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16. Woman #4

You are going to die lonely

said the voice inside my head

Shut up and just wait

she’s going to call me.


15. Goodbye, until then

Just when i thought
life was getting better, it said
surprise! you rotting fucker.

I lost my job
I lost a good friend
I lost my parent’s trust… 28 more words


Imagination Garden

by Sha’ifa Dietra Malik ¬†(Mami Watu)

c 2017

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Imagination Garden

there once was a little

girl whose imagination

was fertile soil

she absorbed every book… 189 more words


A flightless bird

A flightless bird, thinking

What’s there the other shore?

A confused mind, hoping

not to be forbidden anymore.

But the wings she had

will someday set her free. 37 more words


When we lived together

You were Ralph and Roger and Jack,
full of purpose
when we landed upon our island
You built shelters and fires, found food
, hunted for meat. 34 more words


One More 🍺 Beer¬†

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“One More Beer”

One more 🍺 beer is

all I need to drink you

away from my mind,

One more 🍺 beer to… 194 more words


10:10 AM

I looked into my account

which prompted me of the four words,

“What’s on your mind?”

I typed, then hesitated,

and finally I deleted it. 18 more words

One Hundred Days