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O’ so fair ye was,
    But by twining-secret-lies!
Once adorn before me
    Was but ugliness in disguise!

- John Boome


The narrator.

There he prayed
For one thing
It was a secret
Between him and his God
I just hope
It all comes true
For I am both…

6 more words

As long as

I’m not going anywhere,
No, I’m not.
I will stay right here with you
As long as you want me to.
As long as I want to. 7 more words


into a new space

Spring is creeping and crawling in

And daylight is stretching into the night

I am floating and have settled into a soft spin

I feel my insides changing form again… 62 more words


The young man

carries his pain

 in the bags

under his eyes.

It’s so heavy.



She shouldn’t have been there after dark
Has only herself to blame
Shouldn’t have been dressed that way
Skirt too short
Dressed like that
Just leads a man on… 28 more words


A Happy Ending; Hope & Cynicism

There were fewer lines
On my face then
Few lines
On my face now
A permanent crease
On my brow
I think
It’s knowing… 96 more words