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Life is a dream

Where…where’s the dawn?

I’m not afraid. But why am I alone?

They’ve tied me to the bed again.  A bed of steel in the crops, with no room, with no walls. 235 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Individual worlds

The jump flung Frederick hard on his back. He laid on the wet ground and listened to a cacophony of sounds. When they settled and he could identify each noise for what it actually was, Frederick stumbled to his feet. 828 more words

Short Fiction Stories

The Intrepid Flamingo: Tuesday, August 11th

Through the heart of a South African Jungle runs a mighty river, the likes of which you and I can hardly imagine.

Two million fresh gallons of rainwater fell down from heaven and across the land, just the day before. 500 more words

Daily Journal


Today I found a crack on the spare bedroom ceiling. The neighbors in the apartment above me weren’t there and I tried to remember the last time I spoke to them. 686 more words

Short Fiction Stories

99-word fiction - The face

She lay on the bed and he kissed her again.  She was beautiful.  Her face, that face, as smooth as morning ice, her complexion airbrush perfect and those eyes, deep and black as mineshafts, stalked him around the room. 61 more words



Once upon a time, there was a little galaxy, called the Milky Way.

Within this galaxy was a solar system. Within that solar system was a planet, called Earth. 61 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Summer of 83’

Summer of 83’ and some pals and I stole a car, an overseas foreign beauty that weren’t common for our Louisianian streets or cities. We drove it, and my heart was just about full of adrenaline, cause’ I was littlest of the four of us and had never done none further than trash a window with a baseball and weasel one peek under some girls’ skirts. 620 more words

Short Fiction Stories