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Carol of the Christmas Ball

They said you shouldn’t stare into the reflection in the red ornament, the glossy surface dimming the room lights but amplifying the image, the mouth-gaping silhouette. 873 more words

Short Fiction Stories

The Witch's House

Tender steps. Hand loosely than harshly grasping the rail. Splinters entering the softness of the cold palms. Cold with sweat. Cold with the stickiness so common in fear. 556 more words

Short Fiction Stories

My Instagram Crush

My Instagram Crush…


So, Friday night I convinced my friend to go to a house party with me; convince is a strong word for her though, she’s always ready to ride.  1,847 more words

The Game Of Shadows


Maria slowly drew liquid into her mouth from the straw inserted inside the coca-cola bottle. She was seated outside a bench in the court house, wrapped in a shawl because it was slightly cold. 2,380 more words