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I went to Primark for a shirt,

I came out with a candle,

I can deal with lots of things,

But shopping, I can’t handle.


You Are Banished! Go To Your Room 101!...Ranting

What a delightful way to cast my baleful eyes and vent at some poorly behaved humans while having fun doing it as well.

Thank you my dear  505 more words

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Paxxio- An E-commerce Portal Fulfilling HER Wishes

Now-a-days, e-commerce is the most burgeoning industry. There are number of e-commerce players and another portal may not be making a much difference. But playing out of the league and taking this industry to a whole new level, Paxxio is the leading and one-of-its kind online portal providing a plethora of products and services. 257 more words


Valentines Day picks

What do you do for valentines day with your kids?  In our house my husband always buys my daughter flowers, I think this started when she was just two, and she really loves it. 221 more words

Baby Clothes

The Way to Get a Surgery-Free (and Painless!) Eye Lift

Cosmetic surgery is costly, painful, time-consuming (and did we mention painful)? So we try to find every product available that promises the same benefits without any of the severe drawbacks. 208 more words


Online rug cleaners Concord|Rug cleaning professional Concord

Neutrals are very popular when decorating most rooms, and layering neutrals play a bigger part in the decor this season. You might try to mix various textures to add some character while using soft browns and off whites. 136 more words