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Ser Bajo En Estatura Tiene Riesgos Cardiacos

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(HealthDay News) –Las personas de menor estatura tienen mayor probabilidad de tener enfermedades cardiacas, un riesgo que parece estar ligado a los genes que también determinan la estatura, según reportó un equipo de investigación dirigido por británicos. 458 more words

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The worst part about rain is short people with their umbrellas.

And the fact it seems even the weather is against me. It’s a reflection of my emotions. 239 more words


Pushing the Limits

If I weren’t so short, I wouldn’t worry about my weight, like I do. But, as luck would have it, I am all of 4’11”. Yay for short people! 628 more words


Why Being Tall Or As We Call It "Genetically Superior" Is Nothing Short Of Awesome

Being tall is probably the most Awesome thing that can happen to a person, and it’s something you really have no control over. If your blessed with height , It’s like God came over and touched you and said  “I like you better, so here is a Big gift”.   794 more words


Death and Facebook

Unlike Myspace; I think it is safe to say that Facebook isn’t going anywhere.  The advent of this previously unprecedented way to stay in touch has made a huge impact on many parts of our society, for better or worse. 844 more words

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Medical Kidnap? Mother Loses 3 Children Because “Daughter is Too Short”

From Medical Kidnap, by Terri LaPoint, Mar 2015

It’s true – Angela Borths’ daughter is short. So is she – just under 5 feet tall. 479 more words