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A cause of relaxant for him after a long stressful day when he find out a prettiest girl between the flock of people’s

It is nearly half past six, Sun was drifted down into the sky. 185 more words

Love was You

Last night when nurse turned up that water thingy they were juicing me up with, my vision got a little blurry but I could still see you finishing up one of our Poems with the expressions like you were reading it for the first time… you smiled when you were done and you looked at me with eyes asking “One more Please…!!?” exactly like the first time. 464 more words


Dreaming in the Winter

Taking turns to sleep, taking turns to keep watch.  I wonder what my life could have been like if I changed just one of a thousand choices.   122 more words


How To Prepare A Thanksgiving Dinner

“I’m worried about him,” I say. I’m standing at the counter next to the sink peeling potatoes, the lumpy brown skin piling up, covering my blue cutting board. 1,006 more words

Fictions And Facts

A day, a dream

On a distant yellow-cast day—
bathed in the soft-colored glow
that defines both joy and ease—
when the sky stretches taut,
so it’s like looking up… 94 more words


Forces and Change

I stepped out for a smoke at dawn,
as I often do, onto the fire escape.
To osmose the dense, atmospheric moisture
and that ghostly intimation— 271 more words


Hands and Feet

Soles grind gravel along the road shoulder.

One foot. Two foot.

Walk without sight, journey without reason.
Eyes fixed on the swimming ground
that passes like a conveyor belt below. 175 more words