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First Novel!

Here’s the promised excerpt from the first novel I actually wrote to completion of the first rough draft. It is indeed rough, but I still want to share a passage I really like from it.  1,344 more words


"I got my new hair" by Julia at Grange Park

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
5 minutes
Overheard at grange park

Well Lacey left the bottle of Carnivore at my house and she knew I would be helpless against it so now I blame her for everything that happened after she left me alone with it. 163 more words

Short Story

100 Writing Prompts Challenge -- Day Forty-Nine: Dice

Dice Game

“Step right up! Have a roll of the dice!” the conman said as he stood on the street corner waving his hands at the passersby. 184 more words


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Annabelle

She stood at the edge of the pond. It was bigger in her time and not as nice. The centerpiece was added in the recent decades but what they’re forgetting was that this pond was once the spot where witches were placed on trial. 195 more words


The Experiment - Mega Short Story Challenge

The Experiment

Simon and Nick strolled along the shore until they found a little shorebird poking around the rocks. Soon, they found the bird’s nest. They took a single egg back to Simon’s lab. 233 more words

Short Fiction

The Pros and Cons of Living – Alone

July 22

I wore the sun
Over my head;
a paper bag of shame.

July 23
My brain was a trinket
that was collecting dust… 156 more words


Oh Brother - Gargleblaster Microstories #220

“I’m in here!” said Brian. He poked his head out the bedroom door.

“Are you with…”

“Dude, your roommate Christi is hot! Hope you don’t mind I’m fu…” 16 more words

Short Fiction