Bronx: Einstein/Jacoby Medical Center - Williamsbridge Road - Morris Park Zig-Zag for a Low Traffic, Well-lit Night Run

Here is another short run adjacent to the Einstein/Jacoby Medical Center. It is especially useful for those who have had a long day and are forced to run after dark. 1,100 more words

Short Runs

A Slug or a Sloth?

I have officially had a lazy day! I hate having those!

I didn’t want to get up and run this morning but forced myself! I went the opposite way, over to Old Orchard Park but even that didn’t inspire me this morning, so I gave myself permission for an easy day and stopped at 22 minutes. 524 more words


Run #20 Reflection: back to reality!

While I crashed back to reality, facing the brisk wind in the Welsh capital, the edge of this harshness was softened not only by seeing another good friend but softened by my new running tights, a birthday present from said good friend. 280 more words

Microeconomic Weekly News Update May 27, 2017 – June 2, 2017

This Is What the Demise of Oil Looks Like

Shankleman, Jessica and Hayley Warren


oil, OPEC, long run, short run, elasticity, costs, efficiency… 188 more words


Does Your Leadership Run on Coal or Solar?

The coal or solar, is a metaphor for sustainable versus unsustainable energy. Using too much coal, would cause a tipping point in a system, causing the whole system to collapse. 128 more words


The long run, and the short run

We’ve been speaking about growth in our series this month, and we’ve learnt that measuring growth is both important and tricky. But remember, by definition, growth by itself is meaningless unless you ask about time. 443 more words


Non-oil Revenue and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Error Correction Model


Since the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in Nigeria, the growth trajectory of the economy has been driven by the randomness of international oil prices instead of performance of the real sector. 232 more words

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