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My piece of paradise

I never knew magic quiet like the ones your eyes weaved,

like an endless deep blue ocean.

And even though I knew just how to swim, 8 more words


Eternal Sadness

Oh when shall I learn to live?

So many years wasted.

I’m trying to learn

I’m teaching myself:

Time keeps moving forwards

Leaving past dreams so empty. 20 more words


Words I whispered when you weren't listening

And even though we’ve come to an end,

Darling,I’d do it again.

I’d find you again.

I’d love you again.

Only this time,better.

– Acacia.P



Dark streets damp

with the sounds of eerie laughter

and parents searching for children.


to dig out the violence in serenity

To write of the wars waged wanton within you,

makes paper bloody, makes pencil ache.

Sunday morn, quaint small town, tranquil lake…

Now take the peace gifted, and break it into two.


The History Game

You seem so sure

That there’s nothing you can do

That the stars’ position

Tell you visions that are true

You seem so sure of how unsure our future is… 32 more words


Strange Things

Let us fall

although children we may no longer be

In this skin torn, old, and wrinkly

We begin

Again and again

Like the seeds falling from a tree… 10 more words