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Gone are those memories

past’s just a photograph

half-forgotten places

soul cries but the body laughs.

Gone is the time

there’s nothing much you can do, just… 70 more words


My Love

Silent, shiny black she was
Edges sharp yet still perfectly curved
Face beautifully framed by the curved sharp edges
Her words pour out graciously
Her whispers, music to my ears… 76 more words



You had no idea how it’d feel.

I’ve made you mine so many times, taken control from you, accepting the responsibility for your will. I’ve had my hand around your neck, squeezing the air from you, denying you more as you come for me. 385 more words


The Internet. Part I

Social media is one hell of a drug, coming in more diverse forms than there are strains of sativa and the amount of platforms keep on growing faster than magic mushrooms. 660 more words



Again. We’re resting. No, I’m resting, you’re recovering.

You’re in my arms, your head on my chest. I’m gently tending to you, as you recover, letting you know I care for you, that you’re my world, lazily stroking your hair, telling you you’re a good girl. 460 more words



You strayed into my bar, looking for help. You’re lost, alone. You ask me at the bar for help, feeling vulnerable. I tell you not to worry, promise to show you where the phone is. 494 more words



As you lay naked on my bed, your body still coursing with the orgasm just passed, I ran my hands over your skin. Exploring your breasts, your waist, hips. 334 more words