an Roman fortyfied settlement. At its top you can find a German bunker from the Second World War. 44 more words

Avery and her tools

Poor Avery, she had no hammer, no screw driver, no tools 😞. So dad ordered her a tool bag with tools and had it ready for to pick up at her Walmart. 39 more words


Golfer taken to hospital after gunshot wound at Alberta tournament 

A golfer encountered a bogey of a much different variety when he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg while participating in a tournament in northwestern Alberta. 70 more words


Purple Explosion

“Purple Explosion” Art on Canvas is our newest in the Abstract Art Collection.  Creating art from our photoshoots gives us a fabulous array of new adventures and shooting opportunities.  23 more words



It’s the weekend again and your thinking I don’t have plans but you want to do something fun with either friends or family.

It is good to learn to appreciate the little things in life & enjoy more living in the moment and the perfect way to do this is by doing something fun on the weekend. 459 more words

Edmonton Police Service seeks new $44M gun range

The Edmonton Police Service said it is in need of new firearms training facilities, saying the existing range was built 20 years ago and does not account for the growth of the city and its police force. 316 more words