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Places to Eat in Gulf Shores: What to Look For in a Great Night Out

One of the best tourist-friendly places to visit in Alabama is Gulf Shores, a popular resort area on the coast. This spot is perfect for those who relish getting away from it all and a laid-back atmosphere. 118 more words

Gulf Shores Restaurants: How to Eat Like a True Local When Traveling

Though they travel to see and experience things they can’t at home, many tourists never stray far from the beaten path, failing to truly experience the culture they came to see. 157 more words

Want the Unusual from Places to Eat in Gulf Shores, AL? Try Alligator.

How do you define exotic food? Travel down to cities where Alabama meets the Gulf Coast, and you might just have a taste of dishes you’d consider exotic – but is just really part of regional cuisine. 123 more words

Gulf Shores Restaurant Prepare Fresh, Summer Seafood Dishes for You

Summer time is always the best time for you to head to the beach and bask under the sun for some natural tan. With all the beach activities you’ll be doing, however, you’ll definitely be hankering for a good seaside meal. 102 more words

Pebble (Haiku #3)

She rolls and tumbles

Down across Pebble Shore Lake

Time as her constant

Raging Souls

I was a soul barely surviving in the earth when I saw you. Lost to the corners of oblivion, I danced with the shatters of my heart for that was the rhythm created by the strings of strain. 243 more words



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TOMS, known for its one-for-one movement (one pair of new shoes given to a child in need with every pair of shoes purchased), has finally set up a brick-and-mortar store on our shores. 68 more words