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The Short Bus

I rode the short bus when I was little. I did not live in the yellow house, however I am descended from the yellow dots. The first day I rode the short bus, I jumped off it. 364 more words


George Senda to Star in 2016 Animated Feature Film With Kate Upton and Homer Simpson.

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Charter School, or Not.

Today was my first meeting back with the parent group who the child psychologist had asked to begin a charter school.
She had planned on us having a speaker from a charter school on the same concept about an hour away, but as that did not work out, she asked us to talk about the charter school concept among ourselves instead. 195 more words

Someday, you'll appreciate that short yellow bus

The short yellow school bus pulls up to the curb.

“Mommy, I don’t want to go.”

My 4-year-old had the morning jitters – and conveniently had every teenage excuse already in her arsenal. 313 more words


When your preschooler goes to college

After 15 years in the professional world, I left to go back to college.

Not as a student; but as a mentor.

I took my 4-year-old daughter along for the ride – literally. 110 more words


#TheShortBus Submissions

#TheShortBus flashblog is dedicated to all children who have been teased┬ábecause of the small yellow bus they took to and from school. It is also dedicated to their parents and siblings, and any children who were called “shortbussed” due to a word they misspelled or a certain behavior that appeared “different” to their peers. 183 more words

Silly Wabbit

I said baaayba
How YOU is doing today
Can’t you see I luuuvs you in a special way
On my little short bus my heads knoddin for your love… 143 more words