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Am I the final tips of the whisker
that the boxplot mainly stops as
Outer than that
is an outlier
-the place where they’d stop
cuz it don’t matter

Vần Vè

Appearance and Adultery

These guidelines are not as helpful
as I thought they would

Letting people see me drunk
is the way for them not to notice
how I look

Vần Vè


The Young Folks
think their newest beliefs
triumph all old outdated ones

And they go around
strutting that stupidness

there’s no such word

stupidity, icydk

Vần Vè


The Bruins
are Be-Ruined
Are they from Boston
shooting runners?
or in UCLA
turning up moving past grey
goin straight to black
and never going back?!

Vần Vè


Whenever I see those images
I’m called back to mother shrine

I’m not a silkworm
but a half legal
That guy Ritwik
and why his mother decides to call him that way… 18 more words

Vần Vè

You're not really that smart

When you’re high
nothing is genuine
as their piece in life

Hah! It’s a pun
not a trip on the wood
but on the log itself

Vần Vè


is 10/10
on everywhere
as the same
on Earth

On us
you pay
the rest of your artistic life
in debts
and debris

October chill

Vần Vè