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Moonrise CH1 - Stayin' Alive

Joaquin stared at himself in Frank Massey’s bathroom mirror. He had unscrewed the piercing from his eyebrow and placed it on the sink. His short-cropped hair that he had grown back on Massey’s recommendation glistened still wet from the shower. 1,016 more words


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Check out the first chapter to the superhero series Moonrise, myself and Mark Gardner are writing and will be posting every other week!

Moonrise - Introduction

Hey, Sixteen Sunsets fans! The sequel to Sixteen Sunsets is now official. Cindy Vaskova, who came up with the Andy Kitz character from Sixteen Sunsets… 151 more words


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The Crown of the Flaming Colossus

They parked the Rover on the overgrown driveway of their old family house. Jordan slid off the leather front seat. She stretched from the ride waiting for Bruce to climb out. 449 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Bus Rider

At the age of 17, I ran naked through an empty baseball diamond with a Dark Eyes vodka-soaked tampon up my ass and two morphine sulfate pills in my blood. 764 more words

Flash Fiction

Swiss six word stories

He looked at her, and Gotthard.

For those of you with dirty minds, I was writing about a man and his wife on holiday, just before passing over the St. Gotthard Pass.  :)


Baby I Call Hell

“Babe, could you please check outside?”

Beck sighed as he picked up the two cups of tea and carried them back to the small table in front of the couch. 914 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Christmas at Granny Rose

Patrick Flincher was a miserable man as two prior Christmas days he’d seen awful things – first there was a daddy longlegs living underneath the stairs in the old house, who’d eaten Santa. 1,405 more words

Short Fiction Stories