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He Won't Change His Mind

Do you know?

17 Every good gift bestowed, every perfect gift received comes to us from above, courtesy of the Father of lights. He is consistent. 

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Get to the Point!

In any kind of writing where the aim is to sell, it’s plain bad manners to make your reader wait for the pitch. If you can get to the point in the first sentence, so much the better. 243 more words

Get To The Point

Does Not Compute

I just finished watching

WarGames (I know, I know.  Sorry for being such a retro-active 80’s child) and I feel happy and also incredibly sad. 525 more words

Short And Sweet

Already Unselfish

Where does Selfishness

Come from?  What is it’s motivation?  We know the tools of it’s trade: greed, pride, hubris, anger, a number of others I can’t think of.  654 more words

Short And Sweet

Long Empty

What If

You died.  The presence you held in others lives was no longer necessary and you were removed of all obligations.  What if you still had your body, still ate, drank, slept, could touch, feel and think, but the only catches were that you were essentially mute and you could cause no physical harm. 753 more words

Short And Sweet