Run #6 & Run #7 Reflections: AM v PM

Last week I finally got a good run of runs in: 3 in a row (that’s good for me!). Being new to running like this with a proper schedule is taking some time to get used to. 697 more words

Long run: We're all dead

​Recently, ex governor of RBI, ex finance minister and ex prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh became the butt of all jokes when the renowned economist quoted the very great, Sir John Maynard Keynes: 387 more words

Social Science

Thinking harder about globalization

I’ve been thinking recently of how little credibility economists have with working class Americans (or so it seems to me).  In some sense, I’m not surprised.   949 more words

Seattle: Friends, Fanta, Mangchi

Or a long-ass post about my tiny trip (50 hours total). Right after I got back from Seattle, the election happened… So, it feels a little insensitive to post about goofing off when America has hit a new low of sadness and disunity. 1,074 more words


Short Run 2016: The Day After

Here’s my table set-up at Short Run. Tom’s tabling next to me: check out his work at CommaDrift!

Short Run was great. It’s the kind of event where I wish there was two of me: one to table, and one to wander the aisles, looking at everyone’s work. 45 more words


Short Run!

Tomorrow’s the big day! I’ve got my zines boxed and bagged. I’ve got my little tabling assistant (man, is he excited). I think I’m ready. 41 more words


Short Run!

It’s almost time for Short Run 2016!

Short Run is on Saturday, November 5, from 11AM-6PM. It is absolutely FREE! Located in the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center. 57 more words