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I’m turbulent

More dangerous than I seem

If you can’t keep with my current

You’ll get swept down stream

🌊 @wildcaughtword

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Two Bowls

Seems as though

We fit as two bowls

We slide out of place

We wobble and sway

But we settle into each other

At the end of the day… 13 more words

That was then

You’ll find one
day in the future, sometime soon
someone who makes you sigh
you’ll only realise how tight
your chest was when you finally let go of that breath you were holding for so… 27 more words



don’t inspire
don’t require
don’t speak
or weep
snowballing whirlwind
be God sent
rewired and tired
tethered to expired
monetize personal lives
cripple me
hamper me… 30 more words

A Realization [Almost]

For a moment, much too short

I discovered the truth that can’t be told

Then as I woke

It was all forgotten once more


The only way out

Finding magick in the mundane,

Leaving a trail,

Depression, grey skies, rain,

on grassy terrains,

painting pictures,

art, inspired by features,

subtle little details,

Woven through moments we entail, 56 more words


A Poem (15)

Sitting in the sun,
feeling hot on the outside,
cold at the same time.
Everything on the inside
full of ice.
No spark,
only darkness. 26 more words