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night i

A firefly sailed
out of the black
heart of a green tree,
a spark adrift.

Night made beautiful.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2017


The wishing well

Can the wind stay still?
Would a blessing ever practise free will?
Could a wish be drowning in a well?
Maybe those sinking coins can tell.
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One Liners


Go ahead
Gesture a touch

Unruffled, withered, stifled
It may withdraw
Question the intrusion
Brave the surprise

Gesture a touch, and

It will be grateful… 44 more words

Short Poems


I saw a man having a fit in the train. He was looking into my eyes, and I met his tired, dilated & ashen gaze. I was expecting him to die. 122 more words

Short Poems


Angry breaths and empty words
stoic shoe taps and wheezing lifts
whirring AC and distant train toots
anxious clicks and squeaky chair
whispered in poor signals, 12 more words

Short Poems

The Indian Man

I want to cut myself and bleed it out,
amputate it from my being,
it’s a hernia for my conscience,
a ripe pustule, everyone, every-fuckin-one tells you not to touch, 164 more words

Short Poems

The Satirist

When you beat a man,
kick him in the shins
then the stomach, then the face,
bash his head on a rock,
throw him wincing with pain, 233 more words

Short Poems