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Cult of Progress

Hard to know sometimes
If you’re going backward or forward
But I guess it feels good
That it isn’t all fixed
And this is a road you’ve never been on… 24 more words


bad hair & two ply 

I think I have flat feet

and a glucose deficiency

my hair’s too damn big

and my nose is too damn flat

my skins an odd color… 239 more words


The audience
See only what it is shown
Hear only what it is told
Take only what is given
And sometimes read between the lines. 46 more words


My poetry is born of my emotions
And as my emotions often confound me
So am I puzzled by my poetry.

Why should my poetry make any sense… 9 more words

Day 343: Math

Some people are so much a part of your essence
that you don’t know where you end and they begin.
It is simply one energy manifested in two bodies.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


A page from silence

I hear that tumult in hearts of people,

Who own me in public, with smiles,

I hear their heart banging hard,

Breaking instead the inner walls: 99 more words


A Poem by Aminajad Wof

In the big inning
that Alaister Cook got in Abu Dhabi on October 13th 2015
I empathised with the ball. 12 more words