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floating hills...

the hills that we climb

are not tethered to this earth

they float on a frozen sea

along the face of Pluto…

Source: Pluto has mysterious, floating hills | EarthSky.org

Earth Science

The Twitter Poet

Hi, and welcome to my Twitter Poet blog. I call myself the twitter poet, since apart from my other work as a writer,  I write short poems that fit within the word count of a post on Twitter. 75 more words


knee-deep in the flowers

i run through the breeze

feel your hand tug at my shirt

i laugh, you laugh, we laugh

the trees rustle in the cool wind… 52 more words

Every Song

Every song
is the remains
of love.

Every light
the remains
of time.
A knot
of time.

And every sigh
the remains
of a cry.

Federico Garcia Lorca    b1898  d1936


Sorrow of color

Blue his eyes threw to me
white circles like snow blinding
clear is the mind of blonde youth
looking at green as he dreams.

red scares its own reflection, 38 more words


Water reflections

I walked around a swelling lake, and found a place of reflections..

Tranquil trees reflect
in mists of blue liquid
where heaven and earth meet. 37 more words