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Smokables - Climate Change

We people are like fungal,
Destroying our very host,
Turning our forests into concrete jungle,
It’s our own selves that we roast.



melodies crashing

like broken glasses

fractured lights glow

spinning in a kaleidoscope

notes of folly and angst

joy and desperation

flow and dance around one another… 126 more words

One Hundred Days


a crosswind masks your scent

your location remains obscured

your hair of longevity

ever exemplary, reaching out

you try to speak out,

you, the heir of serenity, 100 more words

Short Poems

I Love The Way You Lie 

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“I Love The Way You Lie”

I love the way you always

lie to me and the way you

are always burning me as… 247 more words



I watch the rain fall,

a forest of steel shafts,

spear-straight and deathly cold,

to lie in trembling droplets

in a petal’s curved embrace.

Beneath cold autumn rain, 51 more words


Kiss Me Like You Mean It

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“Kiss Me Like You Mean It”

Kiss me like you

mean it and kiss

me like it might

be the last time

you get to kiss… 195 more words



not much access to gain

to catch up you have to run fast after the train

only suffering slows, not a physical pain

but a concealed electric shock, 74 more words

Short Poems