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Death and Facebook

Unlike Myspace; I think it is safe to say that Facebook isn’t going anywhere.  The advent of this previously unprecedented way to stay in touch has made a huge impact on many parts of our society, for better or worse. 844 more words

Current Conditions

Medical Kidnap? Mother Loses 3 Children Because “Daughter is Too Short”

From Medical Kidnap, by Terri LaPoint, Mar 2015

It’s true – Angela Borths’ daughter is short. So is she – just under 5 feet tall. 479 more words


Prince Charles' letters reveal hatred of short people

Many of Prince Charles’ letters to the Government reveal a deep routed hatred of short people it has emerged after a ruling passed today by the supreme court means that now anyone can actually read the letters as long as they do so respectfully and promise not to laugh. 200 more words



This guy and I have very good taste in humans. Our match percentage on OkCupid was high and he was pretty funny. Only thing again, he’s short! 397 more words


i joined OkCupid the other day as mentioned before. This site has completely different people. The rating system is pretty awesome to see compatibility but no one exchanges numbers with me, and they ask me out within a very short time of talking. 166 more words

Perks of Being 5'1"

A lot of people hate being short (yes, I didn’t like it for a long time) but being short has its many, many perks! Thus why I’ve devised a list on why being short is amazing! 267 more words


Short Girls & The Real Reason We Wear Heels.

I can’t speak for the entire populous of short femaledom here, but I bet there are a few who’d agree. Here’s a “shortened” list of the things I can’t reach.  447 more words