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Once Upon a Time (Short Film)

Once upon a time is written, directed and produced by Farangis Siahpour , Once Upon a Time is One Child’s Story about Survival and Hope as seen through the Eyes of a prepubescent¬†Child.

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The day after tomorrow (Short film)

Farangis Siahpour, an Iranian-born artist wrote, directed and produced “The day After Tomorrow”. The movie is about the status of women in a male domineering society and its Implications for violence where men become victims of their own malice.

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Hamraz and her Nowruz wish

Nowruz is the story about Hamraz, a young deaf Iranian girl, whose profound wish is to have her overworked dressmaker mother make her a new pink dress for the New Year (Nowruz). 24 more words

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iPhone 7 Promotional Short Film "The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day" Released

I used to this Dwayne Johnson was a pretty humble guy, but the way he’s almost become a parody himself is pretty astounding. And now he’s released a short film to promote the iPhone’s Siri. Check it out below:

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Dota 2 - Short Film

We teamed up with a Dota 2 memer Eskay Dota¬†to create a short film, ‘Dragon Blood’, for the Valve Dota 2 video competition 2017. 114 more words

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Sofia Coppola - Music Videos, short films and advertisements

I made a playlist on YouTube of Sofia Coppola's music videos, short films and advertisements.

I thought I may as well share it with you! 14 more words