Run #20 Reflection: back to reality!

While I crashed back to reality, facing the brisk wind in the Welsh capital, the edge of this harshness was softened not only by seeing another good friend but softened by my new running tights, a birthday present from said good friend. 280 more words

Does Your Leadership Run on Coal or Solar?

The coal or solar, is a metaphor for sustainable versus unsustainable energy. Using too much coal, would cause a tipping point in a system, causing the whole system to collapse. 128 more words


The long run, and the short run

We’ve been speaking about growth in our series this month, and we’ve learnt that measuring growth is both important and tricky. But remember, by definition, growth by itself is meaningless unless you ask about time. 443 more words


Non-oil Revenue and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Error Correction Model


Since the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in Nigeria, the growth trajectory of the economy has been driven by the randomness of international oil prices instead of performance of the real sector. 232 more words

Economics Project Topics And Materials

Run #6 & Run #7 Reflections: AM v PM

Last week I finally got a good run of runs in: 3 in a row (that’s good for me!). Being new to running like this with a proper schedule is taking some time to get used to. 697 more words

Long run: We're all dead

​Recently, ex governor of RBI, ex finance minister and ex prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh became the butt of all jokes when the renowned economist quoted the very great, Sir John Maynard Keynes: 387 more words

Social Science

Thinking harder about globalization

I’ve been thinking recently of how little credibility economists have with working class Americans (or so it seems to me).  In some sense, I’m not surprised.   949 more words