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SHORT FILM REVIEW: The Temptation Game (2015)

2015, Sibay Films

Charline Odiot
Michael Sibay
Charline Odiot
Michael Sibay
Donald MacKinnon
Sherwood Jones… 310 more words

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Short Film Pitch: LATE NIGHT by Deepa Dharmaraj



Written by: Deepa Dharmaraj

Type: Short Film

Genre: Thriller

Logline: In a late night, a lady walks alone in lonely street.Suddenly a guy comes and stands in front of her.She screams as soon seeing that guy who is affected with autism whose hands are flapping, head is rolling. 166 more words

Short Film

Watch MONTH TO MONTH Short film (played at June 2016 festival)

One of the more interesting and polarizing short films that played at the festival this year is now online for the world to see. Hope you enjoy it. 142 more words


Short Film Pitch: Surrender or Fight? by Yves Bryant

Title: Surrender or Fight?

Written by: Yves Bryant

Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: A single mothers world is shaken when she learns that she may have to literally lay down her life to keep her children safe. 87 more words


Short Film Pitch: Abijah's Fairy Tale by Barbara Bullen

Title: Abijah’s Fairy Tale

Written by: Barbara Bullen

Type: Short Film

Genre: Family, Drama

Logline: Abijah, a young South African girl is chosen by the Gods as Queen Enchantress of Africa to remedy the past racial injustices of her people.

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Deadline August 20th - SHORT SCRIPT CONTEST

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