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I never thought of myself as a flaneuse.
Yet I can feel the urge growing in me.
To walk and observe;
To feel and intricate myself in the vibe around me. 109 more words

Sit Back And Read

For all out of Eternity.


She was terrified.
She wanted to love.
She was blissed out.
But she couldn’t ask for his love.

He was but an artist.
Evoking feelings that were hidden. 49 more words

Short And Sweet!


Pain is our Teacher
And she
Teaches the neccesity
To Learn
Neither left, nor right
But the Middle
Is the path to follow.

 My response to yesterdays poem ‘The Arrow’.



With time running ahead
it’s closing in the coming death.

With fear paralysing you
You stop walking towards the future.

With thinking to much about the future… 7 more words


In the end

You ever think about the last thing you’ll ever do,
with a handful of regrets in your palm –
Listening to the slowest music, alone in your room? 115 more words

Tyler Strittmatter


I met a zoologist today 

This time last May 

He didn’t have a word to say 

But with him I felt at bay 


His laugh reminded me of hyenas that play  87 more words

Awards And Challenges

I heard magnets come on

I listen as the husky voice of the teacher fades into blur.

The party is on in my head; my mind is there.

I fight the urge to close my eyes and be absolutely left of here. 87 more words

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