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Around the Internet: July 2015

Not much here, because I got back mid-July and slept for a week, or maybe a little more. Let’s just say that if something happened between April and now, I probably missed it. 138 more words

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My Pretty Pony review

My Pretty Pony by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every so often Stephen King will produce a short story that is not… 362 more words

Stephen King

On Writing 'Fireball'

Susan Maier-Moul

My work pretty much always begins with material substances. I loved it when I read Martin Puryear’s description of having a sapling and wanting to do the right thing with it. 506 more words

Short Fiction

Ends Unraveled (Between Breath & Suffocation Sec. 12)

“Thank you, Dr. Davenport,” I said as John, Rachel, and I left the office with a box of my mother’s belongings. “Thank you so much.” 1,585 more words


Magnetic Moment

I have a legendarily poor sense of direction. Get lost in my own room if there weren’t signs posted. Hope I got stuff right.

All at once, a lot of people fell over. 1,136 more words

Short Fiction

Biting the Bullet Part VI

“FOLKS, WE HAVE A WINNER!” the announcer shouted with glee

The Helix staircase Magically descended down into the sand until Aleksis was no longer standing in the clouds but on the sand in the middle of the Arena. 880 more words

Original Work

The Punisher: The End review

The Punisher: The End by Garth Ennis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Part of me wishes that the “The End” series of Marvel Comics fit into some sort of interconnected series of events the way that regular Marvel Comics do, but instead they seem to be completely divorced from one another. 556 more words