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Smile Today

There’s steel slag in the clouds.
They hang in pockets like a wet handkerchief
that’s been draped over invisible towering tent poles.
A soggy dish sponge, the Terra, 46 more words


A day, a dream

On a distant yellow-cast day—
bathed in the soft-colored glow
that defines both joy and ease—
when the sky stretches taut,
so it’s like looking up… 94 more words


Forces and Change

I stepped out for a smoke at dawn,
as I often do, onto the fire escape.
To osmose the dense, atmospheric moisture
and that ghostly intimation— 334 more words


Hands and Feet

Soles grind gravel along the road shoulder.

One foot. Two foot.

Walk without sight, journey without reason.
Eyes fixed on the swimming ground
that passes like a conveyor belt below. 175 more words


Broken Hip

Someone turned off the moon. The sons of the universe glitter amidst the ether, though their light is too far away to sustain me and their ears too faint to hear my objections.  767 more words

Short Scenes

Letter from an Ancient Tome pt.2

​If it’s not the polarity of your presence that cuts into my chest as a lightsaber to hanging meat in cold storage, it’s the phantom emptiness of your absence that tickles my soul with a sort of famine groan. 644 more words

Short Scenes

​Letter from an Ancient Tome pt.1

It is my desire to sniff you out from whatever hole you hide in and lure you out into the open. Your destruction is the only thing on my mind. 637 more words

Short Scenes