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Jenny, Burbage in Leicestershire

Footwear ownership: Maybe sixty pairs 

Current fav footwear: fluctuates …  I have short legs but I like to feel like I have long legs, like I can kick ass, get out of town.   105 more words

Short Girls & The Real Reason We Wear Heels.

I can’t speak for the entire populous of short femaledom here, but I bet there are a few who’d agree. Here’s a “shortened” list of the things I can’t reach.  447 more words


seeing the small gains and running with short legs

Its been about 6 months since I started my physical journey for my police application. My journey has taken me in circles and squiggles up and down the eventful path of what is now my new normal. 425 more words


Short Legs: How I Learned to Empathize With My Dog


Noun; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

I now have empathy for C-Dog.

It took a walk or two (or several) with my husband to finally realize why our walks are sometimes not as enjoyable as I’d like them to be. 508 more words



Thanks Bear Baby for picking me up!

Having short legs are a benefit. I can stretch out and be ghetto by putting my feet on top of the dashboard. :P