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Rainbow feathers

A chain of short verses inspired by twitter prompts and linked by this painting by Redon, the other side of yesterday’s coin.

I drink the colours of the world… 115 more words


Four short poems

Clear sky, sunny day

From a clear
blue sky,


Days and nights

The days move
swiftly by

while the nights move slowly
and are filled with dreams. 48 more words

George Polley


I peel an orange
Liberating the tender life
Walled away from a starving world.

Too desperately clinging,
My nails pierce its virgin flesh
Rudely releasing
Acidic tears
And I cry.



He had been hurt,

A broken heart; a wounded soul;

He was dying from the inside out.

He hadn’t known that her bite was unlike a snake’s, 29 more words


The Eyelash Viper

I found a door inside the wood

The eyelash viper’s eye’s a portal

I entered through the living stone

My head became the Sun immortal… 34 more words



I did not deserve her,

I did not deserve her anymore

Than the sky deserves the sun

Or a poem, understanding,

Nor any less

Than pain deserves to be felt… 50 more words


Poetry Collection.

Paint Drops.

The paint drops flicker,
onto canvas white as snow.
A kaleidoscope.


Midnight strikes, girls take flight.
Stay away from Jack tonight.
Hide away from his grasp. 40 more words

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