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Sibling Warfare

We never said good-bye that last time. Your sword fell into the bloody mud and then your hand was reaching out. I saw it fall in slow motion but I couldn’t see your eyes. 88 more words


Seeking the Cowboys

“All the cowboys went to that big ranch in the sky,” sighed Slim.

“Died out?” murmured Annie. “I wanted to meet men who brave the wild spaces alone.” 15 more words

Short Fiction

Picture it and Write: Anna

“Oh, hurry up, won’t you?” Jean hissed.

“I’m doing the best I can,” Miles replied, irritated.  514 more words


A Window

Kaia had spent her whole life under a thatched roof in a town barely worthy of being called such. Her community was more a collection of homes surrounded by endless fields of corn and barley.   712 more words


Thanksgiving in D.C.

“Oh and seven!”

Uncle Ben rocks off the couch to his feet. Pants unbuckled, hanging past his hips. He slaps the blue star on my chest. 17 more words

Short Fiction

Rafael Learns the Family History

“There’s the way Abuelo tells the story, and then there’s what really happened.  Rafael, you must not listen to your grandfather’s version of how the family came to where we are now.   778 more words


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Cranky Lizzy

Lizzy was cranky and when she’s cranky, everyone around her is miserable. To prevent that, everyone in her family took turns to cheer her up. This week, it was her brother, Cody’s turn. 181 more words