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The face

It is said that beside the fear of death, the fear of losing one’s identity is the greatest of the rest. I have lost my face. 145 more words



Picker is in his eighties. He lives in a little town named “Black Town”. Every morning Picker wakes up, washes his neck, then takes a walk to the fountain at heart of the town. 16 more words


Seeing love for the first time

    It begins as simple eye contact, generating a feeling that sends you into a state of  submission and chest tightening nervousness; for within those precious seconds of contact, vast amounts of information is exchanged. 148 more words


I don't know you (or some random thoughts) [unedited][short]

Seriously I don’t know you, what are you doing here?

Hey, hey put the vase down. You might just break it.

Ok, ok, just put it down ok. 368 more words



We give him many names, Grim Reaper, Anubis, Shinigami, Yama, but we all know him as Death.

There are so many uncertainties in the universe. We don’t know if there will be another World War, when the next economic crisis will take place, or what the weather will be like. 90 more words


Poems under 50: Dealing with doubt

Got to make a post,

Can’t think of what to write,

Can’t even write,

How am I supposed make a new post every day!

This is madness! 24 more words