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Dare To Think The Impossiball

Physics be damned

I have a plan

To build

A ball of infinite light


This then

Is how I intend to do it:

~ 321 more words


Morning Gory

Across continents

The rattle of saucers is muted today

Eyes peer furtive

Over wide-spread broadsheets

Hugs goodbye at the door

Are held onto in the hall… 88 more words


A Poem Can Be

a poem

can hurt or hate, can feel abandon…and reckless

it can joke

and lie

and speak

and whisper all the things you want them to hear… 55 more words

My Poetry

Still Looking

So confused
Seemingly no where to look up the answers
To the many questions that my mind poses
It is said
And believed to be true… 29 more words



I was like ‘wtf’?

and he was like ‘yeah man whatever’

then we high-fived and rofled our arses off

and pulled over for a closer look… 8 more words

Short Poems

Good Night

The clouds rides to their quadrants
The moon brightens to announce its presence
Crickets chirp to bade the day farwell
As I wish you Good Night.


Short Poem #10

Demon for dreaming, harbinger of living
Change, scaring us away to a spot
Where we risk a once in a life time shot
Left indecisive when wanting to give in… 14 more words