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Memories can be changed in a second

Turned back

Turned black –

Like the ash, blowing in the wind

of the words written

on that paper you stole. 6 more words


see me , I miss you

I never wished the world

never wanted the moon

I’m happy… only

with occasionally passing by you


Reality is wrong

I looked

and I felt you

I looked

and someone was kissing you

and I still know

from the first look

that the world had it wrong… 9 more words



Right now there is no such thing as safe ground

Everything I know has been falling apart

And everything I have has been stripped away… 81 more words


I Love You

“I love you”,

are the closest words that my mouth can ever utter

but deep down,

I know my soul knows better.


A list of options available when the elevator to your lovers mouth is broken

This poem was inspired by a prompt during 30/30 challenge last month. Hope you all enjoy it.

When the elevator that leads to your lovers mouth is broken,a flight of long stairs will become the only option you have left. 351 more words

Short Poems

Spacing out

You notice the texture of your pruney fingers, notice the bones that show, trace the veins, the alien touch and the strangeness of it, notice how the fingernails blush when you make a fist, the lines off which people stir stories about themselves; have an urge to write something on your wrist, but the pen never works- it has to be pursued. 65 more words

Short Poems