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Be Careful What You Wish For, Kids [Also, Don't Do Drugs And Stuff]

It’s been able a week since Win came over and if what we were initially going through was the fabled “Honeymoon Phase,” you can bet your favorite water bowl that the magic’s worn out by now. 314 more words


The shooting star caught me off guard

Contributor : Arun Kumar M.

A slow, deep breath. As I exhale I open my eyes to the star-studded dark sky. I could sense myself going into a trance, deeper amongst the stars. 430 more words


To all the things we did.. from a distance

Remember that rooftop, bare skinned, dunked in full moon feelings? We both were lying together with our arms interlocked, star-gazing. All our dreams came true. That shooting star we saw that night was useless. 211 more words


Beehive Spinner Card

I had so much fun with the spinner cards I made as swaps for On Stage back in November and then again in class, that I had to make another one. 50 more words



A shooting star arrives this night
As dancers fill the floor;
Its luminescence pure and bright,
The type one can’t ignore.

It comes to rest upon a tree… 65 more words


코로나 ~ 별똥별

Corona, “Falling Star”

I wasn’t a huge fan of Corona’s pre-release single, “My Way,” and I absolutely abhor competition shows so I didn’t see them on Superstar K, but I figured I’d give them a second chance when their videos for their full album… 282 more words


Bad Company - Shooting Star

Bad Company – “Shooting Star” – (1975)

“Shooting Star” wasn’t even a single from Bad Company’s 1975 album Straight Shooter. But it has received plenty of airplay on U.S. 20 more words