Staff Story: How Digital Printing Can Give You the Gift of Being More Personable

I worked with a marketing coordinator for a Trade College. Her name was Joy.

Joy would do a campaign and get results; prospective students would call, visit the college and enroll. 201 more words

Staff Story: Why Digital Printing is a Marketer's Best Friend

A few years back, I was working with a Director of Marketing named Troy.

In life, they say look before you leap. When developing a marketing campaign, Troy would get a magnifying glass and examine ten miles in every direction. 254 more words

June already

Not that you’d know it by the weather though, to be fair.
Bruised my ribs by falling off the bmx on Friday so only managed a slow jog tonight. 9 more words


Triumph Thursday - a new linkup!

Well, when my favorite be-sparkle-skirted fellow runner Carlee announced that she’s starting a new Thursday link-up with Sharp Endurance and Running with SD Mom, it was just enough to get me to think about my own topic for their theme, “Triumph Thursday.” I’m a strong believer in taking a moment, no matter what kind of mess is going on, to practice perspective and thank yourself for what you  448 more words


What To Do Next ... Another Unplanned Race Of Course

At the beginning of the year I figured out all my races and devised an execution plan.  The original plan involved placing more timed running events earlier in the year and less distance driven races.   1,099 more words


The long and short of factor prices

Economists make a distinction between the short-run and the long-run. Generally, the long-run is when “everything settles”–when frictions and unexpected changes disappear. So you see this distinction made in the mechanical, smooth models of mainstream economics because they can add time periods and stochasticity (randomness) to see where the endogenous variables in their model settle after enough time periods. 670 more words


Pure Joy. 

 I only had time for a short run today. And I was bummed about it. It was gorgeous out. Nothing but sun and blue sky. I’d call it a Savory Day. 650 more words