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Jerri's Decision

It all depends on how you look at it. Jerri’s decision to take the job in a state she never had seen before; in a city she knew nothing about, could be considered reckless. 544 more words


Of the Sword Blade in the Sun - Jonathan O'Farrell

Of the Sword Blade in the Sun – Jonathan O’Farrell

Some unstoppable truths.

A sword blade has two sides.

The craft of sword making is an old one. 286 more words


The Mouth in the Chanel: Chapter 20, FINAL CHAPTER!

Chapter 20

“There has never been a more beautiful bride.”

“You look absolutely stunning your highness.”

Rose smiled gratefully at her attendants as the primped and prodded her oversized squirt until it fell just right. 214 more words


Review of Infinity Wars for Tangent

Review of Infinity Wars, edited by Jonathan Strahan


  • “In Everlasting Wisdom” by Aliette de Bodard (SF short story *)
  • “Command and Control” by David D.
  • 25 more words

Part Eight: The Entrace

The Entrance

You walk up the cracked concrete steps towards the imposing, ink stained door. Unlike before, the tabby is close at your side, his tangerine fur grazing your jeans. 447 more words

Creative Writing

The Flood - Part 19

I’m flat on my back. There’s a trickle of warmth on my left temple, and a hint of copper on the air. The girls are screaming, but it sounds like they’re at the far end of a tunnel. 238 more words



“So a guard, a tinker and a Lord walk into an inn…””For God’s sake Bron! I’ve heard that ruddy joke four times in the past week. 412 more words