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Pressure Sell - Short Film

Insane LLama’s newest short film, titled Pressure Sell.

Movie Producer Trent Collins and his assistant Phil have a short amount of time to put a movie package together so the studio will green light it. 25 more words

Insane Llama

Sad Hand Job

You remind me of a sad hand job.

Not quite what I wanted,

Nor what I signed up for.

You hurt a bit.

And I know I could do better myself.

The Starrfish


Die Seegeborene

Eine Erzählung besagt, dass eine Seegeborene im Meer geboren wird und von den Wellen erzogen wird. Sie sind nicht gezwungen in der Gestalt des typischen Fischmenschen zu leben, sondern werden steht’s vom Land eingeladen auf dessen Erde zu laufen, um auch dort die unglaubliche Schönheit zu verteilen. 297 more words


The Door

At the back of the science building, at the end of a long and meandering hallway, beyond the last unused classroom on the right, there is a door. 874 more words


Milky Way

Chris walks back from the grocery store on Christmas Eve with a bag full of candy bars and coke. The local church is in the middle of a food drive, forcing him to wander through a horde of homeless beggars. 26 more words

Creative Writing

Last job

As the clock struck twelve
He got up
Took his weapon
To finish that
One last job


Medical Card - Short Film

Here’s a new short from Insane LLama. Simply titled “Medical Card”.

Two college friends living in Southern California go out to hopefully get their medical marijuana cards; which they expect will be an easy task. 40 more words

Insane Llama