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Ill-fated love

He was her soulmate

As she was his

They knew it

The moment they saw each other   

He was her soulmate

As she was his… 44 more words


Afflicting affection

You told me you’d never leave me,

My heart,

It smiled,

It cried.

But you finally found another dear

My heart,

It broke,

It died. 13 more words



​Put pen to paper or paper beneath pen (?)

Too many words but none to express this emotion.

It’s when happiness collides with uncertainty (insecurity?) … 143 more words


Perfect time for the pool

A blazing hot day

Perfect timing for the pool

What do you say?

Grab your sunglasses

‘Cause we so damn cool

We can skip all our classes… 8 more words



By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79


I wish I had a



with my real

sister but she

only look’s at

me like I am

the black-sheep… 260 more words


S H E 

​she’s a boomerang

that never looks back,

she’s the sky,

filled with stars yet

there is a void,

she’s the lights,

they flicker on and off, 48 more words


Time After Time 

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“Time After Time”

Time after time

I wonder how

you are doing

these day’s but

I guess that’s a

mystery to me

in life and reality… 242 more words