Determination of Parallel Market Exchange Rate Premium

Read  full  paper  at:http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=54104#.VO1-SyzQrzE

A model of the determination of parallel market exchange rate premium in liberalized economies is presented. Clear distinction is made between fundamental and nominal determinants with economic justification(s) given for every variable. 491 more words

The Happiest 3 Miles


I’ve been taking is slow on the running front and tracking my level of pain after I run. 1 – no pain to 10 – can’t walk pain. 130 more words

The forgotten posts

I’ve been doing a bit, just not honouring the Janathon ways by blogging about it, is all.
A steady run a bit later than I wanted after work Thursday and another fantastically fun pump track outing last night. 25 more words


2015 #7

Superb start to my training this week with a good #ShortRun, all kms under #Sub6pkm. The bright sunshine, even of a chilly winter’s day, helped. 5weeks to go to #BrightonHalf. 34 more words

Brighton Half


Two days without much (certainly enough) sleep make a slow runner.
So tired yesterday I fell asleep at work for an hour, today I avoided that fate but the jog really did turn into a plod. 36 more words


Buy on dips... But seeing 7750 Nifty

Buy on dips PSU banks, Electronics, Green energy, IT, Logistics. But in short run Nifty can taste 7750 levels.