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Catching Up (Spike Wright, 2015)

Catching Up from Spike Wright on Vimeo.

Spike Wright’s latest short film “Catching Up” is a great example of how to get creative with the short medium. 137 more words

British Cinema

RIP Chantal Akerman

Deeply sad to hear that the death of Chantal Akerman is reported as suicide.

I’m posting some of the cooking scenes in Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles… 65 more words

Short Films

Believe in Your Project, No Matter What

I mentioned several articles ago about how all my projects before college fell through. It got me thinking yet again! Why did they fall through? I know one reason was definitely because the people who would be working on the projects did not have a passion for films or for filmmaking. 405 more words


Healthy Competition

by Kelanie Aragon and Alyssa Hunt

Things can get ugly in the filmmaking business. Competition drives some people to pettiness and instead of focusing on the craft of storytelling, the focus is on beating your fellow filmmakers. 302 more words

Live Sharp

Infidelity and Filmmaking - Concrete Hearts

Infidelity is always a big issue. Nobody likes cheating anytime, but cheating in a relationship is always the worst. But how do you deal with this issue and what should you do if you think you may be in a relationship like that? 242 more words

Short Films

On blending art and social justice: my short film, "Lost"

Recently, I took part in a conference at Princeton called “Ferguson is the Future,” which blended speculative artists with social justice activists for a magical weekend of sharing and dreaming. 1,309 more words

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