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I don’t want to get too explicit on this beautiful blog of mine, however…

My friend just recently told me she’d slept with a man double and a half her age, now, I’m not into judgement… BUT I┬áhave given her the nickname of Dusty Dick. 12 more words


The Tribe

Director/Writer: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

Just hearing about it, The Tribe sounds like the epitome of pretentious arthouse film, or the antithesis of mainstream (not that these are bad things to be!). 844 more words


Short and Sweet (Updates)

I’m incredibly happy to say that my grandpa has made great progress! Yesterday and today, the physical therapists had him walk with the walker. They originally planned to have him just shift his weight from his left and right legs while standing, but he took it a step forward and began to walk. 180 more words


Short And Sweet. Microwave Toffee.

Since making toffee is usually a pretty precise undertaking, what with needing the sugar mixture to be a certain temperature in order to set up into a crisp candy, I was intrigued when I found this recipe to cook it in a microwave. 198 more words

Short And Sweet

Fashion faux pas

Just got a dirty look from someone wearing sandals with socks in the rain. #Ironic


A Sober Kebab

I just devoured my first sober Kebab. EVER.

In the past I’ve drunk a half-pint of tequila, sucked salt off of ample cleavage and then licked lime juice off a six-pac before eating a good ol’ kebab with no mess. 66 more words