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Your Guide to Easter Horror Short Films!

Easter is winding down quickly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the direction of a few cool Easter short horror films. Some are better than others, but all prove entertaining. 88 more words

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This was a pretty cool short film made a kid and his friend. The shots were really good and told the story without the words. If you watch the story or film without sound you can still tell whats happening in the story. Enjoy.

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Indie Horror: "3 Dead Girls!" (2007)

3 DEAD GIRLS! (2007) is a compilation of three horror shorts that were written and directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone of Black Cab Productions between 1999 and 2004. 1,394 more words


The ABCs of Death 2 Review - Another 26 of Them!

If there’s an ABCs of Death movie you can be damn sure I’m going to review the living shit out of it, and by review the living shit out of it of course I mean I’m going to strap myself to a chair with my laptop, a thesaurus, and a box full of crackers in order to dish out a review for each of the 26 featured shorts, … 1,076 more words


Interview with Martin Rosete, Winning Short Filmmaker (Voice Over)

I remember that the feedback was great. Most of the people liked it, so I am glad you screened it at your festival.

– Martin Rosete, on the WILDsound experience when his film played at the festival in 2013. 382 more words


The Date directed Ed Rigg

This was a great video about a Magician that goes on a date. I watched it and thought the ending was funny. Enjoy. Check it out.

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