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DIY 3,2,1....now!

Živ živ…. danes sem šopingirala :) malo netipično zame sicer, ker nisem gledala ne čevljev ne oblek, pač pa sem obiskala Tedi, Kik in Obi :) je bilo pa zabavno! 156 more words


What's your excuse for not using me?

I weigh  a couple dozen grams, an ounce and a half, and fold small enough that you can carry me in a pocket or up to ten in one hand, I can be used over a hundred times safely, sometimes two or three times that much. 73 more words


My Shopping Bag: Shopping the Holiday Sales

I ended up doing some shopping during the holidays (sadly, quite some time back now). Indulged by buying some practical and basic items and some very fun items as well. 383 more words


On 21 March 2015, what I want is

a gimballed shopping bag that sits happily on its own in the boot or back seat without swaying when the car turns.


More growth, more drops, skateboard decks, paper shopping bags, bits of wood...

Loading up for more #365ArtDrops today and over the Spring Equinox weekend, where shall we “drop” them this time? Dozen or so pieces painted on found things going out for people to take away should they wish to. 141 more words


another grocery tote

This one started life as a pair of jeans. I found them in the 50 cent bin at St. Vincent de Paul.

I was so eager to get started, that I forgot to take a BEFORE photo until I had begun removing the waist band. 

Second Hand Shopping

Organization Required!

When it comes to meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping (while trying not to make any trash), organization is not an option. I have to have a game plan, and I have to be prepared. 924 more words