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A Short Story | By Kyra - Leigh Aged 9 | Part One | Crystal Mason

| 279 words |

I asked my super sweet 9 year old little niece, Kyra Leigh, what she liked doing recently and she told me about her story’s. 260 more words


Feast (2014)

2015 #28a
Patrick Osborne | 6 mins | Blu-ray | 2.39:1 | USA / English | U / G

This year’s Best Animated Short Oscar winner is a charming little tale of a dog and his owner. 294 more words



Lying in bed with last night’s excesses making you pouty and vulnerable.

I’ve brought juice, paracetamol, but the way the sheet is laying over your body as I return, outlining your form. 496 more words


Double life: Living The Dream

I will forever long to sleep,

For in my dreams I keep,

The kind of world in which I wish to live.

To live in it, anything I would give. 187 more words


Short 1

I’ve spent too long not letting your name escape my lips,

I should have spent more time keeping your hands upon my hips


Life Is Like A Wheel

Born into yet another factory, a wheel starts turning. One revolution, many a life created, born fresh and anew, set upon the sod of destiny which nurtures it in growth. 313 more words



You close your eyes, my arms wrapping around you, sitting on my lap. Your head on my shoulder. My big coat over us both. You feel my warmth on the cold train. 538 more words