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Short Girls & The Real Reason We Wear Heels.

I can’t speak for the entire populous of short femaledom here, but I bet there are a few who’d agree. Here’s a “shortened” list of the things I can’t reach.  447 more words



I always hated playing Tag as a kid – I was just too slow. I could never catch any of the faster kids, who just happened to be all the other kids but me. 1,034 more words


The Hardy Ones

“… for Gerald was the baby and the little one of a brawny family.  His five brothers and their father stood six feed and over and broad in proportion, but little Gerald, at twenty-one, knew that five feet four and a half inches was as much as the Lord in His wisdom was going to allow him.  

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On Being 152 cm (I think).

At barely 5 ft tall, my photos have certainly deceived a lot of people. That is, especially, if they don’t know me personally.

And… 544 more words


The truth about being short

Tiny, petite, short, small… People always feel the need to comment on your height, especially if you aren’t of average height, be it small or tall. 578 more words


Confessions of a Short Person

Okay fine, I admit I’m short…in relation to some people. I have to add that line because my daughter thinks I’m tall, and so do many of the toddlers and preschoolers around town. 656 more words

Divine Contemplations

LOL: Pictures Of Bruno Mars Standing Next To Tall People

I love people of all shapes and sizes!! We all gotta be different to profile our individualism.

Bruno’s profile says he is 5’5′ but I don’t think so. 51 more words