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6 Word Story: 3/23

Look at everything that has been discovered and then destroyed. What if there was a new world and we happen upon it only to receive a warning? 10 more words

Short Stories -- Through Prompts

Three Line Tales : Buried in the snow

photo by Sam Carter via Unsplash

Doug climbs onto the stile, sits on the limestone step. Beneath him the rock is as cold as the ice capping the water butts in the farmyard, as if it’s grown brittle in the frost and might shatter under his weight. 119 more words

FICTION: Sophie Luvs Jimmy by Jonathan Last

I hold my pass up to the windscreen and when the man in the hi-vis jacket squints at it I think he’s going to turn me away, tell me that I shouldn’t be here and I shouldn’t be doing this. 2,487 more words


A Huevo

Only a fool would choose the desert entrance to Real de Catorce, when they could take the 2-kilometer long wormhole through the bedrock instead. I’m talking about the one-lane tunnel that was unlit on a recent weekday, when even cell phones weren’t working. 1,161 more words

~ New Stories Of Mexico And Elsewhere

FLASH FICTION: The Sweet Stripener

The children don’t understand. What they live and scream for is not squeezed from the machine with stripes intact. No—they must be painted on, by hand, with so much care. 335 more words

Lipstick Hearts

He’s got his hands down my pants in the chip isle. I just wanted potato chips and dip but he wants more. And he’s the only one with the digits to spin me up that way in public. 269 more words

Creative Writing

Episode 29 - Love Is Violence

(I took another look at it, and seeing as you’re a small and forgiving readership, you deserved something better. Thank you and I hope you are enjoying the series.) 1,456 more words