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So what good is beauty
If it can’t console
Those who are
Haunted by ugliness?


Pardon through confession
Is only as imaginary
As the notion of sin.



A feeling that can endear the heart,
Enlighten the soul to a new sensation,
Giving birth to a new, unique relationship,
And allowing it to flow out to others.



Finding it can be either easy or difficult,
It all depends on how well you search for it,
Once you do find out where it is, 10 more words


No Deus In The Machina

I wrote this one on my home pc completely,

So it’s chiselled,

It’s chopped,

It’s printed and trim,

With words taken out,

And others put in. 13 more words

Short Poems


Falling from the sky,
Spheres perfectly circular,
Crash down in a tuneless song,
Creating a soothing atmosphere.


5-minute poem

No. It’s not 5-minutes long when read. It’s more like I wrote it in 5-minutes. :)) haha

I found this in my sent items addressed to a friend of mine, who I think challenged me to spew out my immediate thoughts that afternoon.Here’s what I came up with… a little something I wrote last September 11, 2013 :) 106 more words