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The Closeted Musician

The notes flew from his fingers as they moved across the piano keys. His ears listened closely to every single sound.

With each note, the tension in his shoulders lessened and he could breathe a little easier. 305 more words


The Fly: A Short Story

Peering at it he saw translucent wings that could be seen against the screen which were attached to a fat round body with pinprick legs.  Looking more carefully he could just about focus onto the fly’s multi-lensed eyes and searching feeding tube, flickering as it was here and there.  1,706 more words


Thoughts from the Dark Road 

As you drive along the rode, your mind has the time to wander.

You begin to think about your life and all the things you’ve done to get where you are now: on this dark road winding through the trees. 178 more words


Still Life: Bedroom Scene

The guitar leans silently against the wall.  Both the pint glass and the cup are empty, the plate too is bereft of what was once resting upon it.   139 more words



He remembered that when he was very little he had picked dandelions, made a wish and blown the fluffy bits into the wind. He remembered that Mom and Dad hadn’t really liked that much, but he’d done it anyway. 288 more words


Rust - Reader's Choice

Thank you to those of you who voted for the inspiration for this post! The chosen topic is ‘rust’. I hope you enjoy!

Clouds drifted over the sun. 573 more words


at day's close 

The water gushing from the tap slams against the water below sending bubbles and currents ripping through it. The drain plug’s chain dances a slow, wavering sort of dance; the water its partner. 435 more words