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15 Prayers for God’s Power

I love strength. I love the word “mighty,” as in “Mighty Woman of God,” and “Mighty Man of God.” I love to hear that “Moses was mighty in his words and deeds” (Acts 7:22), and that Apollos was “mighty in the scriptures” (Acts 18:24). 128 more words

God Authors

Nehemiah’s Quick Silent Prayer before the King — Nehemiah 2:4

One day when Nehemiah was mourning over the broken down walls of Jerusalem, and was looking quite despondent in front of the king, the king asked him why he was sad. 228 more words

Prayer A To Z Excerpts

When there's no time to pray, there are still ways to pray fruitfully.

Of course, the first word out of our mouth daily should be that of:

His Name should be our first prayer of the day.

When we have no time to pray, say His Holy Name.  358 more words


GOD'S VOICE OR MINE? Knowing the difference, (part 2, prayer)

“Things don’t change when I talk to God; things change when God talks to me. When I talk nothing happens, when God talks, the world comes into existence.” Bob Sorge… 729 more words


The Actual Ten-Second Principle in Action

The Ten-Second Prayer Principle

Tom never thought of himself as a prayer warrior. In fact, he never thought about himself as being much of anything, except a regular guy who loved his family, his church and his country, in that order. 1,035 more words


The World and The Church Today

As I sat in church last week, I happened to look up into the balcony, and then around to the side pews of the church, and it struck me how empty they were this day. 397 more words

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