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Sun rise Effect

The group thought it would be nice to have the intro scene open up with a sunrise. The sunrise symbolises the dawn of a new day and new life! 174 more words

Data & Visualisation

Background ideas

Today I tried making a quick draft of what our scene would look like. This is not the finalised design but I wanted to have a go at creating a set. 21 more words

Data & Visualisation

Tree Research

*Work on this blog more*

Playing on the theme that our animation would be set in Native America I decided to look into what tree species would inhabit it. 8 more words


Setting & Symbolism for animation

Our main vision for this animation was to have it set in a nest resting on the highest tree above the forest. This shot would be very impactful for the intro but I feel that it lacks something for the scene. 532 more words


Bird Animation

We are at the stage now with our animation that we want to be thinking about what colours to use. We talked about the idea of using blues and purples, something along the lines of what you’d expect in avatar. 197 more words


"Somnium" - short animation film

“Award-Winning 3D animated short called “Somnium” – Winner of the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards World Silver Award in 2014! It was created by the talented team of Gerard Seymour, Riann Sholtz, Pieter Louw, Eben De Waal, Jasmine Morvan, Greta Pepler while at The Animation School!” – I wont add more than that, don’t want to influence your thoughts about it but it’s good, trust me! 14 more words


32nd Imagine Film Festival screens Neck and Neck

Neck and Neck will make its Netherland Premiere at the 32nd Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. Imagine presents the best in fantasy, science fiction, horror, anime, martial arts and cult. 226 more words

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