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Project 01: Object - Word & Image

objective     As a introduction to this course, select an object and animate the object’s name (the typographic word) and an image of the object.

brainstorming… 63 more words

Graphic Design

Chuuya Kimono Gif

So, this is going to be a part of a series where I just draw some of the Bungou Stray Dog characters in Kimono’s and gif it. 30 more words

Digital Art

Animatic Preparation

Before beginning my animation I first had to create an animatic to show the keyframes and see how it flowed with each other and making sure that all the information is within the animation. 194 more words

Unit 3, Unit 12 And Unit 53 - 2D Animation

Short Animation

So, while I continue to procrastinate on my other projects I had decided to clean up this one piece I had from a while ago. It’s a short animation involving cubes, mainly an experiment for the project I am currently working on in the sidelines of my class. 164 more words

Komorebi Talks About Things

KLOMP! Animation

KLOMP! is a Dutch animation studio based in Rotterdam which specializes in traditional 2D animation.

These guys have been making fun animations for a long time, and their most recent short film is just great so I had to share it and some of their other wonderful work! 164 more words


"Up" (2009) vs. "Above Then Beyond" (2006): Simple Coincidence, Unmentioned Inspiration or Stolen Idea?

I will first introduce the two animations, then detail the similarities, and, finally, will argue that the French short animation “Above Then Beyond” (2006) and Pixar/Disney produced-animation “ 1,909 more words