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Blue moon

why did you have to go?

what does it mean, when meaning can’t stay?

all days will fade away



moves too fast

can’t see the light

I will be lost forever


The Mysterious Girl

The eyes so mesmerizing, the smile so cute,
she’s like a symphony, playing on a flute.

Her lips are luscious, the hair so long,
she’s stuck on my mind, like an addictive song. 53 more words



i wrote a lil diddy

dedicated to daddy’s nickname

that i got tattooed 

when i was 22

it went like this: i am to soar, evermore, like the eagle above the clouds do  25 more words



For what they are, they grow, they persevere – with you, after you, and most importantly, against you. A tale of organic courage – tender beginnings, growth, color, mortal glory and sacrifice, an eventful journey all the way.

mini lessons
every moment


of seasons, memories and you

Childhood is a place
that exists in the folds
of the dank underbelly
of memory, my child-
hood in any case.

The descent is reluctant. 110 more words