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written by plaidshirtjimkirk

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Summary: Jim can easily say he loves anyone… until he actually means it. 20 more words

Rating: T

Target spock part 7

U.s.s enterprise
” Now entering combat area!” Checov at science said.”ready phasers mr sulu!” Kirk ordered.”phasers on stand by!” Sulu said.
“Keptian its gone !” Checov declared. 861 more words

Star Trek

Target spock part five

Spock reterned to the enterprise.he went to sleep. Humans oftened wonderd if vulcans dreamed. They assumed if they did, it would be blan.
Spock woke up and got ready for his day. 755 more words

Star Trek

Star trek target spock part three

Starship enterprise in orbit of planet shore leave.
“Captain’s log, the enterprise has arived at the planet. Mr. Scot will be runing diegnostics on ships systems. 664 more words

Star Trek

Target spock part two

  Seria went to the comercial space port in the capital at ci bartan. She decided not to use the telshiar space port at rotag.
Seria went on a berolien freighter and travaled to a nutral space port. 418 more words

Star Trek

Dayton & Kevin's 2015 Convention Stalking Guide.

So, 2015’s convention season is starting to heat up, at least for me and Kevin. We don’t typically do very many cons each year, but there are a couple we always try to attend, along with a few others we’re always game to attend if schedules and planets align in proper fashion. 522 more words


A good look round Durban

TX 1004

Pte Max Hickman

2/33rd Battalion



13th Feb 1941

Dear Mother

After nearly five weeks at sea we’ve arrived at a modern seaport- you’ve no idea mother what a wonderful sight the lights of a modern city make after nearly eight months of Blackout.  881 more words