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Legal Theft: Pests and Proof

They claimed rats, she didn’t believe it for a moment.

Kira eyed the security camera tucked into the corner of the sterile walls. Its light didn’t blink at her, and the lens didn’t track as she tested it, swaying side to side. 420 more words


Rally Point, Volume II

They marched back to camp at dusk and lit the fire. The dingy girl with the stereo played the bugle once again While Max and Pete lowered the flag. 4,339 more words

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Handsome James

(Continued from Lucky James-Mrs. Fortescue)

“Here we are” said Fat Red pulling up in front of Finnegan’s Wake, a place so far off the beaten track across the lake that it had no know reputation back in town. 1,585 more words


The Blue Room

Adriano Cecioni, “Interior with a Figure,” , via Wikimedia Commons

“I’ve put you in the blue room,” the landlady of the respectable seaside boarding house had said. 382 more words

Jane Dougherty Writes

Driven Angry

I open my eyes. Outside the car, rain falls in heavy sheets. I can tell I wasn’t out long, because we seem to be driving through the same stretch of baron highway. 998 more words

Flash Fiction

The Ticking of Life

He stared at the ancient clock for a few seconds. She had inherited it from her grandfather when she was only a child, passing through the generations for even longer than he could remember. 187 more words


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The clock is running down as humanity struggles to find a new home; they’ve opened a gate into the unknown, but need evidence that their new world is on the other side before they go through.

446 more words