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"Killer" Carrot Cake And His Lighter, Sweeter Twin

This legendary recipe was first made by my Mom’s co-worker, who brought this amazing dessert for office potlucks. It is by far the most requested cake at family reunions, and that’s the ‘unbiased’ opinion of hundred’s of people I’m related to! 669 more words

Amy B. Gutierrez

Short And Sweet. Toffee Caramel Crunch Ice Cream Pie.

Here’s a pie to die for and that is no April Fool’s joke.

All you need is 5 minutes to make this fantastic make ahead dessert. 147 more words

Short And Sweet

The Mid-semester break is upon us! Finally!


Man o man does it feel like so long ago since the summer holidays. Assignments and tests piling up, not to mention all the readings and tute questions to catch up on… 167 more words

Short And Sweet


Sing me a lullaby

Sing me a song

Sing me O’ Siren

Sing me to my bed of rocks.



I do not write to pass my time,

I do not read to satisfy the idle mind.

It is a compulsion in my veins,

to hold the pen and let it all ink.


Nae bother

She isn’t worth a second glance,
A look, a laugh, a fleeting dance.

Life Is Strange: Episode 2

Plot thickens.

It was just very pleasant to launch Life Is Strange again. The ambience is exuding immediately from the main menu. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to write about the second episode in the series as it has just launched. 596 more words