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You are boss and I am bossete

I cut my nails every Fridays.’ Surbhi said to her husband Anshul as she stared at his back, he was brushing his teeth in preparation to come to bed, he paused when she said that, he would have turned to look at her but he saw approaching from the mirror that hung over the hand wash basin. 953 more words

Short Fiction

Remixt Publication: Behind the Scenes

“Tucked In the Folds of Our Eyes” is my attempt at combining the diaspora narrative and Vietnam’s creation myth at under 500 words. It’s a story that went through a very interesting editing process. 1,280 more words

Short Fiction

Festival of Golems, Page 4

My assaults on the Land of Nod were largely failures, though a beachhead was made.

But by sunup I was wrestling with the Breakwaters of Possibility, wrangling a thousand adventures yet unknown into their orderly sagas. 97 more words

Short Fiction

Picking Up the Pieces

At the hands of Cedric the Bull, a hundred yellow heads rolled from the grey two-by-four of the executioner’s slab. When the valiant knights of the Yellow Castle climbed the high walls of his fortress, they found them lying in a pit ten bricks deep, all jumbled together. 32 more words

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FICTION FRIDAY: Thimbleful - Peace and Quiet

I have no idea how close to the word count I am. *checks* Okay I’m like 150 or so over. So sue me. ;) I wasn’t sure what to do with this one, but it ended up being some foreshadowing (and some future peeks of what’s to come) in the Karantiri world. 599 more words


 Derelict by Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

I crested a small ridge and the countryside became familiar.  It wasn’t anything that could be seen, not any feature or landmark, it had to do with the scent of the air, the feel under my feet and the quality of the sunlight.  206 more words

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Legal Theft: Morning After

He laughed around the panic clogging his throat, but his gun never wavered from its target.  Daniel stepped forward, the muzzle of the gun leading as he struggled to choke out coherent words. 570 more words