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The Fall

​As quick as the rain came down

I could feel it falling apart

I tried my best to keep my head up

And not get lost in the sea of emotions… 51 more words



Ever I behold
her smile, her fluffy hair
and stop to listen
her heart beat, her voice telling me
about her wills, about her dreams… 89 more words


Feeling like the first time

I am still feeling like the first time
that I saw her smile
God, angels and miracles
look so possible
so tangible
that make me rethink my vision… 24 more words


une fleur blanche

By Jonathan Taylor Davies

Grubby white flower
plastic and ugly,
why do you sit  so
glumly on your perch
of rotting wood
and peeling paint? 11 more words


Somewhere Between Lost and Found

​I’m scared of being alone

But I’m more afraid of bad company

And maybe it’s within

The grace of myself

That I’ll start to find

Just where I belong


Poem for Music & Muses; for Martin

My friend is in my ears again
on Sunny San Francisco.

His soundtrack all merry and sad. 99 more words

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