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Will there be dogs in heaven?

Will there be dogs in heaven?  That’s a million dollar question argued by many intellectuals.  If dogs have a spirit, which I believe they do, then that spirit will need a place to spend eternity.   41 more words



Read a lot about it…

Experienced some about it…

Gave it and got it too…

Friendships are pearls,

Hiding inside the oyster,

Finders keepers…


* Long Story, Short

Long Story, Short spells d-o-o-m for my bogging posts.  This is one area where blogging and reality coincide.  I have three versions of any story (or any… 174 more words

My Dear Widower

A Patient Elephant - Gem 2

I read an article the other day that compared our subconscious mind with an elephant. It went on to say that taming the elephant, is a long process, but not impossible. 51 more words



Some times it hurts..

Sometimes it hates..

Hates the inner you,

Hides the real you,

Finding it and getting it out..

That’s pure meditation,

Ego, 19 more words


Short And Sweet. Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake.

I made this Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake for my son’s 16th birthday last week. It was fun and delicious while being one of the easiest cakes out there. 345 more words




Always lingers around..

Waiting for the invite..

Won’t waste a minute

Holds you with love

Love, which is harder to get rid


The most disliked guest.. 8 more words