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Melodramatic Memories 

I wish I could stop loving you.

I wish

the soft sound of your name didn’t encourage the echoing toll inside my chest.

I wish that I could have been better for you. 51 more words


The Armenian genocide

They were the angels of this earth
Beauty in the faces of all
Struck down by the coward’s hands
Tears and blood hit the ground… 21 more words


Switching Gears

Switching Gears

As I drive down the street

I see countless people passing me by

There’s just so many people in this world

It just leaves me wondering… 39 more words


Light Pollution

There used to be stars.

The night was coated with them,

sugared with supernovae

against an opera of the sons of Gryllidae.

We used to watch the bats at night. 131 more words


Eternal Sadness

Oh when shall I learn to live?

So many years wasted.

I’m trying to learn

I’m teaching myself:

Time keeps moving forwards

Leaving past dreams so empty. 20 more words



Whiskey gives us

a beautiful insight

on life.


let’s drink

and call it



My safeguard

just shut up
shut up Noah
don’t talk to your roommate
it’s blow your cover

you can hear yourself roar
all you want
when this is all over… 10 more words

Vần Vè