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My Script Chosen! Top 10 finalist in Davenport 10-Minute Play Contest!

I was happy to see my brand new script “Safe Spaces” was chosen as one of the Top 10 finalists in the 4th Annual Davenport 10-Minute Play Contest! 126 more words

10-minute Play

The Product

Dave, Jenny, Marta, Johnny, Peter, Brenner and Janey sit together in a storefront.


Okay. You, Brenner, you’ve got the existentialist shit, you know, the cloud of unknowing, we’re all going to die, but don’t worry be happy. 2,644 more words

The Fklc

Blood Everywhere by Claire Rice

Directed by Mario Gonzales

With Melissa Ortiz, Laura Peterson & Sarah David

Three female police investigators are working around a crime scene. All three have the same dark blue windbreaker on, dark pants, gloves, paper booties over their shoes, and their hair up in ponytails. 528 more words

Short Plays

Real Royals by Jonathan Luskin

Directed by Mary Ann Rodgers

With Amber Crane, Robyn Grahn & John Rose

Robyn and her husband, John, are lying flat on the floor, heads close together. 810 more words

Short Plays

Mouse Trap by Dorian Lockett

Directed by Alison Whismore

With Jessica Risco, Christian Haines & Jaime Lee Currier

Dad – Lonely, morose
Gina – Happy, perky

Filona- Happy, non-chalant

Takes place in an apartment… 601 more words

Short Plays

Howie Johnson's by Maryssa Wanlass

Directed by Emily Ludlow

With Jayme Catalano, Nan Ayers & Mary Ann Rodgers


2016 Presidential Election: MW’s car
Primary podium
Howard Johnson’s hotel room… 1,534 more words

Short Plays

Poopsybottom by Jennifer LeBlanc

Directed by Will Brown

With Nima Slone, Ray Renati & Gregg Leblanc

Cast of Characters

Ray: Protective daddy with an unusual sense of humor

Nima: Beloved daughter and poopsybottom… 798 more words

Short Plays