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An abrupt embrace
Inducement,a pale face
A hankering to break away
Tears tore up the soul, stay
Scars promulgating excruciation
Life’s, a torturous session
The blood froom vein,ooze… 19 more words

Love Poems for the Dark of Mind

As clear as hounds howl, howl
With sobs, those grim and eerie,
Choking on an outdrawn vowel,
Is the my transparency when you’re near me. 62 more words


Truck stop poetry

Our Francophone waitress refills

our mugs with oilslick coffee

rainbow diaphanous like the diesel

fuel on asphalt outside beneath the

eighteen wheelers, idling.

You’re not old till you’re dead, 14 more words


Give everything you can away
In the end, it gets hard to lift.
Fuck tomorrow, just then, and yesterday
Take right now, and make it a gift.


Here I Stand

Twenty three years
rooted in soils almost barren,
survived scorching suns
and flooding storms.

Resilient, I still stand,
patiently hoping
to blossom.

All the scars on my crooked stem… 37 more words



You’re drowning in your tears.

Panicking in a sea of sorrow.

But darling,

if only you’ll stand up.

You will see your troubles are only knee deep.

Simply walk out of it.



I remember in my youth

Having nothing but time

Stretching out in front of me.

Now middle aged

I feel all that time

Is starting to slip away from me.