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What’s that? It’s just the sound of my heart shattering int tiny pieces after watching this short animation. I came across this video within hours of its upload on Youtube. 606 more words

NFB Hothouse Challenges Animators With 3 Month Apprenticeship

Are you a new and upcoming filmmaker who is passionate about animation? Are you up to the challenge of making an animated short that is only one minute long? 1,110 more words

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I finished my midterm output animatics for 2D Animation last week Wednesday so I decided to upload it on Youtube even though it’s just preliminary. It is the first time I used Adobe Flash so don’t expect my animatics to be smooth or perfect. 36 more words


Music Inspirations

We want our theme to be cute and romantic, and whats more romantic than the French? The Music from the little Prince is beautiful and we are inspired to create something like it for our animation. 38 more words

First Year

Final Animation Edit

So after taking the Feedback on board and editing our animation we are pleased to have completed our very first short “Falling For You”. I am so happy with what we have accomplished and how everything went so well in the making off it. 23 more words

First Year

Waddles Jump

Part of the feedback was making Waddles stay in the air a little bit longer. Conann had mentioned looney toons and we thought that Coyote and the Road runner was a good example of exaggerated falls. 85 more words

First Year

Flutters Twirl

Flutter, the girl bird was given a little more animation in edit. This was because we wanted to add a little character and more movement. Kristina and Rebecca worked on the twirl with Robert and myself giving suggestions. 265 more words

First Year