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Vegedated short film nominations

Late last year, we worked on a short film called Vegedated – a short film exploring the mild neurosis of a woman who creates a parallel world in which men are food, emotionally uninvested yet somewhat appealing. 194 more words


Short Film Pitch: Surrender or Fight? by Yves Bryant

Title: Surrender or Fight?

Written by: Yves Bryant

Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: A single mothers world is shaken when she learns that she may have to literally lay down her life to keep her children safe. 87 more words


Short Film Pitch: Abijah's Fairy Tale by Barbara Bullen

Title: Abijah’s Fairy Tale

Written by: Barbara Bullen

Type: Short Film

Genre: Family, Drama

Logline: Abijah, a young South African girl is chosen by the Gods as Queen Enchantress of Africa to remedy the past racial injustices of her people.

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LOST YOUTH | Short Film | 1st AC

Went all the way to Tokyo earlier this year to assist Rina Yang on Taichi Kimura’s masterpiece, which just won 2 awards @ L.A. Shorts including PLATINUM for cinematography 💪 9 more words

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Writing Festival Presents: 1pg. Screenplay & 1pg. Short Story Contest. Guarantee Winners!

Wanted to offer you a chance to submit either a 1 page screenplay, and/or a 1 page short story to the festival. As long as there is a beginning/middle/end, there is a 100% chance that we’ll have it performed at our festival using our rotation of professional actors. 99 more words


Enemy Short Film by Diego Vincentini

This was a vary interesting short film that I enjoyed it was basically self vs self.


Guest Post: Toronto Youth Shorts Invests In Next Generation Film Talent

Getting a career off the ground can be daunting for some, especially if you are young and new to your chosen path. For young up-and-coming filmmakers, getting noticed by the public and the filmmaking community can seem especially challenging. 536 more words

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