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Gluten-Free Goodness: banana chocolate chip muffins

This past weekend I made a batch of gluten-free banana chocolate chip muffins. While I don’t have celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten, I do like experimenting with different grains and flours, and I do see the benefit of including a variety of grains in my diet instead of just eating the same wheat-full ingredients all of the time. 743 more words


Buy Wax, Not Plastic

Have you been looking for a beneficial format to listen to your music on? According to recent numbers, vinyl albums have been increasing steadily while CD sales have been decreasing. 273 more words


Welcome to My Blog

So you’ve stumbled your way onto Quarter Quotes? Well, I’m glad you came. This will be my first real attempt at a blog. (I used to have one, but never really did anything with it.) That blog didn’t really have a point and I didn’t actually have anything to say on it. 190 more words


The Link Between Provincial Attitudes and Tribalism

Currently, there is a lot of support for “buying locally” and that “local” is somehow synonymous with “moral.”  There are city-wide campaigns in some areas to “shop local” or cries to, “save our small town.” 635 more words

Current Events

Foxes and Squirrels and Deer, oh my!

When I was a kid I loved making art. Sometimes I would even try to sell it to the neighbours. Ah yes, a market vendor in the making.   843 more words


Refine your Wardrobe

Ever dreamed of raiding a hipster’s closet?  Visit Refine Boutique, Tanya Semsar’s by appointment only boutique in Northwest Washington, and your dream will come true (check out… 142 more words

Meet Tanya Semsar

Owner of Refine Boutique, Tanya Semsar is that hip girl BFF you have always wanted. Despite her self-proclaimed “obsession with clothes” and seven plus years of retail experience, there is nothing overwhelming about Tanya, or in-your-face about her understanding of the latest styles and trends. 525 more words