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Can’t let go

For love was timeless

Wouldn’t have lasted forever

Probably, we ran out of time

Am told that you moved on

Too bad for me

Am still stuck in the past… 53 more words


Romancing Alone

I won’t play violin

to the dark solitude

no matter the applause I’ll receive.

via Daily Prompt: Solitary


"1100 Miles"

1100 miles
the space between two points
monumental distance spanned
in an instant
by one
for another
only to find the other
is reaching too… 13 more words



the wrinkles on my face are having an identity crisis
smile lines at my mouth
and frown lines at my brow
perhaps this is a metaphor… 16 more words



Excuse me, I want to make a correction.  I could have done an edit and just let it go unnoticed, but if it has been up long enough for someone to have read it and I forgot or just didn’t get it right, then I want to own that and make it right.  127 more words