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why you became a sociopath

You forget the way I have helped,
The days I cared.
I have cried for the pain,
Even happy for your gain.
But what about you, you all! 46 more words

Short Scenes

Scene 1

“We could get married,” he said.

I was in shock, “What?”

“You never believe in me, and I want to prove it to you. I want to prove that I’ve changed.” 766 more words


A cause of relaxant for him after a long stressful day when he find out a prettiest girl between the flock of people’s

It is nearly half past six, Sun was drifted down into the sky. 185 more words

Love was You

Last night when nurse turned up that water thingy they were juicing me up with, my vision got a little blurry but I could still see you finishing up one of our Poems with the expressions like you were reading it for the first time… you smiled when you were done and you looked at me with eyes asking “One more Please…!!?” exactly like the first time. 464 more words