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Away from the sun,
There is nothing binary,
Me and my fiends,
Are finally one.
Host and parasite.
It’s the ultimate dark paradise,
Relish your misery… 106 more words


Running in circles again

Dancing polka in my mind

Wanting to know if and when

The meaning of life I will find


Daily Haiku: April 26, 2018

Spring rain–

she answers


by Mike Montreuil (Canada)

bottle rockets, #15, 2006



These drab walls can’t hold

A lifetime of words

Of love

Of life

Nor can any

No walls

No windows

No ceilings

Could possibly contain… 12 more words


POSTCARDS TO SKY : A short poem

I sent postcards to the sky, I write to it what the earth cannot take,

One postcard asked it, why was the earth so fake ! 74 more words


Poem #26 - Calling My Name

as your excitement flows from your body to mine i know you’re the key to my ending entropy

all i desire is to grasp you by the arm but it’s your words i read when it’s your voice i need… 70 more words



Someone please explode the Earth
I wish to break up with you 288 more words

Short Poems