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The Real Shopping Penguin

A few days ago I stumbled across an unbelievably catchy song called “Shopping Penguin”. The video that went along with the song I saw on Youtube was a minute and change and song played over some clips of the Oliver Oken character from the Hannah Montana show. 153 more words

Penguin Post

Shopping Penguin

You would think a post that is titled Shopping Penguin would have something to do with Penguin Place, but I just came across a quick little youtube video of a montage of scenes of Oliver Oken with a song playing over the one minute vid called… 82 more words

Musical Musings... When Memes Take Steroids

Internet memes are a phenomenon in so much that they spread faster than a wildfire, faster than a rumor in high school, and faster than any milk product through my lactose intolerant friend, Jay. 73 more words