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Pocketful Of Memories

Pocketful of memories
Crumpled wet paper kisses
A hush of few mingled breaths
And half withered postcards
Of shared coffee cups under rain drenched avenues…

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She sat atop the swaying wires of a city lamp-post
Ruffling her feathers in diamond like raindrops
Figurines splashed by in drifting raincoats
Oh they never taste…

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When Almost Everything Is Destroyed 

By: Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“When Almost Everything Is Destroyed”

When almost

everything is

destroyed that

you have

worked for your

entire life to

save for and… 241 more words



Under the lonely shades of life
I found you strolling deep in thought
There were hidden tears in your eyes
That made mine stop!
So I stitched that lonely droplet with a touch of mine…

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Gazing through the kaleidoscope of darkness
I found your feather-light fingers
Brush-stroking our memories on the canvas of stars
And in each image a broken piece of my heart glowed…

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Tokens of Words

So I plucked a few kisses from your clove smelling lips
And mixed them with your whispered morsels of words
Until they united to form an ever gliding melody…

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She burns everytime you touch her.

She trusts you

You can sell her any evil

and you do.