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Friday Song

Lately, I remembered a song of the late 70’s. When I was a teenager I thought it was a cute song. But when I checked the lyrics I was a little confused about the meaning. 337 more words

Song Of The Day

Tongs...They're my favorite.

I’m a bit of an irony, for a really short person I’m actually kind of leggy and have kind of long, lean arms; but I’m still short so of course I still have trouble reaching for things.   544 more words

Little People

It's been awhile.

What I lack in stature I make up with procrastination and laziness.  It’s a gift and a curse and it can be quite charming.  That is a load of shit and I’m sorry.   644 more words

Little People

Reaching the Tea, Or Not

My husband pulled up to the gas pump and I leapt out of the minivan, slamming the door shut behind me. I charged into the little gas station shop, its warning bell dinging above my head. 468 more words

Lisa Tully

Saturday Song: Short People by Randy Newman

I recently heard on National Public Radio that Randy Newman has another album. I doubt this song is on it, but it was one I listened to back in the 70’s when I was a teen-ager and hated. 197 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

The Paradox of Being Small

I had recently begun my addiction to podcasts. I don't usually provide feedbacks to stuff I watch, listen or read directly to the makers but there was one episode of 'Stuff to Blow Your Mind' that I had an opinion I wanted to share. 333 more words


A Year of Smiles - Day 204


My husband, my younger son and I walk into a restaurant.

Sounds like the beginning of a good joke, doesn’t it? 415 more words

Life's Journey