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Shop At Your Own Risk

I recently had an opportunity to do some grocery shopping. It’s not really an opportunity. It’s more of an adventure. Or maybe a nightmare. I really don’t know where anything is in our grocery store, so it takes me forever to shop. 1,078 more words


"Commodity Suicide" A Series

I have since been studying the decay of capitalism in modern society.  The dialectic of commodity and how it moves from the evangelical to the excremental.   114 more words


Junk piles up in foresaken parks

Q:  What happens when people take over a public park and fill it with a fleet of appropriated shopping carts and heaps of bike parts, along with the usual tents, shacks, coolers, trash, and other stuff?  192 more words

Shopping Carts are the Future

Four unwieldy wheels, zero to sixty in 2.5 million years, affordable pricing, clearly shopping carts are the future, not only of transportation, but the world itself. 217 more words

Nothing Motivates our Can-Do Spirit like Hunger, Disease and Homelessness!

Today is primary day in California.

Here’s an interesting letter to the San Francisco Chronicle.

I sense a sardonic tone to this, but it’s hard to be sure these days: 193 more words


parenting: a few things I know.

I’ve been at this parenting thing for almost three years now–long enough to learn that serving a graham cracker broken in two is a surefire way to ruin 45 minutes of my afternoon but not quite long enough to figure out how to convince two kids to sleep through the night on a consistent basis. 715 more words