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The Movement Into Freedom

There are only two types of movement that are possible, one is the type of movement that we hanging on to, and the other is the type that we are letting go of… 3,175 more words

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Swipe left or Swipe right? 'Dating' in today's era.

Part 1..

My short lived experience in online dating via these so called dating apps which are in reality just hook up apps, which claim to have filtered the lot and have the cream of well-groomed and sophisticated guys as their members is as follows. 2,147 more words

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How can you “manage your expectations” while “making stunts” yet “taking calculated risks”?!

They teach you each concept separately… But no one told you how to do all three together… 67 more words

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She asked me how was I such a good liar,

Unknowing that I was a writer.

Lying was what I did to please my soul. It was a part of my day to day job. 48 more words


The Self Always Lives In A Null World

The self can never be separated from its own antithesis, its own personalised ‘Worst Case Scenario’. This is because the self is a ‘definite statement’ … 2,785 more words

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Misrepresenting Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been fairly effectively misrepresented in Western culture. We tend to see it as a type of ‘all-purpose performance enhancer’, something that can improve our everyday functioning, something that can reduce stress and anxiety and make us happier as a result. 1,270 more words

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Pragmatic Realities Are Not Real

Everything comes down to ‘this trick that is being played on us’ – the ‘archetypal trick’ where open-ended reality is replaced with a ‘closed’ or ‘deterministic’ version. 1,550 more words

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