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Swiss six word stories

He looked at her, and Gotthard.

For those of you with dirty minds, I was writing about a man and his wife on holiday, just before passing over the St. Gotthard Pass.  :)


Baby I Call Hell

“Babe, could you please check outside?”

Beck sighed as he picked up the two cups of tea and carried them back to the small table in front of the couch. 914 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Christmas at Granny Rose

Patrick Flincher was a miserable man as two prior Christmas days he’d seen awful things – first there was a daddy longlegs living underneath the stairs in the old house, who’d eaten Santa. 1,405 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Picture Imperfect

Nothing has happened on the Beginnings Project in a little while. “Warmache,” the previous chapter 12 shifted the genre from magical realism to fantasy. 5,031 more words


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Spotlight on Bulgaria: Cindy Vaskova

Continuing our series of interviews with writers from across our global community, today it’s a tremendous pleasure to re-introduce you to Cindy Vaskova (@Raptamei… 5,243 more words


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The wonderful person behind Flash!Friday did a Spotlight interview with me for a series of interviews introducing writers from all around the world to the writing community!

No going back

‘So, who do you write like?’


‘Bukowski? You write like Bukowski? Ha!’

‘No, I drink like Bukowski.’

‘That’s why I’m here. So who do you write like?’ 447 more words


Death at the Alabaster

In the year of Our Lord 1985

Dorley, MA

Hotel “Alabaster”

“I keep seeing them, down at the beach. They’re just there, staring into the ocean like they’re looking for something. 769 more words

Short Fiction Stories