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How Steampunk Works with Ralph Cobert

Steampunk is a one of a kind niche, exemplified though a tiny store dubbed Steampunk Works, located in Audubon, New Jersey. Those who love the Steampunk way of life communicate from all parts of the country, celebrating our industrial history along side the modern world. 204 more words

Food glorious food

As it was a particularly drizzly day I was glad the markets were indoors, but boy I wasn’t ready for the amount of choice there was in food. 477 more words

Birkenstock Redo - Part 1

In dedication to my recent (and questionable to some) Birkenstock purchase, I took a grand total of about 7 minutes to pull a couple outfits to prove to all the birkenhaters that these sandals have earned the right to be seen in public.   40 more words


The Great Kate Wait A-Z

Thanks to the Dailymail online for breaking this cute and funny A-Z down for us. Enjoy

Royal News

Busy weekend is busy.

Weekends fly by so quickly that I hardly feel rested by this time each Sunday. I spent the majority of this weekend crocheting… and e-window shopping… and actual shopping. 506 more words


Top 5 Best LED Grow Lights Under $100

Along with the legalization and regulation of cannabis in many states has come an increased desire among enthusiasts to DIY and groe their own marijuana. it can be expensive to set up a new system, especially a completely indoor grow, becaus eyou have to buy lights, fans, timers, grow trays, growing medium, fertilizers and more. 1,118 more words


Top 5 Best LED Grow Lights Under $500

Now that cannabis has been legalized in many states, hobby growers are getting more serious about producing their own medical grade marijuana at home. Make sure to follow all local laws in your area when purchasing growing equipment. 1,080 more words