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Is this what we call bittersweet?

Relief from the scorching summer heat
Unease for the crops and weed

Rejoicing the season of romance
Or welcoming the slur of global warming…

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The voices are all dead,
All my head now remembers is the statistics.
Another post.
A couple of likes,
Another day,
A march through conspicuous obsession, 89 more words



Be meek they said.
I nodded my head.
Prevailed through the day like a walking dead.
Be invisible.
My identity shoved inside a shredder,
As I filled cups with the evening chai. 113 more words


Death of my child

A rising wall,
Growing still,
Only to fall.
And my child,
Turned to flee.
I shrieked.
While arms pulled me back,
And I watched the tempest drench him, 62 more words



the drain is open

and it is all

slipping away.

my shower door

is open

and he’s made

French toast for


“come on baby, it’s… 45 more words

The Right Way

Little dots of light dance in front of him, like the stars that hang above him. Too tired to lift his head. Instead he looked ahead. 75 more words



Misusing culture and religion as weapons, misleading the people less head strong.

Exploiting those more gullible,

one more bullet foe the gun.

The old judge the young for making their own foot steps to follow, 137 more words