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Ponder the Promp

I have always had terrible nightmares. I don’t think that they are completely stress related because even when I’m jazzed about life, I still dream about god awful things. 468 more words


FaceTime is Hard to Understand

FaceTime is hard to understand. That being said, don’t let that scare you away from FaceTiming me. Seriously, please do it.

Or send mail!!! I’ll write back, I promise. 391 more words


La Boca Del Leon (Alfonso Garcia, 2013)

Let’s kick off our month of horror shorts with a genuinely scary film from Spain. Horror films have always been preoccupied with point of view, and so it’s been natural that the trope of the I-camera (those POV shots locked into the perspective of the monster or killer) has led the horror film, above all other genres, to embrace digital media and personal recording capabilities. 44 more words


13 Days of Halloween Cookies - Day 4

Today’s entry was a funny accident. Working on my cookies, I was using too large of a tip (Tip #3) for the fine detail that a Dios De Los Muertos cookie calls for. 103 more words

Short And Sweet

13 Days of Halloween Cookies - Day 1

This year I’m going to do something fun for Halloween and take a new design each day and post it. I’ve taken the traditional cut out cookie and am trying out some techniques to see what works and what doesn’t. 165 more words


Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

I was sitting by myself

in my backyard.

The thought of you

gently invaded my mind.

I got the feeling to do something nice for you… 264 more words


Can I touch them?

So this happened today…

I’m tending bar at a country music festival that’s here for the weekend.  We were told to wear all black.  My super low black tank top and a cowboy hat are on point. 281 more words