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God Send Me A Man!

Please God send me a man.
Someone strong to hold me, love me, scold me.
A modern day hero,
Somebody to fight for me, die for me, live for me. 145 more words


The universe exhaled a burgeoning entity

which encrusted your bones and lungs with

stars and tears; the waters of which were woven

into your spine. 24 more words

A short 2 lined poem about Will Self & Self Driving Cars:

Will Self Driving Cars Be Safe?

Will Self, Driving Cars… Be Safe.


weathervanes and paper planes

if you could fold me in half,

you’d see the way my skin

wrinkles under your fingers.

each indent reveals every

way your touch manipulates… 62 more words


An Old Sweater

I found an old sweater tucked away in a bag
I hadn’t touched since the move
And hidden away in its forgotten folds
Were memories I hadn’t remembered in… 88 more words


Mini Shotgun

Can I tell you a secret?
Girl, you are like a bullet
One blink you are no longer here
Aimed directly to my heart
Crazy, but after you hit… 8 more words


Sister and Brother

By Marissa C. Miller

A boy and his dog
sat on a log
enveloped in warm summer air
“Sister and brother” but without a mother… 316 more words