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12 Makeup Tips for Short People


Randy Newman - Short People - a satirical song of prejudice.

As someone who is not renowned for my vast height this song was particularly poignant.

Using his most satirical style Randy highlights the whole nature of prejudice. 256 more words


It's official, I'm the shrimp in the family

It isn’t fair. Why would I, short as I am, have a son over six feet tall whose nine-year-old son already plays basketball and is the tallest kid in his class? 473 more words

Confessions of a Tall Person

By Jordan Norkus

Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

I’m 5’10 living in a five foot world.

A world where nothing is as funny and original as being asked “how’s the weather up there?” 527 more words



I saw this meme that asked the question, “Why do you sit so close to the steering wheel?” and showed a car seat pushed up close to the steering wheel. 69 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … maybe someone pressed the down button on his elevator shoes.