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Fallen Kisses

Leaves are lips,
fallen kisses from a tree.
They die to kiss the Earth,
whom they loved so
very dearly.


-: Incomplete :-

Few feel incomplete without a friend,

Few crave for money to fill the empty end;

Few feel incomplete in absence of love lace,

And few smell solitude in that daunting space; 44 more words


Apple tree

Some apples fall,
Some apples stored,
and Some apples eaten.

Short Poem

Senses VIII: All I Want...

All I want is the space

between your fingers

while your lips

tremble with delight

as you lock them with mine

and you wrap your arms… 17 more words



it mystifies me.

it’s a just known unknown.

you know what I mean?

like the pit you tossed in the backyard

that grew into a tree. 63 more words


Taking back your memory 
From glamorous cold moon 
Taking with own thoughts 
Forever young old moon



I absorbed his music

Like the most precious wine

Too fine to fathom,

God’s crimson blood

Diluted into miniature atoms

Safe, in the knowledge that… 47 more words

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