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Boredom, the Doorway

I, bored, so bored, search for the light of creativity in the aisles of man’s mental labor. Finding nothing to satisfy, I realize that I must make my own; for I am—and inside of me is—the very world of beautiful lights that I seek to walk through, that can satisfy the pant of the soul and the echo of the stomach’s reproof; they are those hallways of fables and legends which are ancient as Noah’s arc yet that have not been granted the downstream flow of the blockade. 274 more words

Short Scenes

Druidess of Judea VI

A little growl blew out the side of his mouth, followed by a grimace. He gasped. “I fear to convey to you,” he said with deep pants, “that my thread of magic leads me not to the Well of Souls, as I had expected.” 658 more words

Short Scenes

Druidess of Judea V

“Reconsider?” he said. He was right behind her. His cold fingertips pressed at the bare flesh where the crook of her dress gave way to her shoulders and wings. 765 more words

Short Scenes

Druidess of Judea IV

Abigail sat on the balcony of the pagoda that slept atop the well house. A stairway of mud-congealed cobblestone dropped into the heart of the earth, beaten into the bottom of a craggy hill first by men, and then by mother nature. 857 more words

Short Scenes

Druidess of Judea III

Dearest Abigail,

I do not believe you properly understood the reasons for my coming toward your abode. The artifacts which you call soul stones can be procured at any one of a thousand vendors throughout the central continent—although the ones created long ago offer far more potential and far less chance of backfire. 891 more words

Short Scenes

Druidess of Judea II

Dear Abigail,

I have not many tales which I can tell you, but I do have one heroic tale of the magus.

There was a time a few years ago when a war broke out between the Nephilim and the dwarves. 650 more words

Short Scenes

Druidess of Judea I

Dear Abigail of Judea,

I trust the marked address is the one and the same you rendered to me at the time of our meeting at the capitol last month. 469 more words

Short Scenes