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No revival

We are the ones who love
out of habit. Love,
not because we still feel
its fire but because
there was once a fire.

We are the ones who hold… 56 more words


Poem of the Day -- Screeching Mama

Screeching Mama

Sensible ability falls short of pill bottles landing squarely on the plate of justice

My rose tree branching leaves of paper; reading words of transient thought. 152 more words

Creative Writing


the tremble of your hands the shake of my kneecap it was always like this we steady each other

Chasing Rabbits


A  ppreciate
P  oetry
R  ead and write
I  nspire and
L  isten!

* * *
April is National Poetry Month, founded in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets.

My Acrostic Poems


He said he was close.


closing in

Where are you, man? Please step down, Id say.

And im playing my guitar right now, thinking of you. 138 more words

Short Poems

Dove Down

As the peace dove flies above with hope,
Mankind chokes itself with an evil rope.

But then the humans shoot down the dove,
Further stirring a world at war and sparking a world without love.


That chase... (short poem)

We`re always running…
trying to catch something…
we don`t even want.

We just feel obligated
to do so…
we`re forgetting that
the world has been created… 21 more words