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February Week 2

It is still grey outside, temperatures are low, so for this week we have planned some great warming dishes! Furthermore we used the last chance to cook with leek, kale and chicory as they will go out of season soon. 422 more words

Shopping Lists

February Week 1

February, a short month that has plenty of nice produce to offer, which will go out of season soon! Catch up on some nice dishes with cabbage, parsnips, leek and an indulgent seafood risotto for the end of the week! 440 more words

Shopping Lists

January Week 1

This is a typical meal plan for a week in January, we start with a light but warming soup, lots of Brussels sprouts bursting with vitamins (and trust us, prepared this way, everyone will enjoy it) and a hearty comforting Shepard’s pie for the end of the week! 461 more words

Shopping Lists

Eat well, Save more

Have you ever felt like you have a selective memory?  And by selective, I mean it selects to forget everything you want to remember if you don’t write it down instantly.   1,208 more words


Rocking Organisation with Spreadsheets

There used to be a time when I thought of spreadsheets as boring tools for managers of companies, financial advisers and data analysers. In short, I didn’t really understand why Microsoft would include EXCEL as part of their Home packages, but Publisher – a program I used for drawing up invitations and the occasional greeting card or two – was only accessible if you bought the much more expensive Professional package. 539 more words

Rocking Organisation

Day Two: The 12 Days Of...(series)

The 12 Days of Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfasts: Day 2

Yesterday I began a series called The 12 days of Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfasts (see it… 400 more words

The Ten Glorious Stages of Christmas Shopping

It goes down a bit like this round these parts:

1. October. Pick up some chocolate money by the tills in Boots. Lose it within minutes of getting home. 450 more words

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