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Monday's Finish the Story: The Queen

Note: This is 100% fiction!

Few knows about the castle hidden inside the island but I’ll bet that no one knows that the castle isn’t even on the island 173 more words


Colin Barrett's Young Skins: "Bait"

“Bait” closely resembles “The Clancy Kid” in that it is another story about the gender dynamics of Barrett’s fictional Irish town. In Glanbeigh, the young women are fierce and exotic creatures while the young men are so devoid of agency that they seem as though they could turn into furniture at any moment. 1,823 more words


James Holden: Some thoughts on the 2015 National Short Story Award

Like last year, I thought I’d post my thoughts about the BBC’s Short Story of the Year competition. If you’re not familiar with it, this award is open stories that have previously been published or authors who have a track record of publication. 794 more words


The Storyteller by Louis Hunter

Atop a hill in the moors sits an old man, wrapped in his beloved waterproof. It’s red with black buttons, and only some of them are missing. 1,396 more words

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Crossing at Slaughter's Runnel

“I cannot, I will not!” She gaped at the rippling water below.

I’m at the end of the family que but can feel Mom’s anxiety, even horror. 3,288 more words


I moved into my new flat this past weekend, Sunday was taken up with watching the new episode of Doctor Who, and Monday necessitated a great deal of unpacking in addition to job prep for my last day of teacher training (for today), so when I suddenly realized at about 1930 on Monday night that I had to write a post, I was somewhat flummoxed. 1,234 more words