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Why so Serious, shorty?

So…many of you have been following from day one…some of you are new, but irregardless…all my posts have been of serious nature. By nature, I am not so serious as these posts have you believe. 455 more words


I wonder what my life would be like if I was tall. I’ve been short for all my life, I wish there was this machine that could make me as tall as I wanted or as short as I wanted. 26 more words


What makes a song so horrific or offensive that is worthy of being banned from radio airwaves? In the UK, it has been a variety of things, from singing in a derogatory manner about royalty ( 686 more words

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Be Aware, Be Very Aware...

Just out of curiosity and to commemorate the first day of the month, I did a little research and I found out that May is Zombie Awareness Month. 567 more words

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The worst part about rain is short people with their umbrellas.

And the fact it seems even the weather is against me. It’s a reflection of my emotions. 239 more words