Figuring the Long and Short Run

Those who want significant change have to fight every day in the short run. We fight for things like democracy, better wages, more rights, and fair treatment. 341 more words


Wyming Brook

Wyming Brook Loop

Length – 3.8K

Difficulty – Technical under foot but you can take it easy and is great for using different muscles in your legs. 900 more words


Top Ten Benefits of Printing your Own Labels In-House  

Just 10 of the reasons why in-house digital label printing can change your company!

Here at ITE we understand that investing in a new technology can be a leap of faith so we have devised a list demonstrating why investing in a digital label printer will be an improvement for your company. 269 more words

Identity vs. logic and Short run vs. the long run

Identity vs. logic

Before we start laying out the logical argument for a course of action, it’s worth considering whether a logical argument is what’s needed. 362 more words


Savvy Saturday March 5, 2016

The short run always seems urgent, and a moment where compromise feels appropriate. But in the long run, it’s the good ‘no’s that we remember. 23 more words


I feel fine! (Honestly....)

I did it, I reclaimed the pavements this morning! A week after my laparoscopy and my head was beginning to be in such a state without running that there was just no way I was able to wait any longer. 716 more words


A short run over the hill and by the coast

Hello runners from all over the world,

This is my new blog where I’ll be providing some advice on running and staying fit while on vacation and my own experience on the topic. 1,048 more words