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Shut up, shop clerk!

What I want to know from you two is why do people, like say cashiers at a store, persist in talking to me when clearly I am giving them the message I DON’T WANT TO TALK. 173 more words


Day 40

Giornata tranquilla a casa: solo un giro veloce a fare la spesa, per il resto ci siamo riposati con i topini e abbiamo fatto qualche lavoretto di quelli che non si ha mai tempo durante la settimana. 146 more words


Assorted Tokyo

There is so much to see in Japan’s capital! We had three days to explore, and a long list of places to check out, so we spent more time visiting some attractions than others. 581 more words

Urban Exploration

just sunday outing

london 11.22pm 19.2C dry sunday 2016

i read somewhere that they have found that people who do things they like get to treat their depression as much as those who undergo cognitive behaviour therapy. 406 more words

Awful Service Displayed Again

In this day and age with money tight cheaper shops are performing well leaving bigger chains to struggle and think of ways to pull sales back. 1,208 more words