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Discarded retainer,

Its been a good six months Bessie.

Its not me… Its you.

Growing up without a mother.




That kitchen you always dreamed of

The three tiered mesh fruit basket in the centre, drawing energy

I am dipping my slightly charred pancakes into a tea I added too much sugar to… 71 more words


The Bubble Saga

I wanna try doing this prompt. Let’s give it a shot, okay?

I have always wanted to tell you how annoyed I was with you. 503 more words


Eliot and Pinkerton Live - Short Film

We got another short here to release.

Eliot and Pinkerton Live, watching ‘The Emotional Crime Stories of Mike Pinkerton’, with guest star Zach Williamson.

You may have heard of Eliot and Pinkerton if you follow all of our Youtube channels, this is their first time doing a live broadcast of the show they do. 24 more words

Insane Llama

Pressure Sell - Short Film

Insane LLama’s newest short film, titled Pressure Sell.

Movie Producer Trent Collins and his assistant Phil have a short amount of time to put a movie package together so the studio will green light it. 25 more words

Insane Llama

Sad Hand Job

You remind me of a sad hand job.

Not quite what I wanted,

Nor what I signed up for.

You hurt a bit.

And I know I could do better myself.


Die Seegeborene

Eine Erzählung besagt, dass eine Seegeborene im Meer geboren wird und von den Wellen erzogen wird. Sie sind nicht gezwungen in der Gestalt des typischen Fischmenschen zu leben, sondern werden steht’s vom Land eingeladen auf dessen Erde zu laufen, um auch dort die unglaubliche Schönheit zu verteilen. 297 more words