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The Vice Principal and the Cyclops

Prompt was “shooting star.”

The fatigued Vice Principal and the serene Cyclops laid at the peak of a grassy hill together. (It’s a long story, don’t ask.) 1,434 more words

Short Story

Shooting star, new poem 

From one wave to another one,

Heart jumps,

Eyes cry

Lips smile.

And the inner child knows

Her journey is full of bliss!

She might feel alone, fearful and confused… 188 more words



we lit the taper to light the fuse
igniting passion that would suffuse
the kiss we blew fanned the flames
of love’s desire that spoke our names… 43 more words


When I’m down and feeling scared I know I should take a chance, the world is sitting right here in the palm of my hand. I’m flying higher than before and giving up is not a choice, I’ll push the doubt aside and step into the spotlight.

46 more words

Reflection on Ground and Sky

Reflection on Ground and Sky
©Betty Luceigh, 5/25/17

In the coolness of early morning yesterday, I pulled wild grass near my country home. They grew from the heavy rains of winter and provided a lush green natural lawn to enjoy for several months. 483 more words


Be Careful What You Wish For, Kids [Also, Don't Do Drugs And Stuff]

It’s been able a week since Win came over and if what we were initially going through was the fabled “Honeymoon Phase,” you can bet your favorite water bowl that the magic’s worn out by now. 314 more words


The shooting star caught me off guard

Contributor : Arun Kumar M.

A slow, deep breath. As I exhale I open my eyes to the star-studded dark sky. I could sense myself going into a trance, deeper amongst the stars. 430 more words