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We say there are many faces of moons. Many phases. We anthropomorphize it, make it almost human. We are all a moon.

I am a moon… … 112 more words

Shooting Star

Scintilla (n.) a tiny, brilliant flash or spark

We drifted out of the restaurant, high on laughter & the spirit of God’s goodness. Ours was a loud group that probably seemed drunk, but that was the furthest from the truth. 654 more words


Shooting Stars And Milky Ways And Alcohol

Photographing the night sky was always something I thought required a professional-grade camera, an $8,000 f/1.8 lens, and otherworldly editing skills. It was something I rarely attempted because my photos were shit compared to other shots I’ve seen. 218 more words


confusion; .ɘvol

Traveling home
Amongst the stars
I wait to feel your breath
In the space between
my neck and shoulder.
I have waited years
To find my way home… 67 more words


Meteor shower show this weekend

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 10, 2017–Mother Nature’s celestial light show will be at its peak Friday night to Saturday morning.

The Perseid meteor shower, which occurs every year, has been underway since July 17, but it hits its peak this weekend. 303 more words


Tough to get up.

Days went by. Time never stopped. It was getting tougher. She wasn’t prepared to face anything that came towards her. Failures had already pulled her down many times, she was afraid that this could be the next. 136 more words