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Goodness, Innocence, Purity, Clean

Cold, Facade 255 more words


Books That You Need to Read Once in Your Lifetime (part 1)

I’m still working on my list, but hey I get it. You are searching for something that is meaningful but perhaps short enough, so you don’t get bored of reading. 516 more words

All Time

Metamorphosis, Another Wanderer, The Implications of Tragedy, and The Return of Light


Blaring aural projections
Render the ripple-less sea
Into a marionette
Its form twists and turns
At the noise’s transient demands
Making it look as one of God’s reject creations… 143 more words


325. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, July 22nd, 8:00pm
Edward and Lily

Edward: What did you do with the crazy one?

Lily: Her name is Andrea, and I didn’t do anything with her. 165 more words


Apostle Paul / a story by Tom Evans

Everyone knew who Paul Brennan was, though I doubt anyone ever really knew him. Among other things, he was one of the Omegas, a quasi-high school fraternity who did nothing more than cause mayhem as far as I could tell that had morphed into a motorcycle gang after “graduation,” which most of them never did. 2,583 more words

Contemporary Fiction

(Finding the Point

Citizens of Lambchester, cast your minds back.

No, we don’t mean for you to return your trophies from the Sentient Brain Fishing Tournament of 2007 but try to remember the conversations you were having last Tuesday. 521 more words

Lambchester Bulletins

The First Woman President of the United States

“You see, Hillary? It worked this time.”

“It should have worked last time, George. Then, I’d have been re-elected by now and have had a second term in the White House.” 652 more words

Short Story