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Futuristic Abortions? Short Film Double feature

So for this weeks short films I found a couple of good short films that I think everyone should watch if you got the time. The first one, “Unwind” is based on a novel, and also shows how future “abortions” may go about…well at least in that time lines scenario.

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Short Film

The Present -- Short Film

We have cute short film to share with you this first week in February. The Present is a touching story about an angry boy whose mother buys him an (initially unwanted) present. 183 more words


"Lalin"|Short Film

“Lalin” is a foreign short film that I cam across that had me engaged from start to finish. Pretty good story that shows the superficial nature of ours society in a believable manner with good cinematography to boot.

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Short Film

Real Gone |Short Film

A risky topic that I believe is subtly well done, “Real Gone” is about a guy who can’t just seem to..well die. Great cinematography with an even greater emphasis on the sound (like seriously, whoever is up there in the sound department for this short film should get a raise).

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I’m surprised this isn’t a movie already! Mech:Human Trials is a short film with a great plot that was edited like a feature film with crisp visuals and awesome soundtrack and effects.

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Happy 60th anniversary to one of the best cartoon shorts ever made — One Froggy Evening. Written by Michael Maltese and directed by Chuck Jones,  117 more words