My Running Gear

Since I just finished my Gauntlet Challenge Sunday (post coming soon!!!) I figured I would finally write about what I wear for long runs/ race days vs. 348 more words


Short Run 2015: WHAT A SHOW!

I am going to do a quick recap for you of the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival that took place this Halloween at Seattle Center. 671 more words


New Book!

Premiering tomorrow at Short Run Comix and Arts Festival.

Meanwhile…Happy Halloweenie!

Back On Track

Ok. Running post here!

After skipping my weekday shorter runs for two weeks, let’s just say I hadn’t been performing as efficiently as, say, Oscar Pistorius. 271 more words

Short Runs & Bad Playlists

This evening between my preschool job and my tutoring job, I ran.

You’d think that running after work and before working again would make you more tired, but it actually wakes you up. 166 more words


Too much work.

Today I woke up at 8 and felt refreshed and ready to go! I didn’t run because I started work at 10 so I got some coffee ready and made french toast for breakfast. 485 more words