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first night without you

the clock on the wall; it tick-tocks

the girl in her bed; she flip-flops

she sneaks in a bit of sleep

but even then she cannot rest… 96 more words


Wishful Wordle

I wish for clarity of thought
for the leaders of the world ─
naked truth wrapped inside  mercy,
kindness, gentle wisdom,
integrity and most of all, 95 more words

Free Verse

Strong Winter Tea

brewed with lemons
no sugar nor milk
strong winter tea

To see how winter factors into my haiku as a kigo go here. Kigo means a body of recognized season words developed in Japan that became a standard part of the haiku form. 44 more words


Short Poetry

Don’t love me,
Hate me for
everything you’re not ….


Petty Bourgeois Mort

There was jollity today

Down at the death café

A ring of beaming faces

Suffused with organised fun

In robust good health

Sipping at hot drinks… 127 more words


Wonderlust is....

Heightened bites
In our cave
Benight of light


Quiet Christmas Poetry and Time Of Singing

Under “Book Offers” in the Fall 2015 issue of Time Of Singing, Lora Homan Zill, Editor, included a picture of the Christmas book and wrote: “Light and easy to hold, with large print, it is ideal for anyone battling or recovering from serious illness, or who needs a special word of encouragement over the holiday season.”  This was the goal, and we are grateful. 85 more words