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Love Nudge Competition. Saturday: Ennui

Day Six of the Love Nudge Competition and what a sorry sight our lovers are. If, indeed, they are lovers anymore.

He picks his toenails in front of the news. 86 more words

Jackero and the Mule


Been watching the Dollar Trilogy and listening to its music on repeat.

Wa wa waaaa

The sparse plaza was circled by a few squat white-washed buildings, Jackero, and the Mule. 144 more words

The Gate

He remembered every word she had said as if it were yesterday.  He remembered her young, perfect skin, soft under his gentle caresses, and he remembered the well earned lines on her old face.  338 more words


The Vase

Photo prompt by http://publicdomainarchive.com/public-domain-images-black-lab-puppy-on-rustic-wood-background/.

“For the thousandth time, I promise, it wasn’t me,” her sixteen-year-old daughter said exasperated.

“Fine,” she spat out the word. “Fine. 256 more words


Writing for Free vs Writing for Money

This has been something on my mind lately. For two reasons – firstly, I’ve had something accepted by a professional SFF mag this week, at professional rates. 506 more words

Scars of Hope: A Beginning

I thought I would try something different today, just to change things.  Last may, I started writing a short story. Like so many of my projects, it fell by the wayside. 404 more words


Tales from the Café: Page Cannot Load

A/N: Incredibly fitting for the moment, as the past few days before I write this have been rife with Internet problems at home…

Date: Wednesday, 12:38 pm… 712 more words