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Journal 10/09/15

Every night the front cover of my diary asks me ‘Who are you?’ and every night I struggle to articulate myself, to justify myself to myself.   394 more words


Moving On

“Just put the spade down please and come back inside, we can sort out the hole tomorrow.”

Her voice sounded tired, jaded even, as though she had seen this behaviour a thousand times before and just wanted this particular charade to be over with.   485 more words

Short Scenes


First step up the ladder,
is the hardest they say, as we sit and sigh
in meeting after meeting where the rooms look good,
photos look even better, another rat hole, small pit, 153 more words


2 Minute Poem

Chairs or spiral stairs, hair stands on end at the thought of them.

Hands grip the sides ever tighter,

As I gasp for breath, feeling ever lighter. 115 more words


Dialogue Piece for Creative Writing

“They won’t open. They lock the doors at night.” A voice behind Christine Harrison makes her jump out of her skin. She stifles a scream. 1,198 more words

Short Scenes

Reprise: An Experiment. Part II.

~ Running in the night , screaming at the light

of a thousand stars dying and the all engulfing love

and tyranny

of skin on skin ~… 92 more words


5 Minutes Late

An empty can of coke, or a wrapper left by the bench side, maybe a poem half scratched into the drying concrete.  These were all the tell-tale signs of being five minutes too late. 321 more words