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The ego seems to desire

What makes the heartache

What we want

Less give more take

Insatiable attempts to fulfill

The empty holes left

Over from the effort to

Appease every desire.


Who I am, who I want to be for you

I noticed you were missing parts of you;

you miss your heart

you miss feeling

you miss love.

So I’ll give you half of what I have, 25 more words



Standing still staring

Looking like losing

Hoping horrors hide

Jumping joy jungle

Killing kind of kindness

Stopping starters sobbing

Erasing elevated energies

Grasping glowing garnishes… 11 more words


Suspicion lingers

Once doubt is let loose,

After late night calls,

From past love affairs,

Left dormant.

I try to silence the voice,

Redirect my attention, 23 more words


For You Are Fortunate

Lucky are the woman
Who was loved
In return

Blessed are the woman
Who decided
To love again


Your presense can soothe me

Like an exhaling breath of pent up energy,

Like feeling the stray drops of a tumultuous river

Like the dew drops that fall from one leaf to another, 20 more words


The space we feel,

Full of bliss,

The place we meet,

Where our hearts kiss,

Mind, body, and spirit,

Your love is transcendent,

Heaven must be,

Just like this.