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Punishment – The daily prompt

I didn’t fall in love with you

I slipped into it with my eyes closed.

You were like the ocean tide… 52 more words

Indian Blog

Her Words on Walls

She is a girl who writes words on her walls,

She writes on them her rainbow-inked wishes, promises, and goals.

She paints her ceiling gardens of daisies and tulips, 253 more words

Just One

I am but one voice lost in many

I shout when I can

But I doubt that I am

More than a voice in a world of plenty.


The Pond, Part 2

An unexpected visitor

The bird that sat on her window, it looked familiar as if it belonged to a different place

She can see that the city was not his place… 199 more words



Occasionally, I see astonishment in her eyes
After hours in front of the mirror
There’s grief in her face and a wilting in her soul… 122 more words


i miss me

some where in the folds of floral sheets

in the numbers of

marks and weighing machines

in the attempt of being a perfect being

i thinks i miss me… 87 more words

Growing Up