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Sometimes we may feel like a star falling out of the sky; unaware of what is going on around us.  However, we shouldn’t worry because those are called shooting stars, and they are beautiful things that we wish upon and gain hope.

Why Sleep?

It could be a cobalt sky
when sun rises
but for now
ebony ink
spills freely.

Faint starlight dapples
the branches of heavy
while a brilliant moon speaks… 74 more words

Poem And Prose

The Shooting Star - 2 - the middle

So here it is stripped down and hand painted red.

I am genuinely very pleased with the paintwork, and will be adding a clear topcoat in due course. 117 more words



Shoot: to travel through time rapidly by entering a state of agitated energy; to bind two objects at a distance from each other through intent. At the conclusion of a shoot, the object that has been transported (shot), the transportation (shot), the intent (shot), and the object of all this intention (shot), all enter the same state (death). 12 more words



that summer night

in traverse city,

we stretched across the

picnic table, cool breeze

kissing our skin  as

we wished on every

shooting star we saw. 123 more words

My Writings

You’re my knight ,

And when we stand up ,

The world will know us.

So let’s take off ,

We can be the shooting stars ,

30 more words
Be You

The Shooting Star - 1 - the beginning

So here it is. The Townsend Shooting Star. This is the exact photo I was sent when I asked a bike buddy (a guy I know who loves vintage racers, and fixes old bikes) if he had any women’s bikes for sale. 349 more words