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a mouse in the garden

The Pink House, William Degouve de Nuncques

After much rumination and aggravation, last Thursday I finally let go of that awful job that exhausted me no end. 196 more words


Next Stop: Easy Street

“Well, this is where I get off, Baby Blue.  I got a cozy little spread about a dozen miles out-of-town.”

“This don’t look like no town to me, Buzz.   629 more words



April Fools Day!

At one time I was the absolute queen of April First. Anyway, no outlandish jokes for you today – just a story. You might have seen this one before but here it is again (no fooling.) 720 more words


Taking Your Chances

by Dan Melvin

In the betting-shop Charlie reads the headline on the front page: RBS Reports Record Loss. He ignores the article and turns to the racing pages, reaches inside his jacket pocket for the cigarettes he promised Lizzie he’d given up smoking and considers stepping outside.

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Short Fiction

The Pitch

by Adam Stones

The two explosively awesome advertising executives appeared in the boardroom like the latest cybertrend. Jared rode his thick round glasses up his nose.

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Short Fiction

Bitter Sweet

John Pilling

Carrying his breakfast cup of tea, Clarence Evans moved to the window of his upstairs council flat and stared gloomily out onto the wet streets.

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Short Fiction

Father’s Guts

by Martin Bolton

Whenever I sense the pungent odour of human excrement, I am whisked back to my childhood, and the powerful, inescapable reek of old man Reginald’s prevailing bum wind that hung about our farm like ghostly faecal gossamer.

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Short Fiction