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A Premonition

“Mom, you worry too much.  I’ll be fine.”

He kissed her on the cheek and left.  All afternoon, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen.  184 more words

Flash Fiction

Mihigo's Discovery

Mihigo stared at the naked and lifeless body.  Neza cowered in the corner, shaking like a leaf.  The gun lay on the floor when she had dropped it after she shot him. 179 more words


"No Polygon in the World Can Bring Such Results"

An amateur Russian hasbarista voices the Putinist party line on Syria in broken but perfectly eloquent English. If you find it shocking and cynical, welcome to the “Russian world.”



$11-million firing range announced for Joint Task Force X facility

Dozens of Canadian Armed Forces soldiers and politicians met at CFB Kingston on Thursday to announce the construction of an indoor live-fire training range that will be installed at the Joint Task Force X facility. 319 more words


Best way to improve your aim in Fortnite using the Playground ‘Shooting Range’

The new ‘Shooting Range’ in Playground mode is one of the best ways to improve your aim in Fortnite.

Added on October 24 in the V.620 update, the ‘Shooting Range’ can be found in Playground mode and placed in the same way as a Port-A-Fort. 137 more words


NS Shooting Range

Want a little thrill and excitement on your next couple date? Why not spending your day at NS Shooting Range and have an early firework using their variety of guns. 414 more words