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The Reason Short People Look Up To Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is probably one of the most famous soccer players in the world. The Argentine professional soccer player just broke Gabriel Batistuta’s Argentina all-time top goal score. 539 more words

Healthy Living

Short People Problems.......Sad Face.......

On This Day….A Repost from 2014….

#1: Clothes: You will never find a pair of jeans or pants that you don’t need to roll up or cut and sew.   201 more words

A Small Observation

A version of this story can be found in my book, Life Lessons from the School Bus.

Politically Incorrect

OK, I will admit it, once you read what this is all about you will tell me that I am being politically incorrect, insensitive, or mean-spirited.

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General Observations

Perfect little Imperfections and Unintentionally Complete Projects

Like so many of the things we see everyday I have rediscovered two of the items in my living room.   They have been hanging on my walls for almost half my life- and there are long periods of time when I cease to see them. 613 more words

Current Conditions

: the new rules :

Sorry, that should be singular, rule. There’s only one and that is: there are no rules. I’ve had it up to here with regulations and restrictions; I want nothing more to do with them. 361 more words


Spring is Coming!!

Well, we’ve had a strange winter. It was crazy warm throughout December, and then when January hit, it was miserable. Wet and snowy, and nasty and cold, and all the other bad words you can think of. 795 more words