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Short people to be excluded from living wage

Workers who measure in at under 5ft 6″ in height are not “productive” enough to warrant being paid the new National Living Wage and as a result shouldn’t get it, according to Government Minister Matthew Hancock. 194 more words


The struggle

Out of curiosity I looked up how tall Kevin Hart is…needless to say I am so short I would have to look up to him! How does that make ya feel Kevin? :)

#TheStruggleIsReal #ShortGirls #KevinHartIsTallerThanMe

Random Thoughts

Because It Is Still True

On our third wedding anniversary I was looking over some older writing and found a poem that still says it perfectly.  Happy anniversary to us :) 514 more words

Current Conditions

Get up, stand up

Okay, so something I really hate is when tall people sort of hunch their shoulders over, and have their heads bent down. I’m short (closer to hell haha) but nothing bugs me more than tall people who try to be smaller. 180 more words


Rush Hour

It’s 9 a.m. on the number 6 heading to a go-see for some new drug.  Go-see is model’s slang for being sent for a possible job.  365 more words


10 Things You Should Stop Saying To Short People

I have always been known as “the short girl.” Currently standing at 4’9’’, I will never grow to more than 5 feet, and that is more than OK with me. 812 more words