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Short People

Whether you’ve been called short, vertically challenged, half-pint, small fry, pipsqueak, squirt, or oompa loompa, if you’re less than average height, you have been made aware that others have noticed it.  515 more words


Sunday Morning Musings: Memories of My Father

Every Father’s Day I think I’ll write about my dad, but I don’t. There is simply too much I’d want to say about him. I couldn’t fit it in one blog post. 354 more words

Father's Day

Weekly Three: Framed

As some of you might be catching onto at this point each week in our Small Format class we get a “weekly” assignment. This weeks theme was framed. 196 more words

Digital Photography

Anime Review: Recorder to Randoseru

Review tiiiiime!

Okay so here’s an anime ! watched some time ago – Recorder and Randsell! (At least that’s how I think it’s spelt in English – let me remind you I suck at spelling…) 246 more words


Why so Serious, shorty?

So…many of you have been following from day one…some of you are new, but irregardless…all my posts have been of serious nature. By nature, I am not so serious as these posts have you believe. 455 more words


I wonder what my life would be like if I was tall. I’ve been short for all my life, I wish there was this machine that could make me as tall as I wanted or as short as I wanted. 26 more words