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Lost Treasure

Accustomed to pain,

lies a past in dreads of destiny

Lost in subtle metaphor

resides my agony, hopes afar. 

Adjourning my confined fears,

procuring the abandoned strength, 14 more words

Short Poems


​She could not see the wings by which she shuns the darkness behind.

All she’s made up of is a wondrous heart and a beautiful mind.

Short Poems

Sinner's pray

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

Words of a hunting memory
have crawled into my mind
Starving for salvation
like a predator
Love is a merciful gift… 59 more words


Tap, click, update

Tap, swipe, my fate.

“Awww”, now chuckle

Congratulate. See, no hate.

Walk, tap, update

Pause, swipe, repeat.

World turns, birds sing,

Face down, don’t miss a thing. 32 more words



Someday I will fly

high into the sky

Soaring in the daylight

And gliding by moonlight .

Someday when I’m free

From the cage that holds me… 16 more words



I hoped you would hold me tight
And pull me through painful dark times

I hoped you would love me in every moment we had… 70 more words

Short Poems