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The Incalculable Loss

Zhukov sprinted through the crowds of Red Square. In the shadow of St. Basil’s Cathedral, he nearly caught the American spy. Just as he reached out, he tripped over an Englishman’s umbrella. 161 more words

Short Fiction

The Wonders of the Universe Dream

My life is just one big game. No, literally. Or at least it was in this dream. I was on a team with the cast of Community, exploring a submerged and ruinous world in our little jet-ski-motorboat hybrid. 1,034 more words

Creative Writing

M B Blissett: Weekend Omnibus.

Here are links to the things I’ve posted recently. Kind of an omnibus edition for the more recent visitors here.  I hope you find something to enjoy. 155 more words

Despair is an ice cream scoop: a poem

scooping out my innards
into colorful
Easy to Digest

Go ahead. Keep going.
I’m tied down tight.
My fight is gone,
trickling away like piss. 115 more words


Planning a Short Story Collection

My short story collection manuscript about a cursed family on Long Island has been shelved for awhile. Before editing the final stories I want to distance myself from it. 885 more words


Flash Fiction: Homecoming

The rising sun backlit the bed in which Jason held Carla. They breathed air of just-finished passion. Both their faces radiated. Jason stared at his lover and said, “I love you.” Carla, pushed him away. 182 more words