It’s earlier morning; you think you have everything you need for the hunt. You pack everything to take with you, drive to your favorite hunting spot, climb into the stand or ground blind, and then it hits you; YOU FORGOT YOUR RATTLING ANTLERS!!!! 127 more words


Jason’s Shooting Tips: Keeping your field points from coming loose!

Have you ever had your field points or broad heads come loose and are you tired of always tightening them up after ever shot? Well, I have a simple solution for you! 101 more words


AR-15 Immediate Action Drill Video Tip

3 Gun and Multi gun matches are on the rise.  Failure to feed? No problem.  In this short video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF),  Gunsite Academy instructor Bob Whaley demonstrates how to get your gun back in action quickly with the push, pull, roll and rack immediate action drill. 51 more words

Education & Training

Doug Koenig Shooting Tip Video

NSSF has some of the best free instructional videos on the internet. Today’s video comes from champion shooter Doug Koenig. He discusses why placing a good first shot on the target lifts your game. 23 more words

Education & Training

Take a Knee for More Accurate Shooting

Depending on the situation, a kneeling position could be the best way to take your shot. In this video, Gunsite Academy instructor Jay Tuttle demonstrates three kneeling positions–brace, speed and double. 41 more words


Straight Pull for Straight Shooting

You probably haven’t thought much about whether your trigger pull is straight or not, or how that affects accuracy. (We confess we hadn’t thought about it much either until seeing this video.) With this tip, world champion shooter Doug Koenig demonstrates why a straight pull is critical to off-hand shooting and how to practice your technique. 40 more words