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I Love... Izzi Rainey

Having decorated two rooms now, I’m starting to look for some great accessories to really bring everything together.
I love to support local businesses and there are some amazing little brands popping up in Norfolk. 276 more words

Shopping Lists.

The Annotated Shopping List

I never use the last of anything. I will always leave a sip of milk in the jug,  a whiff of gas in the tank and a single sheet of toilet paper on the roll. 445 more words


Ikea in Norwich?

Andrew alerted me today to some incredibly important information.

IKEA will be opening a concept store in Norwich, at the Sweet Briar Industrial estate, in the coming year. 111 more words

Shopping Lists.

Interview: Dave from Your Student Box!

Getting fresh fruit, vegetables and other necessities are something that us as students often don’t pay much attention to, other options are way too easy to ignore and nutrition is not top of our mental list of things we need when we have exams and essays due in. 947 more words


May Meal Planning Part 4 - In Which Mama Frog Unveils the Shopping Lists

It has been the world’s longest day here today- if you want to get technical about it, is has been the longest week ever.  However, May’s lists are finally done.   16 more words

Cooking On The Pond

Running Lights For Kohlrabi

Our local Florida community is nothing but vigilant about red light runners. Perhaps in your community too, cameras are strategically placed at all four corners of an intersection to nab those dirty scofflaws who blatantly run through traffic lights in order to make time. 1,032 more words