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The Profile On The Pillow

After our fierce loving
in the brief time we found to be together,
you lay in the half light
exhausted, rich,
with your face turned sideways on the pillow… 55 more words


wrecking balls

Don’t let them demolish you.

The will try to tear you down;

Swinging their wrecking balls into your spirit.

They’ll seek to break you;

Deconstructing your soul into fragments and pieces. 62 more words



Tina drinks on Wednesday night. She says it helps her get through the week, helps her with the shakes despite the occasional bloat.

She is burn out. 89 more words

Chasing Rabbits

Poem of the Day -- Chased Drifter

Chased drifter

Draped in tears the sorry soul stands sallow.

Falling grace and wrinkles like caverns

Open up in cracks; make-up broken

Always forcing a smile no longer waiting. 78 more words

Creative Writing

Sunday Snapshots, Styles And Smiles

Jenny’s Birthday Celebration

Beautiful morning…

Our small family met up

in a restaurant.

We ate, talked…a lot,

And laughed at funny stories…

My child’s birthday bash! 71 more words



What is journey,
if it carries a motive.
What is journey,
if it intends on arriving.
What is journey,
if it ends on an ending. 37 more words


Inspiring Gift

Every day the love consumes and grows

Awe inspiring it strikes with loving blows

The mind loses focus to this angelic vision

And her glowing beauty from a goddess division… 17 more words