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From the private log.

Saw a shooting star back there, and I know not the wish I made…

I came to the mind numbing conclusion, although I always make the same conscious wish, the unconscious mind, let’s call him Jay, is a bit faster. 162 more words

Full Moon Stars

throwing away
my regrets
shooting star

out of the ocean
finding a new way
sea bird in the sky

the only thing
we agree upon… 28 more words


Shooting Star

I looked at the night sky and accidentally saw a shooting star,

I started wishing…

The next day, I looked up again and saw another, 212 more words


Is That A Shooting Star Or Did An Astronaut Flush The Toilet?

We all like to wish on a shooting star but that light streaming across the sky might not be a shooting star; it might be astronaut poop!  156 more words


Shooting Stars

Walking on a grassy hillside, Tansy found something beautifully Pink! 76 more words