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A shower

She excused herself and jumped in the shower. She always did that when she was upset.

Steam started to fill the tiny bathroom enough so faces became indistinguishable and light was faded. 400 more words


Sarcasm Font

“There needs to be a sarcasm font,” Ross finally announced. He’d been standing over Horatio, waiting for him to stop working, but grew impatient.

Horatio looked up from his computer screen. 151 more words


Eccentric Peace of Mind

Dr. Tristan Shadow took the second path and emerged at a pair of benches facing the lake. The fat envelope in his gloved hand wouldn’t deliver itself to the Department of Medicine but he needed to sit. 349 more words

The Chasm

Her mind elsewhere, she sat by the window, a wisp of hair falling in her eyes, her long eyelashes silhouetted against the shadow of her profile. 170 more words


Short Fiction Tips from Kurt Vonnegut

Kenneth “Ken” Randall, former dean of the University of Alabama School of Law, serves iLaw and iLawGlobal in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as president and chief executive officer. 201 more words

Kenneth Randall

The Tour Guide's Words

“This is where he just walked away?” A voice in the tour group asked.

“That’s what brings us here, yes.  Eto Dim, real name Scott Hiestein.   635 more words


The Ludicrous Letting Dream

Moving house is never fun. There’s the packing, the sorting, the endless application forms and fees. But when you’re all sorted and the ordeal is over it’s usually worth it. 698 more words

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