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Nails: January/February...


It’s currently -2 degrees outside but I’m cosied up in the house with the worlds cosiest dressing gown on, big fluffy socks, a huge mug of tea and Friends on in the background. 174 more words


Product Review: Nail Medic Nail & Cuticle Energiser

I have horrible nails. They break at the drop of a pin and occasionally when I do manage to cultivate a decent set of talons, they go ‘nope’ and snap with no reason. 394 more words


Purple, stars and glitter on bitten nails

I’m calling it Pyze . Pronounced Pies¬†as in She ate some pie.¬† 26 more words

Designing Short Nails - an art in itself

Short nail fashion is on the rise! Get involved! Let the fashionistas in your local area know that you do flipping bitchin’ nail art on short nails. 1,038 more words

Black and Gold

This is me easing into the festive vibes. It’s a bit to early to go full on Christmas themed nails but I thought I bit of glitter was in order. 71 more words


How I Ruined My Nails and What To Do Know?

This is not a clickbait ! Yep, they might seem a bit longer than your expectations but when you look them closer you can see how they are so damn thin and …. 468 more words

16 Cool Nail Designs For Short Tips and Biters

Longer nails may appear to have the upper hand at first glance when it comes to cool designs, but those of us with shorter nails are certainly not without choices. 243 more words