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Shoplifters Spotted Shoving Hamburgers Down Pants

Two men in Texas California were sort of shuffling around a supermarket without purchasing anything. One of the men was wearing very baggy pants, and store employees later told police that it was obvious something had been shoved inside his trousers. 117 more words

Taking It Seriously

Why Do I Leave the House and People are Rude

Today I had to do a few errands and get the final stuff for Little L’s Birthday. Now that doesn’t seem hard but in 100+ degree weather it is, trust me. 618 more words


Shoplifting Suspect Wearing 'Won't Be Caught' T-Shirt Remains At Large

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida want to make sure that the prediction made on a woman’s t-shirt doesn’t come true. The message in huge white letters on her black t-shirt was clear: “Won’t Be Caught,” it said. 153 more words


Tales From Retail: Five Finger Discount

I’m coming back from lunch, and I’m headed to the office to get clocked back in and get some paperwork done.

As I’m walking across the store, I notice a commotion in the beer aisle. 501 more words


Shoplifter Arrested After Shoving Steak Down His Pants

A 53-year-old man in Arkansas was arrested last week for shoplifting. His crime was one that has long fascinated us here at Consumerist: he is accused of trying to steal steaks from a Food Giant grocery store by shoving them down his pants. 155 more words


Walmart shoplifters spray deodorant and fire shots in bizarre escape

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. — Police are looking for several shoplifting suspects who fired shots at someone they may have thought had followed them out of the store. 244 more words


Should we give softer sentences to shoplifters that steal from wealthier shops?

David Lammy, a Labour MP, says that the law should be looked at in regards to shoplifting. He says that shoplifters who steal from wealthier shops should get a softer sentence, as the shop is able to absorb the loss compared to small corner shops. 27 more words

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