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Short Animation for the Junior Fans: P-X Minies in Halloween Tactics

The Project-X characters have been minified in this short animation published for the junior fans. Can you identify which characters are featured in this animation? 115 more words



Two weeks and we’re back with an updated version, which hasn’t been as simple as I may have thought to get to.

Firstly you can notice the lighting has changed, we added more lights to the scene as well as Michael sorted out Light-linking and attached a green one to each astronaut. 250 more words

Logo Design

Our story has evolved to include these two competing drinks companies which means we now need to create a brand/logo for each company which we hadn’t considered before. 322 more words

New Narratives

Madam Mo

Here is a video of some assets I animated for our project. It starts with the intro I was putting together for the presentation, a couple of sets of different arm movements we put on random robots in the crowd for the end scene when they cheer, followed by my attempt to animate Molly’s robots. 73 more words

Freshly Squeezed

This is our animation, it seems like it’s taken forever to get it to this point but here we are. The last few days have been fixing textures and rendering a re-rendering where problems have been spotted, we should have done a thorough check before rendering really. 363 more words


The final shot of our animation has a giant billboard that’s illuminated, I’m slightly excited about making this because I’ve really wanted to try making some Neon lights and this seems like the best opportunity to. 239 more words

Doing some Animating

These are the animations that I’ve done for our astronaut, the flag plant was the most fun and interesting one to do, as well as hard. 213 more words