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The Giant's Quest

Happy Friday, guys!

I said I had something else for Valentines Day. Well, I’ve got a short story. My humble first attempt at romance in the spirit of the holiday. 1,650 more words


It's all fun and games till someone calls "NIYDEK!"

I wrote this well over a year ago and I am glad (?) to say it is just as true to day as it was then… 751 more words

Current Conditions

Time May Heal All Wounds- But It Makes Homesickness Worse

My little town has always been the core of who I am.

Even now as I sit thousands of miles away-it feels close enough for me to touch.   1,399 more words

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Survival Sundays

I think it is safe to say that most male persons have a secret (or as in the case of my cousin, not so secret) crush on Bear Grylls.   963 more words

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TBT: I'm A Fool

And that’s ok with me.

In our modern age, “being a fool” carries a decidedly negative connotation.  We place high value on planning, goals, specific culturally defined aspirations and conformity to the norms. 713 more words

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Man Repeller Pays Homage to The Short Girls

So basically manrepeller.com is one of my (most important) daily rituals. I think it’s safe to say we all have our “spirit animals” so-to-speak and they’re mine. 216 more words


Book Titles: Introduction

Well, it’s done. Last night, my buddy, Libre, and I debuted our acoustic project that’s been in the works forrrr… probably about four or five months, now. 486 more words