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Tigernuts, Shopping Lists, and Animal Skin

Tigernut Sweets may be on my menu soon. I read about this extremely old recipe on AncientNile.co.uk, where I also learned that no ancient peoples are known to have had cookbooks. 677 more words

The NY Times: New Evidence on When the Bible Was Written

New Evidence on When Bible Was Written: Ancient Shopping Lists

One of the longstanding arguments for why the main body of biblical literature was not written down in anything like its present form until after the destruction and exile of 586 B.C. 89 more words

Chimpanzees for Tea!

Chimpanzees for Tea!
Jo Empson
Puffin Books
With a nod to Pat Hutchins (Don’t Forget the Bacon) and a wink to John Burningham (The Shopping Basket) , Jo Empson conjours up a delicious story of a shopping trip undertaken by young Vincent at his mother’s behest. 201 more words

Picture Books

What You Would Expect Our Feria List To Look Like

Our typical grocery list includes:




Tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, mango, papaya, pineapple, and other combinations of tropical fruit

Green beans

Black beans… 23 more words

Costa Rica

Putting Off The Inevitable

Grocery shopping has been high on the priority list for a while now, but we have managed to find meat in the deep freeze hiding behind forgotten vegetables and old bags of soup just enough times to delay it. 305 more words

Day 2 Shopping List

This may be helpful, maybe not.

I’ve taken it upon myself to list out all of the ingredients for all of the menu items each day. 264 more words

Fully Raw

Two Days At A Time

There is one thing missing from the Fully Raw 21 Day Diet – grocery lists.

I’m making them day by day now – above is Day One’s for ONE person. 42 more words

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