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Terrifying Short? We've Got You Covered with 'Bedfellows'

We’re not even going to hype this one up. It may be extremely brief, but trust us when we tell you it’s creepy as all hell, it’s very well-shot and you’re going to absolutely dig it. 21 more words


Commercial Meets Creative

Our latest film The Boy and The Boat is a narrative short about loss and its impact on the family. As a creative production company, we produce narrative films alongside our commercial work. 17 more words


Henry's Premiere

Another teaser from Oculus Story Studio’s upcoming virtual reality short film, Henry. Don’t miss our previous coverage from June.

Trailers & Previews

Taken From Silence by @takenfrsilence

As I have often said.  I haven’t seen that many short films but do need to watch more short films. There you go I have said short films twice (3 now) and if I say it four times more it will be classed as feature length. 471 more words

Short Films

Broadcast Your Short Movies In Our Online Film Festival Site, Earn Recognition And Be Rewarded

Your creativity has no boundaries and it deserves to be discovered and rewarded. Flix Revolution is the leader in broadcasting your short films to a wide audience helping you get attention to your work. 127 more words

Sujoy Ghosh has done it again. This kahaani is again too good....

Sometimes you come across an extraordinary work of creativity which leaves you in a lurch for more. Even when it is done, you crave for more. 115 more words