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Say Hello to Thing One And Thing Two

I want to introduce to you two of my favorite people. I spend my entire week with these ladies and sometimes even the weekends. These two are the types of friends you want in your corner when shit gets real. 585 more words

too much of a reach

she has to change the light bulb
but it’s too much of a reach
she got a stool to stand on but

she’s still too far beneath… 114 more words

Poem; Poetry

Dear Big People...

I’ve always been a tiny person. At 4’10”, I’ve endured a lifetime of being gawped at, patted, picked up, spammed and manhandled by your formidable ilk. 449 more words

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Simple items that make life easier when you are petite

Troubleshooting comes natural when you’ve dealt your whole life with the proportions of this world. Out of reach cabinets, large clothing and people with giant egos are only few of the hassles you will need to address when your height doesn’t meet the requirements of the environment. 590 more words

Dear tall people, I hate you.

I hate you enough to dedicate a whole post to you. Y’all have it good and don’t stop to appreciate it enough; instead you allow yourself to be categorized into two types: the whiners and the assholes. 655 more words

The Reason Short People Look Up To Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is probably one of the most famous soccer players in the world. The Argentine professional soccer player just broke Gabriel Batistuta’s Argentina all-time top goal score. 539 more words

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Short People Problems.......Sad Face.......

On This Day….A Repost from 2014….

#1: Clothes: You will never find a pair of jeans or pants that you don’t need to roll up or cut and sew.   201 more words