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FICTION: The Town of Birds and Pebbles by Simon John Cox

The trees were no more than cracks against the sky when she came.

Her cloak of crow feathers glinted darkly in the low autumn sun, and it sighed about her as she walked. 1,509 more words

Remember the Dragons

Great wings, black as night, spread out across the sky, so vast that nothing could be seen through them, not even a shaft of starlight. Claws dug deep crevices in the dry earth and whole forests burnt, leaves glowing red and sun-bright, trees turning to ash, blown away on the breeze. 163 more words

Creative Writing

Power of rainĀ 

Rain drops
Onto this dark head

Soak into
This thirsty soul

To be fed

No more lies
She whispers
So soft

Here with the rain… 39 more words


The Sleepwalk

Marjorie bought the wooden dragon at a flea market. Her son, Avery had been plagued with nightmares and he occasionally sleepwalked. As she tucked in the 8-year old, Avery gazed at the dragon with trepidation, “Aren’t dragons monsters?” he said. 181 more words

Short Fiction

The Key

The first thing she ever said to me was a lie. Lying was her oxygen. It’s how she survived every day. It’s how she took breath and ate her food and walked down the street and drove her car. 272 more words

The Firefighter

The lull between lunch and dinner was always the most productive part of his day. In Spain, most people would be taking their afternoon siesta around this time, but even when he used to live there, he preferred to get his work done while others relaxed. 2,097 more words

Short Fiction