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On Shopska Salad

I’ve just returned to Prague after ten days in Bulgaria, most of them spent watching the work of the Children’s Theatre School in Shiroka Luka, a three-week event which… 465 more words

Eat It Up: Noodle Soup, Bacon Fry and Salad

There are a lot of photos in this post – please don’t look too hard, my tablecloth isn’t ironed, and most likely never will be! 480 more words


Bulgaria 5

High Fives

Bulgarian food takes its influences from its own traditional roots, but it has not immune to outside influences, which are gradually changing attitudes towards food. 58 more words


Shopska salad

I tasted Shopska salad last year in Bansko, Bulgaria, and I was thrilled by its simplicity which gives the most delicious result! 280 more words


Things I Will Miss

I’m down to my last 4 days here in Bulgaria. While I’m very excited to see my family and relax at home for a week before beginning Teach For America, my leaving will certainly be bittersweet. 92 more words


The Ross Barr goes to Bosnia

This entire meal is dedicated to my friend my PIC Tea Hadzic. Without even asking for her help she has done so much for the establishment of The Ross Barr, the least I could do is make a traditional Bosnian meal in honor of her. 323 more words