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Feeling Mostly Everything 

I said I was blissful the other night

A word I thought was only said on screen

A word that had no truth to me… 58 more words


Terrence and the Surprise Party

They had been planning Terrence’s surprise party for a full month. It was not that his 30th birthday was a significant milestone by any stretch, but he was such a decent and unassuming friend that they all, more or less unanimously, said “Why the hell not”. 566 more words


Good Morning

You’re on your side, twitching lightly in your sleep. I’ve woken to the warmth of your body, its softness against my skin.

I want to let you sleep, but your little movements against me are stroking your skin against my cock, and your breathing has satisfied little moans in it, so I’m going to wake you. 400 more words


Another Short Story! 2000 words on the theme of 'Joy'.

By Hendrik Harms

As the alarm sent gentle light pulses in the room, David began to stir. It was a much more delicate way to be awoken; especially over those shrills tones used in the past. 1,794 more words



I like being alone. Especially at night.

Looking up at the clear, February night sky you see billions upon billions of lights shimmering like wet metal. 244 more words


Kodama, Part III

There was more to the story than I originally thought.  As we sat underneath the shade of Old Hickory, Lyle Greengard quietly leaned up against its trunk and explained the circumstances under which his family had entrusted the property to the town. 2,160 more words


The Strange Thing

Florence’s brother was Maximilian, so named because Florence’s father thought it best to allow Florence’s mother her extravagancies. By the time Florence was born, her mother seemed to have become more sober and circumspect, at least when it came to her children. 2,356 more words