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Concerning Space..

    In the void nothing is certain. The technology we have seen in science fiction films and Television series are merely tools for helping to navigate and chart a course around a star or for defeating the enemy, however, no piece of technology can ever prepare the characters that wield them for what lies beyond. 374 more words


The Jabberwock


The blade went snicker-snack. He went galumphing back.

Henry Babylon was a chubby, bald detective, midway through his third divorce and second abortion. He was tall with bad posture. 385 more words



The water is so hot. I’ve added oils for you, tended to your body that I’ve exhausted over the hours coming for each other, since we shared this same tub listening to the peacocks. 506 more words


A pair of shorts for summer ³

Time flies: it’s five years since I last did a “pair of shorts for summer” post. But these things linger long in my memory, and so the series (I say “series” — I did two) is revived this year… but only with reposts. 90 more words


Empirical Inchworm 

Inching by I sit beside a nauseous narcissist

Waving through the air

Reaching for a branch that does not exist

Hues of green

I can see the sweat beading on his forehead… 30 more words


👑 The Ice Queen. 👑

Hello, so this is going to be really short. Tried my hands at 100 words flash fiction again and this is actually less than! As always your comments are highly appreciated. 115 more words


Meine Muse

Als ich sie zum ersten Mal sah, wusste ich, dass sie nicht sie selbst war. Das Kleid und die hohen Schuhe, dieses geschminkte Gesicht. Sie fühlte sich wohl, das stand außer Frage, und doch war sie anders.Als sie den Raum verließ, folgte ich ihr nach draußen, wo sie sich eine Zigarette nahm und diese anzündete.Andere Raucher um uns herum nahmen nun ihr Handy aus den Taschen oder unterhielten sich miteinander. 105 more words