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Minimal Wallet, Maximum AWESOME!!

Hey all,

Well, here I am again. Telling you about something you probably already know about. Or maybe you don’t? Maybe this will be that bright spot in your dark life? 154 more words


True me.. Tap-119..

Met an old engineering batchmate while shopping grocery. Let’s name her XXX.

XXX: Tap, you are looking tall today. I mean more tall.
Me: Yeah, new sneakers & little extra confidence I think.

Tap OUT..😜


Beaches and Dreams

Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 August

Well, to answer the question as to whether Jessie would sleep and allow us our drinks by the pool, that would be a no… I spent an hour trying to lull her to sleep with my gentle “shhhhhs” and soft head pats, but she wasn’t having a bar of it and so we stripped ourselves of our glad rags (who even says that?), and replaces them with the villa robes. 952 more words


King of Prussia Mall: Here are the new stores coming this fall | News Break

It may only be August, but we’re already thinking ahead to autumn. While the leaves fall, new stores will be popping up at King of Prussia Mall (160 N. 32 more words


It’s Grandma Gadgeteer Time. I’m selling Musiclens Bluetooth Sunglasses on EBay. You can listen to your music and receive calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. 34 more words

Trogir, a hidden gem.

Trogir’s old town is a nice and tiny place with lots of history and legends that haven’t been as exploited as other parts of Croatia yet. 330 more words


I THINK I'M TIRED - Marilyn Armstrong

I blame it on the dogs. Basically, I blame everything on the dogs, but this one is actually their fault. Specifically, it’s Bonnie’s fault because she is the nonstop barker. 645 more words