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( in progress) week22 EURAUD short from shooting star , an attempt to be in line with big picture.


Shooting stars and Hammers are price phenomenons which depict notions of trapped traders; that showed initial euphoria, follwoed by true strength and direction that went the opposite way. 111 more words

Set Free from Independent Apathy

It’s gradual and unwavering,
Absolute apathy.
I took her hand,shining bright, planning to lead far:
Far from sadness and suffering.
Wounded creature; not flying but fluttering… 67 more words


Conspiracy Theory

lay down my Beloved near Me in the soft grass, see the stars running hither thither

oh! Did You see that Shooting Star aiming at us Like the Cupid with the Arrow… 11 more words


Love letter. 

Darling I have liked you for the longest time.
There’s something in the way you smile.
But I’ve distracted myself with pretty boys,
As the doubts are loud in my mind. 91 more words

Slow boat to paradise

The first time I travelled alone turned out to be one of my most memorable experiences ever.

Of course I had travelled alone before when I knew I would be meeting someone on the other end, but this was the first time I actually went away on holiday on my own, not knowing if I would have anyone to talk to for a whole two weeks. 517 more words


4 am metorite streaks threw the skys of victoria bc

Being a  homeless guy you get in alot of astronomy time tonight at 4:01 a nice sized rock streaked threw the atmosphere above victoria bc or a alien ship it had a nice tail on it and created a signicant amount of displacement although no fire ball it was still nice it came from the north end of the sky and left south toward washington state just across the water so maybe if some is lucky they will find a tiny stone! 94 more words

Amature Astronomy

Stunning Lake Tekapo - Stars Edition

I had always dreamt of stargazing under a sky full of sparkling stars, along with the arm of Milky Way. & I almost had that dream fulfilled. 656 more words