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It is the addiction that crave.

When I love someone it consumes me.

Staying up all night talking

I want to know more, more.

I am good at beginnings. 88 more words

Only then

It was only then

that I understood-

how people who dislike noise,

replace solitude

with loud music and useless toys.

It was only then

that I was able to hear- 69 more words

Bedtime Reads

Ghost Terror Of Love

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“Ghost Terror Of Love”

You was like a

ghost and you

still haunt my

mind And there’s

mirror’s that

reflects our

once love that is… 214 more words



She burns everytime you touch her.

She trusts you

You can sell her any evil

and you do.



the doors to your heart are always locked
you swallowed the key years ago 
and washed it down with my hope

I can't believe it

I’m sure your mind is in your heart
and your heart is in your mouth
I thought I would be navigated to the next page… 66 more words



All the things we don’t become
because we thought eyes were watching
We felt our next move might lead to one’s downfall
We feared the worst might be the outcome; 37 more words