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Rosalind Franklin

I hate to be the one to break this news to you Dr. Franklin, but your x-ray crystallography image of DNA played the biggest part in discovering the double-helix structure. 225 more words


For all out of Eternity.


She was terrified.
She wanted to love.
She was blissed out.
But she couldn’t ask for his love.

He was but an artist.
Evoking feelings that were hidden. 49 more words

Short And Sweet!

Short and Sweet, Part 2...Corona Heights

Next stop on the Short and Sweet series is Corona Heights (map). I actually did these walks on separate occasions but for the purpose of this post I am lumping them all together. 704 more words

CS 57.11


Is anyone watching this?

I am on episode 6 and am absolutely encaptured… By the characters, the historic references, the actors, the setting, the suspense, the mystery, the intrigue, the secrets, the brutality, the relationships, the hierarchy, the corruption and the attention to detail…. 227 more words

Inner Thoughts


Does a place where you belong define you ? Does its illuminations enlighten your thoughts , or its roads show you your destiny , or its developments motivate you , does its luring sights give you confidence ? 214 more words

Short And Sweet

State of the Garden 04/26/16

Apparently a weekly update was a bit ambitious of me. I’m doing my best…

We have our first sprouts!! Always nice to see those first little dots of green push through.. 171 more words


Short and Sweet, Part 1...Russian Hill

The next few posts will focus on walks that are shorter but have small parks or benches to sit and have a picnic. I parked on Filbert Street between Larkin and Polk and there were plenty of 2 hour spots ( 436 more words

CS 57.11